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    God still answers prayers

    Friday, November 12, 2010, 7:59 AM [General]

    I ran into my ex yesterday (we work for the same company) and he saw me and turned his head and wouldn't speak. 

    I know that I ended the relationship, but I needed to do so for me.  I was there for him on any and every occasion, but I can count the times that he just left me hanging. 

    After ending it, I tried to be his friend for a month and realized that it was too hard, so I told him that in order for me to get over this, I needed to cut off all contact with him.  I do speak though when I see him, because we're in a workplace.

    I think that I've seen his true colors by his actions yesterday.  I prayed for him, an honest, heartfelt prayer and told the devil that I'm not mad and that I forgive my ex for doing that.

    I've been praying simple prayers for the last two weeks and God has answered in some cases in a matter of minutes and in others less than 24 hours.  I know that He will go through this process with me and will send me the love of my life.  I believe that He will.  Just as I believed He would answer the other prayers.

    I have asked not to hear or see him anytime soon and I believe that God will honor that.  Call me crazy, but I do have the faith of a mustard seed.

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