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    Finally, The Video!

    Monday, May 31, 2010, 9:44 AM [General]

    For those of you who care:

    And hear's the text:

    Hi, I’m Dan McFarling, I’m 51 years old, and live near Hazleton, PA. I work in facilities maintenance, you might even say that I’m a jack of all trades. One of my current projects at my paying job, is relamping the facility so everybody can see a bit more clearly. This is my video resume, I hope you like what you hear – and just maybe, my words will help you see more clearly too. I believe that a traditional talk show, needs a wild card in the dealers chair. If you’d like to see & hear this, then I’m your man.

    I was just in Chicago the other day, and had my first taste of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza;
    Wow, that stuff was great!

    Hopefully, I can entice you into trying your first taste of my Deep Thinking. Hear is just a bit of what is on my mind, at the moment:

    While rafts float effortlessly in the river of Reality;
    It is the pillars that supports the TRUTH;
    And yet, the fact of the matter is this:

    I’m Dan the Man and I’m hear to tell you that -
    Truth is Reality;
    You may believe that a doG is the Reason;
    But what I really think is that doGz have Reasons .

    Now that may sound like Deep doodoo to you,
    but if you do understand those words, you may understand everything else I say,
    and if you do not understand those words,
    you haven’t discovered enough of the world, why not let me be your guide.

    The Truth is, I’m actually a really Sharp Cracker,
    And the Reality is, i was just an elf at an earlier time in my life.

    There are many elves in this world, but only one reality.
    My true friends know exactly what kind of elf I was,
    You will need to do your research to discover who I am at the moment .

    I Hope that my words have made you curious, and that you’ll want to seek out more.
    I have Faith that what I tell you is true, because I know the Reality of which I speak.

    So, I’m ready to talk to anybody, and listen to what they have to say,
    Once I hear what you have said, then we can begin the conversation…

    Once the conversation starts, we’ll see where it goes.
    I’m willing to talk to anybody, and my friends are always willing to talk to me,
    Some of these friends are my 3 wise men, the Liberian, the Jamaican, and the African-American
    But I also have 3 stooges  in my life, and honestly, I really have learned from them too.
    The Truth of the matter is, I’ve learned from everybody, and I’m still learning. Have you stopped learning?

    When our conversation really gets going, I just might bring some friends along for the discussion. This is how we all come together to talk about whatever it is you want to talk about.

    I’ll just be the conduit, for getting at the reality, that in actuality, is the Truth.

    So, please vote for my video and we can start the conversation.

    I must close for now, but will Thank you for your time and consideration,

    My closing wish for you is that all be well with you and your Loved ones.

    Know that we are doing just fine at the moment.

    Oh, and if any of this is confusing to you,
    just hunt me down,
    and I’ll give you all the answers.

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    Where Truth & Reality intersect...

    Saturday, April 17, 2010, 10:19 PM [General]

    If you won't believe in God, can i convince you that there is a...

    Universal Truth?

    If you don't understand the words...

    follow the links.


    If i convince you that there is a Universal Truth...

    will you tell me who i am?


    If i cannot convince you that there is a Universal Truth...


    I'll leave that to your own imagination.

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    Not I am, but This Moment...

    Sunday, April 4, 2010, 11:09 PM [General]

    I have earlier given you a definition of Truth, and its dual nature.

    Some of you may deny this, or still not understand.

    For you, I have the following:


    The only way to understand Truth as a singularity is to know that the only reality is this moment.

    Any moment before, is but a memory of reality....

    and any moment in the future is but a figment of your imagination.


    Understand, and Live this Truth...

    and you will Know that This is the Truth that sets one Free.

    I Am the One telling you this...

    but that's all i am.

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    I know!!!!

    Saturday, March 13, 2010, 6:24 AM [General]

    The sound of the Word that you have all been searching for,
    It is the sound that was made with the light of the big bang at the beginning of time;
    It is the same sound that you heard the moment you First saw the light of day;
    The sounds of your mother crying,
    Sounds of Pain, and Sounds of Joy.
    But you had to be listening - I always have been listening.

    If humanity doesn't start listening now,
    Humanity has the power to 'turn out the lights'
    If that happens - nobody will hear the sound that was made.

    All I want to do is to help you hear the sound before you're lights go out.

    If you don't believe this, you don't believe anything I've typed.
    But everything I've typed has been the Truth -
    including my party invitation and all the guests!!!

    Now I'm done talking,

    unless you have any questions...
    I am compelled to answer,

    because it is the polite thing to do!


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    Party Invitation

    Friday, March 12, 2010, 3:24 AM [General]

    A real party for my true friends, if you want to come, be my friend:

    We're having a party to celebrate Love (that's my wife);
    We Hope the following friends will show up:
    The Traveler, Holly, Thor, & Aries;
    Wisdom & The Teacher;
    Curiosity & Devotion;
    We can't forget The Seeker (the 1st time we met, The Seeker drove many miles in driving rain simply to talk with Wisdom & me);
    Mary ( the Godmother, who raised someone else's child);
    maybe even Elijah will come (he was making quite the noise somewhere before i arrived).
    It'll be in early August, and if it turns out the way i Hope it will turn out;
    we will all need to fast for a time afterwards;
    After the fast, it'll be back to the hard work.

    Why should you come to my party for Love?
    Because, after enjoying each other's company, If you'd care to stay awhile,
    we can go to the upper room (my closest friends know of the upper room) and figure out what all the disagreement is about over a word.
    A word that goes by many names, but the names don't make the Sound. i believe i know what that name will Sound like, but will only find out when i die.
    and here is why...

    i go by many names, but i am just a man,
    i was nurtured in Gabrielle's womb;
    After the Light;
    Came the sounds of Gabrielle crying;
    Cries of Pain, and Cries of Joy;
    i have lived an honest life, and this is what i have learned:

    the Sound that is the Word can only be heard when we die, it is the sound made as the last breath passes through our lips; that sound may be the Word, but i will not know unless i have learned to listen.
    If you're Loved ones are close, they may hear the echo. But a being must learn to listen, closely, for the echo to be heard.
    And to do that, we must listen to each other.
    Anyone want to come to our party for Love, i'd like to listen to what you have to say.

    all the people in this invitation are real;
    i am real;
    and the party happens every year...
    this year Love said she wanted a big party,
    and We're Hoping that our daughters, Fate & Design will be here also.

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    The 1st sound I heard, the last word I will hear...

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 6:20 PM [General]

    I am only a man. I am not perfect. But this is the Truth and I will tell it for the rest of my days...


    I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle...

    After the light, came the sound of Gabrielle crying, tears of pain & tears of joy...

    I have been on a journey ever since...

    Friends, and strangers have helped me on this journey,

    but at times this journey has been a jihad, and the struggle was mine alone...

    because my friends, and even those strangers were innocent, I did them no harm.


    I was searching for a word...

    but the word cannot be said.

    I know now that I will only hear the word at the moment of my last breath...

    If I listen closely, I may hear that word, but only then. Those closest to me, will indeed hear an echo. But it will only be an echo of the Word.

    But even hearing the echo isn't enough...

    One must live the Word, if you expect to hear the Word on your last dying breath.


    All I have today, are my words.

    You have only seen them on the computer screen,

    soon you will hear what I have to say.



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    more Truth

    Sunday, March 7, 2010, 9:48 AM [General]

    1st there was the light,


    Then there was the talk,


    Now there is an equation (though it is open for refinement),


    Must I now create a video?


    If I must, It will have to wait until I take the dog for his walk.

    As I've already said...

    The work is hard, and the distractions are many.

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    Can we talk?

    Friday, March 5, 2010, 4:55 PM [General]

    Our Father, which art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be thy Name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven…


    You gotta’ admit those are beautiful words, whether or not you are Christian. You don’t need to be a Christian to hope for things to get done on earth as in heaven.


    I hope most of us can agree.


    I would like to carry on a conversation with all of you, but I want us to at least start on an equal footing in this conversation.


    Just so we’re clear on this, I don’t know you & you don’t know me. We are like “strangers in the night” passing on the ‘Information Superhighway’.


    It could even be said that in our mutual anonymity…

    We are but perfect reflections of each other.


    I have offered a quote for us to ponder. But before we start our conversation, could you please read this Journal Entry I made a few days ago:

    If you’ve come back, I hope that you still see me as the perfect reflection that I still see in you…
    A perfect reflection of each other.


    What would you like to talk about now? Just add your comments to this journal.
    If any thing else I’ve written gives you reason to seek conversation with me, simply add your comment to that Journal.


    If you don’t want to just talk, then maybe I could try and sell you something…
    It’s free, so there’d be no harm if you were to read my sales pitch, would there?

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    The Sales Pitch...

    Friday, March 5, 2010, 4:47 PM [General]

    This entry dedictated to rgr075, beliefnet member, for reminding me what was due next.


    Okay, so now you’ve seen the generic definition of “Truth” and are wondering,
    “What’s in it for me?”.
    Well, hopefully I’ll be able to sell you on what exactly is 'in it for you.'

    Remember though, I’m actually not selling you anything – this is a gift that I offer.
    My wife, Love, knows that when I give a gift I never expect anything in return - the gift is yours to do whatever you want with it. Love also knows that I prefer being asked for a gift, before I give a gift.


    My wife, Love, likes to give gifts all the time whether or not you ask for one, but she often still feels an attachment to the gift, and can get disappointed when she feels the gift is being misused.


    So, here is the gift that comes with understanding “Truth”…
    You will have nothing less than an everlasting “peace of mind”.
    I offer this gift freely. You need only ask…


    Love does ask for something in return though, and that is…
    For you to, “go in peace”. Her desire is also that you do not misuse anything you receive from us.


    Understanding “Truth” is the most efficient way to happiness;
    You need not buy a thing,
    you only need be honest & truthful with yourself & everything that is around you.


    Not only is understanding “Truth” the most efficient way to happiness;
    It is also the only way to peaceful coexistence.
    Know this though - it is your peaceful coexistence that is achieved through understanding “Truth”.


    For this peaceful coexistence to grow, more must understand “Truth”. It is not important whether or not it is the generic “Truth”, or an earlier version…


    The reward is always the same…
    “Peace of mind” & “Peaceful actions”


    And all this at no cost to you…
    But remember, while the gift is free…
    Our work is hard, and the distractions are many.


    Are you ready to receive your gift, or do you have some sort of objection?
    Please post your response to this journal.




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    TRUTH defined, the generic version...

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 2:19 AM [General]

    dedicated to my friends, 'Wisdom' & 'The Seeker'

    Truth defined (the generic version)

    Before we can understand "Truth", we must have a common definition.
    The dictionary defines truth as:
    1.the true or actual state of a matter:
    2.conformity with fact or reality.

    That would seem easy enough. Unfortunately, if it is that simple, why don't we all understand "Truth"?

    Because it isn't quite that simple, and here is why - you must understand the duality of "Truth" before you can understand what it takes to make "Truth" a single reality.

    Here is the 'generic version':

    If "Truth" is that which coforms with reality,
    Then there is indeed a duality to "Truth".
    One "Truth" is "physical reality";
    and the other "Truth" is "conceptual reality";

    Within me & you, the "Physical reality" is all our bits and pieces that make up our bodies;
    Within me & you, the "Conceptual reality" is that which is left - our thoughts, our consciousness, our soul, our spirit.

    There is a greater "Truth" out their though.
    That greater "Truth" is all that we are not;
    But this "Truth" is also made up of 2 distinct realities.

    these 2 realities are also "physical" & "conceptual" in nature;
    This greater "Physical reality" is all that you can sense, using the parts of your own "Physical Reality",
    your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch;
    The Greater "Truth" has its own "conceptual reality", and just as you cannot see, hear, smell, or touch your own "conceptual reality", none of us can see, hear, smell, taste or touch...

    These are the building blocks you must understand, before I can tell you how "Truth" can become a single reality, and you too will have "Peace of Mind".

    It is my desire that you understand this "Truth".
    If you do not understand,
    but have a desire to understand,
    Then together, let us have a conversation,
    and together, we will learn to understand each other,
    for if we come together, then our "Peace of Mind" will be as one.

    If you do not understand,
    and do not want to understand,
    I ask only one thing of you...
    "Go in Peace".

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