Spiritual Practice: Revive an Old Interest

    Sunday, April 7, 2013, 3:43 PM [General]

    Is there some activity that one time gave you pleasure, but for one reason or another you stopped doing it?  Have you ever thought, I would like to do that again?  

    During this week take steps to try revive that old interest.  Just think, when you breathe new life into that interest, you have brought about resurrection.  Where else have you experienced resurrection this week?

    Peace and Blessings!
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    Spiritual Practice: Experience Resurrection

    Sunday, March 31, 2013, 5:54 PM [General]

    Life is filled with little resurrections.  Look for expressions of resurrection this week.  Try to find at least one each day.  Here are some examples.

    • Nature comes to life in the spring flowers or tree blossoms.
    • You notice new life--the birth of a child, a pet, or a wild animal.
    • You make a new friend, or connect with a long time friend, in a way that calls you to life.
    • You find courage to move on after a tragedy, serious loss, or trauma.


    Peace and Blessings!

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    Spiritual practice: Stay in Touch With Suffering

    Sunday, March 24, 2013, 5:20 PM [General]

    Jesus’ Passion is a story of suffering.  Our Christian tradition invites us to consider suffering--Jesus’ suffering, our own suffering, the suffering of others, the suffering of the whole world--during holy week. 


    Thich Nhat Hahn offers this advice:  If you recognize and accept your pain without running away from it, you will discover that although pain exists, joy also exists.

    Just stay in touch with what is actually going on, and you will touch the true nature of suffering and the nature of joy.


    What suffering can you touch and walk with during this week?


    Peace and Blessings!


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    Spiritual practice: Spiritual Action

    Sunday, March 17, 2013, 3:52 PM [General]

    My bread may be a material matter.  Another’s bread is a spiritual matter.  --Nicholas Berdyaev

    Our actions in the physical world are really a spiritual matter.  Take one day to pay attention to what you do.  At the end of the day notice how your actions have manifested your spirit.  Your actions are your spiritual practice.

    The next day, act intentionally.  Do what you do with awareness that your action is an expression of your spirit.

    Peace and Blessings!

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    Prodigal Son, today's Gospel reading

    Sunday, March 10, 2013, 5:35 PM [General]

    The story of the prodigal son lets us see ourselves.

    Sometimes we behave as the younger son, wanting to go our way.

    Sometimes we behave as the older son, jealous that someone else appears to receive better treatment than ourselves

    Sometimes we see ourselves as the father, who extends forgiveness and a second chance to one who has gone their own way.

    In any case, we can be assured that God loves us in whatever role we play.

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