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  • Can't stand it... have only cared about a very select few local races and even those race outcomes have proven to me that its the morons ... more
  • Sick of feeling guilt for taking time formyself.  Sick of feeling guilt when I do something for myself.  Sick of feeling sick of it.   ... more
  • Music induced ranting I sit here listening to Lennon's son The Brake of Your Car and I can't help but agree with one of the lines from ... more

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    The Goddess Companion Her beauty shines forth: Kokyanwhuti, she who gives light and nourishes life, the Mother of all that lives and shall live. There she stands, dressed in soft wool, white and blue, woven with the symbols of womanhood, the butterfly and the blossom. Turquoise and shell and coral: these are her jewels. Fair and warm and tender: these are her expressions. Gleaming white: this is the color of her soft skin boots. Look how she smiles at us as she dances on the shifting sands of time. Look how she smiles at us before she disappears. ~Hopi Creation Myth

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