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    Status: Learning how to deal with my addict daughter - still...

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  • Recently, my precious grandson had a "spell." He was "acting out" at school, harassing his peers and giving his teachers a hard time. Of ... more
  • My husband was scheduled to have gall bladder surgery on May 6. He fought about having it, but after months of sitting on the edge of ... more
  • Last week I received another one of those phone calls, "Mom, I'm back in jail...can you come bail me out?" No, I will not ... more

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    December 21, 2008
    2:25 PM
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    December 18, 2008
    2:08 AM
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    Hi there. all best wishes to you. Hope you are not too affected with the weather... we are moaning over here because we don't seem to have had a summer and now autumn is really coming in the door. Some areas suffering floods, but nothing like you seem to be getting in parts of USA. I spoke with my son and family in New Hampshire today and they were battening down the hatches for an expected storm. $:-} XXXXX

    September 6, 2008
    8:47 PM
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