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    I am not a ghostwriter but I can certainly relate to a certain level what it feels like to need and desire to have to get God's message and gift out of you to the world. I pray for you that you find that one. And, in the meantime, I do hope to inspire you to begin writing it down, get it out of you and on paper (or computer). As you begin to write, if you haven't already, you may find that you just may have that ghostwriter within. For as you know, He has given us all the spiritual gifts we need to carry out our earthyly missions. I love you in Him. Amen

    March 18, 2010
    12:40 AM
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    I am very passionate about writing, and have been reaching out for a ghost writer. someone! to help get this message from god out of me. That I have been talking about around my family and friends for sometime now, I dont want you to think that i'm strange, but i was born with a layer of skin over my eyes, and it is a gift, that i have been able to see things like i do, and have i come, to find out over time that everyone can't see things in spirit, and its not about ghost, but about the host of father which is in me, there is a book Im told to write, from within, and its in me and i can tell you more, if you are interested. I am gifted and would like to spread light in this area in each persons life, they will never be the same again, for god has revealed his most enter parts to us, isn't he lovely, i cant wait to hear from you in and of the spirit,,amen...

    August 31, 2009
    1:07 PM
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    We hope you have a fun and cheerful day:) Cheers, Mike & Kathy

    November 21, 2008
    4:51 PM
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