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    Bowing is a universal gesture of respect and reverence. In many cultures, it is the predominant form of social greeting, and most religions incorporate it into their rituals of worship. In many cases, bowing signifies not only respect but also an acknowledgment of the shared divinity between the bower and the recipient. Bowing can also be a turning in toward our own divinity when we bow our heads in prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Bows range in form from a slight forward nod of the head to a full body prostration on the ground, and range in meaning from a simple greeting to a complete giving over of the self to the divine. If you have ever bowed or been on the receiving end of a bow, you know that it is different from a handshake or a hug. Bowing has the quality of consciously evoking spirit and conveys a sense of reverence for the people involved. The word "Namaste," which accompanies bowing in yoga, actually translates as "The divine spirit in me acknowledges the divine spirit in you." When we greet one another with this kind of awareness, we can't help but be more conscious that we are deeply connected to one another and to everyone, because this divine spirit resides in all of us. There are simple bows and complicated bows, and subtle variations carry different meanings depending upon where you are, who you are, and a number of other factors. But we can all practice bowing by simply bringing our two hands together in prayer and pressing the thumb side of our hands lightly into our chests. Keeping a long spine, simply bend your head gently down so that you are looking at the tops of your fingers. Close your eyes and breathe consciously, paying homage to your spirit, the same spirit that resides within all of humanity.

    April 16, 2008
    6:13 PM
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    I hope you have a blessed celebration day of life, love, and happiness today and always! Thank you for being my friend! Wisdom-Something you already have will create anything else you will ever want.

    April 15, 2008
    12:32 AM
    Delete Comment Sorry but I won't make it this year, getting started on rebuilding. Have nuff fun fe me!

    February 13, 2008
    2:12 PM
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