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    nannykaffy--It's me, silent pain---I have had no access to a computer for a year, that's why I dissappeared. I had to change my name on here because I have no idea what my old password was. I hope you will remember me and still want to be friends!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!Alice Flack-Tiger_mom

    August 17, 2009
    5:31 AM
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    i was also diagnosed bipolar after my hysterectomy...i was about 31... but i started noticing it when i was a senior in high school....I ve started giong to a wonderful church...the pastor there is great...i have also just start theropy...i have so may conditions and issues the theopist dont even know where to start...

    November 8, 2008
    9:15 AM
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    Is your daughter on beliefnet too? It would be nice to speak to someone around my age and see what there experiences have been with being bi-polar. I also look foward to talking with you. Thanks again for the friends request!

    November 3, 2008
    8:35 AM
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