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    Things ironed themselves out. My kids have been on Spring break and we have stayed as busy as possible so that we can put away the problem at hand. I have prayed and am trying to be mindful of all of those out there with situations way worse off than my own and it seems to make me feel better. There is always someone worse off and the Lord is directing me to them everyday. The big picture always puts things in perspective. Thank you for caring enough to read this and hopefully keep me in your prayers. May God bless you for your compassion. Peace be with you.

    April 16, 2009
    11:13 AM
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    Found out some bad news yesterday, but I'm determined to stay positive. I have been praying like crazy, so all I can do now is hope that I can accept what God has in store for me. My day was a bit depressing because I felt pretty isolated. I needed to talk to somebody (anybody), but there was no one there. My parents did help out with the kids, but they never have been good for cheering anyone up or even being there in times of crisis. My husband seems more consumed by how I am putting him out, by not having the house up to his standards or a acceptable meal on the table. I really haven't felt like it. He acted like he might be nice to me when he got home yesterday in front of his co-workers, but when he got home he acted like a totally different person. It hit me way off guard, since even I bought his loving husband routine. I don't know what I should feel right now. Sorry for him that he ended up with a defective wife or sorry for myself, because I have stood beside him through better and worse, SICKNESS and health, and for what. He seems to be the slot machine that never pays off.

    April 14, 2009
    12:41 PM
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    May you be blessed May God guide the doctors hands May He reach down and preform a healing on you today.

    April 7, 2009
    7:05 AM
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