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    Hello Peggie, read this and have all your friends read this also. Praise God. THE HEAVENLY REPAIR MAN Did you know that God loves to repair things that are broken? A repair man came to my house one time. I can’t remember what he repaired now, but I do remember him telling me how he loved to repair things and make them whole again. Well God is like that too. This morning He spoke to me and said, "I love to repair broken things and people and make them whole again." He repairs broken hearts, heals wounds, mends broken bones, straightens crooked limbs, restores torn places and restores places that disease has ravaged. He is the healer of hearts and the lover of your soul. He is the restorer of the breaches, and your greatest friend. I had a vision and saw myself coming before His throne and I brought a young lad in a wheelchair. God reached out His hand and the boy jumped out of the wheelchair. Then I brought a lady with cancer. I had my hand on her arm and God reached out and touched her. She smiled a big smile. God was so happy to repair these broken people. Whether it’s emotional, physical, spiritual, He is the heavenly repair man. He imparted that same desire to you, to want to see people made whole. Bring them to His throne, or, like Peter at the Beautiful Gate - stretch out your hand and say..."such as I have, I give to you." Peter stretched out his hand and pulled the man up. People sometimes complain and say "He pushed me." Well sometimes you need to be pushed. In this case peter didn’t push this man but he did PULL him. Jesus is the restorer. That’s a good way of being a repair man. Sometimes the enemy aborts precious things in your life. Religious spirits have aborted the anointings and giftings in people’s lives, but God is the restorer and repairer and as you trust Him and take a stand to be true to Him He will restore what the thief has taken. Remember that your first loyalty is to the Holy Spirit - He is the Spirit of truth. You cannot give allegiance to something that is not in Truth. Did you know He is also a rescuer? Ever been in a hopeless looking situation? My friend, Pastor Alan in Kodiak, ( ) Alaska was in the icy sea water for 10 hours when his fishing boat capsized. 30 ft. waves and no one knew where he was. It was pitch black. I would say that was a pretty hopeless looking situation wouldn’t you? Well if you didn’t read that testimony I can send it to you. But Jesus rescued him in a miraculous way. I am in Hawaii again right now and a friend was telling me tonight about a man in the meeting last week. He was almost ready to get saved out of Hinduism. As he came into the meeting parking lot he backed his car into a post and made a big dent in it. I think it was a nice car so he was upset. During the meeting he got a physical healing because God is the heavenly repair man. Guess what happened when he went outside to drive home? The dent in his car had been repaired too. Jesus is able to "save to the uttermost." From the under-most (I made that word up) to the uppermost. He is the heavenly repair man! Yourself, your family, your job, your church, and your welfare, God has the greatest welfare system that’s ever been conceived. He cares about your welfare. He desires you to fare well. Jesus made provision by His death on the cross and His resurrection that all of your being is taken care of. He desires that we are whole. "Will you be made whole?" Jesus said to a man at the pool of Bethesda. The man was waiting by the pool with many other sick people. It was obvious that the man wanted to be healed or he wouldn’t have been there in the first place. So why did Jesus ask such a question? When the answer was obvious! It’s like asking someone who is sunbathing, "Would you like to get a suntan?" Well I think Jesus was making a point of getting the man to think about what he wanted and the possibilities. In this case there were no possibilities because he wasn’t able to get himself into the pool where the healing water was. Jesus said "Never mind about the water, take up your bed and walk" (Walter’s version). So the heavenly repair man repaired the hopelessness and also healed his discouragement and as a by product his body was made whole. Nothing is automatic! We receive what He has provided by faith. He made everything available but we have to receive it! The heavenly repair man LOVES to repair and mend and heal and forgive. He rescues, restores, and repairs. But, Will You Let Him?

    December 14, 2009
    11:52 AM
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