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    Hiya Nella,Although I may not know the extenuates of your battle,I am Extremely Blessed By your Victories thru the Love,Wisdom & Guidance of The Lord & Lady. So now that I have finally gotten back to ya,=)),I will keep you in my Prayers to FloraAs well as Pan,Knowing they will lend thier great love & Support,By the Gods,I am so Happy for ya!!!,Loves ya! And May the Lord & Lady continue to Guide your fight for Your path,If you need anything,please ask!!! Blessed Be!!!!!

    December 14, 2008
    1:53 PM
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    Here, in this last comment on your page and your last comment on my page, lies the problem. The statements on the beginning of the thread on the new system are not mine. I attributed the authorship before each separate entry. Copying the posts from the thread in the old system did not allow for the individual members to be named as the author... so every statement has my name at the top (being the moderator of the board and doing the transfer). It was the original article that was posted, and the original person's commentary, that attributed and stated Tarot was a part of Wicca. How that statement came to be attributed to you, I don't know. Otherwise, I laud your efforts... I think everyone should have the freedom to practice what they want - it's a right guaranteed to us in our Constitution. However, working the various festivals, trade-shows, and fairs, I know that each individual group has their own regulations for their events. If their rules states, "No (fill-in-the-blank)", we then have the option of attending without whatever they're decrying - or not attending. You have my apologies for your misunderstanding - and I can see how it was made. The old thread is still up and available for reference here: The continuation is on the boards on this site. I do wish you the best of luck with your efforts... sincerely. If memory serves, it was Justin Shikes (I'm not sure of the name, now) and his article that started most of the controversy. However, whenever you need a scapegoat, I'm always available. I've carried the load before and I'm quite sure that it's my lot to continue doing so in the future. May you walk with the gods and always be blessed in all your endeavours.

    July 11, 2008
    9:30 PM
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    What is the link to the tarot post then? As far as I can see, there is nowhere to post my comment. As far as my profile - tough. According to beliefnet, what they have told me, this is a free for all forum, so here's my free speach. Kiss it. You want to slander someone and LIE? Expect retaliation.

    May 25, 2008
    7:23 AM
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