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    Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 12:00 PM [General]


    As I open my eyes I see a world consumed with stagnation and conformity. People living every day of their lives unaware of their own intense and ecstatic nature. Believing in the disillusions of definition and identity, they themselves have never known who and what they really are. They are liberated and free, yet allow themselves to be bound and broken. They are making great dreams of the highest creation, when all they need to do is wake up; and see that they are already the divine vision they are in search of.

    The place we all seek to go is actually deep within ourselves. The experience we are in search of is only that of ourselves, in our inner most expression. This is the great mystery of our existence. We're all searching for something. We have a feeling inside ourselves that makes us want, it creates an emotion of need, unrest, of searching and absence. This is not a always bad thing, because this motivates us. It makes us go in search. Some seek by means of accomplishments and do great deeds for human kind or make themselves rich. Some seek through god, and develop an ability to live extremely disciplined and rigid lives. Some people make magnificent art or create stimulating stories that entertain and inspire. Some become lost, and turn into a fanatic about one thing or another; using religion, drugs, relationships, all kinds of things to pacify and compensate. We seek to fill or understand something. But, this never seems to happen. Because so many people are looking in the wrong place. They are looking outside of themselves.

    It is very hard to perceive our true definitions. The reason, is because there are none. Our true nature is indefinite. There are no boundaries between ourselves and the magnificently brilliant galaxies that almost seem fictitious to most. We are made of the same things, and occupy the same spaces. We are all exploding with energy and brilliance. If this seems hard to comprehend, then consider our current perception of existence. We see each other and the things around us a completely separate organisms, all just coexisting and tolerating each other. You look at a tree and see a tree, you see that it produces fruit. You look at a camel and see a camel, it produces hair (and some other things). Think about this. You don't need to get too acquainted with the idea, because this is already your perception. Now, take this perception and move it. Move it about 200 million miles in any direction. What do you see now? You see some planets making circles around a star. This, is also reality. Do you still have a name for what you see? Do you even need one? Now look away, you see beautiful things, all kinds of fireworks and incredible art. It's everywhere, farther than we will ever even see with our most complicated and delicate instruments. This is reality, too. And we are just as much a part of this as we are the walls of our home, it's just right outside. We breath it in and eat it for dinner. It feeds us and becomes our muscles and bones. We use it to wash our bodies and run our cars. The only distinctions between us and the infinite vastness of everything else is only perceived. It is not true. It's just easier. Easier to comprehend, easier to accept, and easier to be led. When you truly confront this reality, and start to understand it, things begin to change. You begin the see the movement that we are searching for. You see that we are existing in an infinite and endless ecstasy, an orgasm in a sense. And it's a constant moment. Completely liberated from the misperception of time and definition. Our names no longer represent our face and our lives no longer limited by the limitations of our bodies. This is what we are. Endless, nameless, the all and everything. It is not fantasy, it feels like it, because it feels good. But, this, is the true, the real, the now.

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