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    Hello, snowed in friend. I just wished we could have had a snow that counted down here in Tennessee. All we have had is cold weather. And my thoughts are, if it's going to be this cold, I want some snow!! Snow just seemes to make everything seem clean. But I wouldn't like it if it was a constant thing. Ya'll have had some very heavy snows up there. But Spring is coming and soon everything will be blooming. We already have tulips coming up down here. So I know we are on our way to warmer weather. Glad you visited my page. I'm not on here very often but always love to sign in and see that someone cares enough to drop me a line. God Bless You ALWAYS!! Tonya

    March 14, 2009
    6:33 PM
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    Hey Paulina, hope your day is going good! Can you see this grass yet! It's still green here! Sometimes brown though in some areas! I have been watching the news on those fires in Austrillia, I feel sorry for those people. How is your mom and son doing? We had a quiet weekend. Just getting on here today! Hope all is well! God is good! Shelly

    February 10, 2009
    2:08 PM
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    We can chat,if you like to about anything you wanted to chat about,I'm a People Person and love to help the children of "GOD". AMEN!! A FRIEND,IN CHRIST, Ms.MARIE.K.LALLY,THE SCOOTER LADY, FROM SACRED HEART ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, PINELLAS PARK,FLORIDA 33781.

    February 8, 2009
    5:08 PM
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