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    Thursday, August 7, 2008, 7:17 PM [General]

    FrownI sit tensely, waiting
    Soon the whole sordid affair would be done!
    So many years
    Years that began in love
    Years that changed to sly innuendo
    Years that progressed to caustic remarks
    Years that turned into an eternity of Pain!
    Now with a simple stroke of the pen
    With a simple clack of the gavel
    To end the pain.
    Yet it is not simple
    Nor is it quick
    And it is certainly not painless.
    Indeed it is living tissue
    That we saw through.
    Still that pain is more limited
    Than a lifetime
    Or an eternity.Cry
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    Trail Log: year 56, day 45

    Saturday, January 5, 2008, 2:07 PM [General]

    And so I will begin to make note on the trail of my life.

    This log will contain observations on life, the universe and eerything else as well as poetry.  It is my attempt to explore the relationships between God, the universe, myself and other people.


    My life began 12 November, 1951 in Berlin, Germany.  Durng my time I have studied most religions, learned and practiced medicine, suffered diabetes and undergone an amputation.  I have lost my fine motor skills ansd so do not actively practice at this time. 

    I recently developed a sore on my stump after getting a new socket.  I had the socket modified and reduced my walking and used some advanced dressings.  I even had a blessing to help me heal, yet while the sore did not get worse, it also did not get smallere.  Then I realized that though  I had asked the Lord's help in healing and expected something. I had not done all in my power to heal the sore.  I then stopped walking completely and went to a wheelchair.  Finally the sore is almost completel;y healed.  We often ask the Lord for help but while we always have that right we must also do all that we can before we expect His help.  The Lord is always there and ready to help but we musrt also work on our own.  It is nmot in our best interest nor in the plan of God that He carry us all of the time.  How often do we ask God for help for our convenience not our need!

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