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Sacred Japanese Cedar Some evergreen trees need extreme heat to germinate the seeds - not sure if this is one of them. You may do better with a small tree already begun for you - visit a nursery... 1 Replies
Summer Garden Blues This tear has been one of the best I've ever seen for gardening. We had very pleasant temperatures, and the rain came in well-spaced intervals. If anyone wants to see photos... 5 Replies
Sacred Japanese Cedar Has anyone ever planted or grew from seed the Sacred Japanese Cedar Cryptomeria japonica? I have planted the seeds in pots but nothing has happened. Do I need to do something... 1 Replies
Summer Garden Blues Thank you.I will try that. I like the bucked idea . 5 Replies
Summer Garden Blues I use pine straw for weed reduction in my inground plants. I use 5 gallon buckets for some veggie plants. -helps with the bug invasion. Coat squash, cucumber, and mellon stems... 5 Replies
Summer Garden Blues That is very inreresting I have never tied straw.Where do you get it? 5 Replies
Spring Another start to the gardening season- Anybody have some new ideas? Want to share stories from last season? It was very rainy here last year, and pretty much decimated the... 6 Replies
Help ,please I would love to hear everyone's ideas for the 2010 season. Got something new you are trying for the first time? Some ideas to share from past seasons? Please join in. I just... 5 Replies
Help ,please millefeori- Hi, My name is Leslie. I have been gardening for over 30 yrs., and this has been one of the worst years I've ever seen for tomatoes. Where I live, we've had lots... 5 Replies
Cucumbers in pots Can someone tell me how to grow tomatoes,squash, cucumbers in the winter time. I live down south with the economy and 5 girls i need help. Thanks Karen. 5 Replies
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