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    My Very Dear Mysty 101*!* Long time, no see, I know, I know! I've been over to Facebook playing a game called Pioneer Trail/Frontierville! They can't keep the name straight, and it's one of them all consuming games! Not so consuming I forget to pray, of course, never that. But so bad, I don't make it back over here often enough. Please tell me the name of "our" prayer group where every one asks for prayers? AHA: Is it Catholic Cloisters?? Did I just have an AHA or am I floundering, as more usual???? Thanks ever so, my dear! Good to see your smiling face, you are beautiful, as always!! Love, Rebecca from Arizona**

    September 12, 2013
    9:35 PM
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    Hi Mysty :) Nice to meet you! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    February 25, 2012
    7:54 PM
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    Thank you for adding me, glad you use the forums.

    April 14, 2011
    1:16 PM
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    Hi Mysty. Good to see you around. I have been a little lost with the changes on BN. I enjoy reading some of your posts and wisdom. It is funny, I was wandering around on BN and found some old things I post 2 years ago when I first came to BN. I remember that you were supportive to me in some of the discussions and that was so kind. It is odd, I found a discussion where I was complaining about the priest that taught me Religion for 3 years in high school. I was upset because he didn't like me that much. He used to take the kids out and give them alcohol but since I didn't drink. On this same post I got in an argument over Father Geoghan (the priest in Boston that molested over 100 kids.) A year after this discussion I found out the the priest that taught me has been at a center for "problem" priests for over 10 years. It seems that he molested several kids at my high school, including (probably) a friend of mine who died at the age of 16. I was really upset to learn this and still am but it made me think that maybe I was lucky that this guy didn't like me. Anyway, I just stopped by to say hi. Peace - Mark PS - I must say that the smile in your photo is so beautiful. God bless you.

    April 19, 2009
    9:33 PM
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    Great picture,you look truly Happy!

    March 24, 2009
    10:46 AM
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    Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel. --Anonymous I love you, hope you're feeling better! ?? if I don't go there right from email I have the hardest time finding our prayer group! Any suggestions?? Love, Rebecca aka rubypoet007 PPS Do you garden at all, you should check out the Garden Group, you can just go to my profile, click on groups and get there from there. Oh dear, that just sounds confusing. anyway, I'm thinking and praying for you and your Hubby, hope he's feeling better. No me, pain is worse this month, arrgh, I hate that, it might mean I have to up the strength of my already strong pain meds. let's hope NOT!!! Love & friendship, now & always, Rebecca in Tucson, AZ

    October 23, 2008
    2:14 PM
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    September 21, 2008
    12:15 AM
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    Best wishes for a great one. God bless!

    May 29, 2008
    8:30 PM
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    Wishes for a very Hapy Birthday Sue, with lots of laughter, smiles, love and of course...cake! :-) Love & Angelhugs, Sandy

    May 29, 2008
    9:00 AM
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    Best wishes for a wonderful and blessed birthday.

    May 28, 2008
    10:38 PM
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