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    Thursday, April 30, 2009, 10:12 AM [General]

    When you are alone you are not alone, you are simply lonely-and there is a tremendous difference between loneliness and aloneness. When you are lonely you are thinking of the other. you are missing the other.

      Loneliness is a negative state. You are feeling that it would have been better if the were there-your friend, your wife, your mother, your beloved, your husband. It would have been good if the other were there, but the other is not. Loneliness is absence of the other.

      Aloneness is the presence of oneself. Aloneness is very positive. It is a presence, overflowing presence. You are so full of presence that you can fill the whole universe with your presence and there is no need for anybody.


       When there is no "significant other" in our lives we can either be lonely, or enjoy the freedom that solitude brings. When we find no support among others for our deeply felt truths, we can either feel isolated and bitter, or celebrate the fact that our vision is strong enough even to survive the powerful human need for the approval of family, friends or colleagues.

       If you are facing such a situation now, be aware of how you are choosing to view your "aloneness" and take responsibilty for the choice you have made.

       "Be a light unto yourself." Ultimately, each of us must develop within ourselves the capacity to make our way through the darkness without any companions, maps or guide.

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    Amazing Gains

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 10:18 AM [General]

    Just when all seems hopeless, prayer lifts us like a wave on the ocean. A sturdy craft, prayer doesn't hide from pain, but uses it like the force of the sea to move us to a new place of insight, patience, courage, and sympathy. Always, it is God's hand beneath the surface holding us up.

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    Sunday, March 8, 2009, 9:56 AM [General]

    I regret with all my heart to all members in this wonderful group that as of Monday March 9th I will be closing N.N.. With the low activity we have been experiencing over the past many months I feel it is time to move on.

    Would like to at this time invite all old and new members to feel free to join me in Being Ok In Your Own Skin. I know many of you are already there so looking forward to staying in contact with you all.

    If any of you have any questions you may send me a private e-mail and will see how I may help you out. Thanks for all your support to this group.

    Blessings To All,


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    Patience Is A Virtue

    Monday, March 2, 2009, 7:35 AM [General]

    These days we are all dealing with many changes in our lives but that does not mean we need to give up. God wants us all to push on. Go back to thoses times in your life when you came to a crossroad. Your life changed abruptly. You lost someone you loved. You found a soul mate. You had a new baby. You moved geographically. You ran into someone that completely changed your career---or your belief system.

    Revisit each of those times in your past to uncover godwinks that were sent to you even if you weren't paying attention. What you'll discover when there were multiple paths that your life could've followed, there were always signposts of reassurence--godwinks of personal communication--to you and to no one else on earth

    Here's more good news! The map of winks from God will continue to unfold long into your future. Just look for them. And acknowledge that He is communicating directly with you.


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