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    new suit
    Spiritual Mood: Humbled
    Status: I'm just trying to be less tense and be more at ease and let God handle the rest.

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  • For most of today I've been in seclusion and praying that the burden that has been placed on my soul be cleansed and was engulfed in a ... more

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    i hope everything is going ok for you. but i think you are correct about loving yourself first. only then do you have anything to bring to a relationship. i wish you the best. dg

    August 2, 2009
    9:12 PM
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    Hello New Suit,I too just lost my mom,she passed away May 28th.It leaves a place in the heart,making one feel lost.An empty space where a parents love sits within.Believe that a parents love transcends time and even though they aren't of this earth anymore,doesn't mean the love dies too.May your heart find the peace that you so richly deserve......Irish /

    June 28, 2009
    8:08 AM
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    hello new suit, 412bntune here. I just read your post about the "poem" I wrote in the spiritual/poem/writing thread. Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to find that you are in the same state of mind. And after reading your profile and journal etc. I am praying for you. I too lost my dad. Mine to a lengthy bout with cancer. I can't imagine losing both parents. The "death" of a loved one changes your entire world. It changes who you are and how you view life. It's been 10 years since the death of my dad and I'm finding that time does heal all wounds, but can leave some scars that we sometimes feel the need to cover. My poem was about the state of mind that I was in last night. It comes and goes. I'm better today after long prayers and meditation. And, as I said, I am praying for you now, too. May you find peace and happiness on this journy we call life. Have faith! Love will be yours soon. I can feel it! 412bntune

    June 4, 2009
    12:23 PM
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