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    My Precious Grandson

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 11:08 AM [General]

    Recently, my precious grandson had a "spell." He was "acting out" at school, harassing his peers and giving his teachers a hard time. Of course, this was not an unusual thing, it had just escalated and created more problems than his new teacher could handle. He was suspended for two days (Oh joy!) and during those two days (and the weekend) his behavior continued to escalate to the point that I was on the phone with his p-doc's answering service - not - my usual response.
    Praise God the "on-call" p-doc "heard" my cry and felt it was time for him to be hospitalized and his meds be evaluated. My heart hurt for him, but I was relieved; this poor child needed help - and so did the rest of the family - and he got it. He was tested and diagnosed - not a diagnose I really want to share, but one that is handed down in families. I hurt for him, but with early detection - he stands a chance for hope. He's on new medications and I'm trusting we will have a better summer.
    I hope the same for you!

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    Blind Leading the Blind

    Monday, June 30, 2008, 6:31 PM [General]

    My husband was scheduled to have gall bladder surgery on May 6. He fought about having it, but after months of sitting on the edge of his recliner night after night, I finally persuaded him to do it. This all started as 2007 was coming to a close and he was eating Tums like they were candy and I convinced him to talk to our family doctor about it. He sent him for a "stress test," as well as several other tests. We never heard back from the stress test, but it was determined that he needed the gall bladder surgery, so after hearing about this in January, here it was May and he was finally set to have it...then the surgeon asked him the big question..."Have you ever had a 'stress test'?
    When Roger told him about having one in January but that he had not heard anything back from it, the surgeon said he wouldn't do the surgery until he got the results...thus began our horror story.
    As it turned out, the person who did the stress test reported it as "incomplete." On top of that they didn't send it to the family doctor, and the family doc didn't request it. So, surgeon requested that Rog go for a Thallium test; which came back negative. So, on May 9, he underwent an Arteriogram, and that determined that he needed to have quadruple bypass surgery (3 areas were 100% blocked).
    At first he refused, his brother had told him about a miracle product that would clean everything out in three months; yet, what could happen in the meantime. After talking to several other people he finally went under the knife on Thursday and it was very successful!
    He came home the following Thursday. However, being a recliner man, he refused to get in the bed and swelling set in. His incision began oozing, and on Tuesday he was back in the hospital. Now, it's June 30, and he's still there.
    Now, here I am with two herniated discs trying to care for him and take care of two grandchildren. Fortunately, the first week, my ex had taken them to Florida, then my oldest daughter took them for a few days. However, trying to make the house comfortable for him has just about done me in...this is truly a case of the blind leading the blind; only it isn't a visual problem, it's physical, because I too have heart problems.
    Please, if you read this and you pray...pray for us.
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    Remaining Hopeful

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 10:22 AM [General]

    Last week I received another one of those phone calls, "Mom, I'm back in jail...can you come bail me out?"
    No, I will not bail her out...I've done that too many times. It is time for her to sit there until she dries up from her drug problem faces who she is, where she is, how she got there, and where she needs to turn. Now, if she will do that - only God knows.
    Yes, I hate it for the children's sake, but amazingly they behave much better when they don't see her. That may sound crazy, but it is true. I guess it's like the old saying, "Out of sight - out of mind."
    So, for today, I remain hopeful that God will somehow use this time to touch that heart of hers and woo her back to Him.
    Please pray for all of us.
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    If Only I Could

    Monday, January 21, 2008, 3:12 PM [General]

    Recently we've had to change our daughter's visitation from in our home to outside our home. It hasn't been easy for my husband. Usually the only place he can go is McDonald's.
    My dream would be to have a place where people like us could take the children that had lots of rooms with play areas/meeting rooms with volunteers to help monitor the meetings. It would be so wonderful!
    One of the visions the Lord gave me when I started the ministry was to have a Coffeehouse that would be a place for an alternative for church. People who aren't really comfortable going to "church" might feel more comfortable going to a coffeehouse to get in their weekly worship...I know I would.
    So, why not have both...a coffeehouse that also has meeting rooms for people who have custody of their grandchildren? That would be so awesome to me, oh that God would send some rich person to me and grant me the funds to buy the place I know would be perfect for this.
    If you read this please pray with me.
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    In Their Image

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 5:14 PM [General]

    Okay, I send out a devotional every day from my's really spoke to me when I wrote it several years ago. It spoke to me when I read it several days ago when I looked over it again to rewrite it, and then after I sent it out today and it was delivered into my own email box it hit me I've just got to post it here...

    January 9, 2008


    God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature so they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, and, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth."God created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God's nature. He created them male and female.God blessed them: "Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth."Genesis 1:26-28 (The Message)

    As the creation story begins to unwind, the Trinity decides it is time to create beings in their image to take care of their creation. Part of that responsibility is reproduction. Okay, okay, so most of us are way too old now to worry about that. However, we aren't too old to reproduce and bring people into the kingdom. We are never too old for that. Of course, we do get a little too lazy for it. Sometimes in order to regroup and prioritize we need to get back to the basics. From the beginning of the world God planned for everything to work together in harmony, but we know it didn't last very long. What happened...? People…plain and simple.

    One of my favorite accounts of the creation story comes from Larry Crabb's book, Connecting, he describes the attitude of the Trinity and how they operated and how they longed for us to operate. "Imagine three who, without a hint of competitiveness, are absolutely thrilled with the uniqueness of the other two, will stop at nothing to give each other the opportunity to display their special glory. Imagine a community without even the shadow of evil, with nothing but perfect goodness, where every member can be fully himself without fear of promoting rivalry or releasing something bad." Their love for one another compelled them to create. Such was God's desire for the relationship between Himself and Adam, and Eve.

    Eve was as much a part of the walking relationship with God as Adam. This was God's desire – His heart. He desires an intimate relationship with each one of His children. He wants us to "come to Him as a little child," to trust Him, communicate with Him, and lean on His everlasting arms. Yet, Satan has convinced us that there is something God is holding back from us, and that is a lie. God holds nothing back. He gives to each of His children freely. We just have to be walking intimately with Him and in love with one another to receive His promises.

    When I had children, I had no idea that I had a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused what is termed a "personality disorder." Had I known then what I know now, I would not have had children. Of course, I am not God. I am not all knowing. Even so, I believe had He known for sure the evil that was ahead, He would not have gone ahead with the plan of creation. Yet once things were set in motion, He went ahead with the entire plan and let things unfold.

    With all my heart I know that God is love. Even with some of the dreadful stories of the Old Testament (which, incidentally, I love), I know that He is love personified. Only He knows the beginning from the end and we have to trust Him completely ¾ whether we like it or not. So, this year, let's do our best to study His Word and apply it to our lives so that we can truly have ¾ hope for today!

    Father, we may not be in a position to reproduce new life through our bodies physically, but we can spiritually, whether it is a revival in our hearts and spreading it to our families and friends or being witnesses beyond that. Help us, Lord, to be all You would have us to be. Forgive us for being short of Your calling for our lives. Heal us, and make us new. Give us the hope we need for today. We will give You all the glory!

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