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    Spiritual Mood: hopeful
    Status: can't believe I've been without a computer for a year! back now!!

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    I am still around, better luck than I have found in finding any activity in your old groups. I am working alot now, and don't have as much time for this, but now that some old friends are coming back, i may spend some more time here. I took a watercolor class for the first time this winter, it was everything i always dreaded, but good for me. must always stretch those artistic muscles!! love, erin

    pat garrett
    June 7, 2010
    7:09 PM
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    Welcome back to Beliefnet. In Joy! Peace Love Stardove

    June 2, 2010
    12:48 PM
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    HI, I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're doing okay. My prayers are with you and yours as they are with all my Beliefnet friends. I'm having a melancholy day remembering all who've passed and all who are still in danger.

    Annette E
    May 25, 2009
    4:27 PM
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