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  • Here I am on December 31,2008 staring down at 2009 and have come to realize I didn't keep any of my resolutions. I've decided not to ... more
  • I created a Yahoo group and if you'd be interested in checking it out and maybe even joining, you can go to this link.   ... more
  • I began studying and practicing Wiccan many years ago and I admit I've let daily life get in the way quite a bit over these past 14 ... more

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    Peace & blessings always, Paula. xxx

    July 24, 2009
    11:57 AM
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    I read your "about me" on your profile and it is very similar to me. All of the Wicca that I have learned has been through books, I have always been solitary. I am a single mom who works fulltime.Life is very busy. I have a new man in my life- Rob - he is not wiccan but he respects my spiritual path and is very interested in learning. I find when I do my meditation regularily I am much more ballanced, but life gets so busy that sometimes I have a hard time fitting it in, and that's when I get out of sync. I also live in the Vancouver area. I am very pleased to meet you! smiles.....Debi

    November 16, 2008
    2:36 PM
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    Thank you for accepting my friend request :) Blessings and Peace, Jordan.

    November 12, 2008
    12:37 AM
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