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    -O- is and the rest is Commentary.
    Spiritual Mood: Mystical
    Status: Behind the father-image, behind the mother-image, behind the image of light inaccessible, and behind the image of profound darkness, there is something else which we cannot conceive at all. Alan Watts
    Faith: Taoist

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  • >It seems to me that you have been criticizing language quite a bit lately.   What I’m criticizing is our attitude towards ... more
  • The Way has no boundaries; words do not have constant meanings. But because people want to say, ‘this is...’, boundaries ... more
  • Teachers on the mystical paths have been teaching for many years that all this is an illusion. Because most of them take the ... more

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    Thank you so much for accepting my friend invitation. I hope you will be blessed should you decide to read my scribblings as I hope to learn from your thoughts. Love ya’, Steve

    March 10, 2012
    11:51 PM
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    Thanks for your apt response: "In the Divine Oneness, at least in my opinion, there is no separation for there is nothing but -O-. The troucle is that language cannot convey the idea adequately." Precisely. I would perhaps only go one step further and regard the very notion of "oneness" as created and contingent. The creator of all attributes, including that of "oneness", is above all attributes. He is beyond "union", "proximity", "sameness". These are limited human ideas and experiences. Having said that, He is nothing "less" than One, but something that even the idea of "oneness" cannot adequately describe. Therefore, to claim we are one with God is anthropomorphic. To claim God is one is also anthropomorphic but a slightly less. These are very profound concepts and would require more time and space to go through in an understandable way. But it's great to bump into one with an intricate mind and a searching soul. Warmest regards, LilWabbit

    August 4, 2011
    6:03 AM
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    hello neomonist, being an aspie i do understand what you say, but i do not feel what you say,,i do like the way you think though, if you would talk plain and straight without (verbs and nouns) the right ways,, just straight words, then i will get it ...blessings to you annie

    July 25, 2011
    4:13 PM
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