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    free month of mindfulness coaching

    Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:39 AM [General]







    I'm offering a FREE Month of MINDFULNESS COACHING to

    the person who writes the best poem on mindfulness.  The

    poem should be at least 10 lines - and doesn't have to rhyme,

    although it's OK if it does!  

    To learn about my work as a mindfulness

    coach check out my website at

    where you will find descriptions of what I offer.

    Hope to read your poem soon!

    NancyNic aka


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    Monday, July 21, 2008, 2:54 PM [General]

    I thought it would be interesting to ask what you do when you are lacking inspiration -

    I'm sure we will create a list which will help others.  I'll begin:

    When I last inspiration in my practice of Buddhism, I:

    read a passage from a book I like - sometimes I open it and point my finger to a random sentence - which can bring a smile, a surprise, or just the thought I needed to remember  ~ 

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