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Linguibabble >It seems to me that you have been criticizing language quite a bit lately. What I’m criticizing is our attitude towards language, not language itself. We learn about... 0 Replies
Contemplate We each walk an individual Path within a greater Way.. But, we all share in the journey called Life. 282 Replies
The Book Shelf Zhuangzi and Nagarjuna on the Truth of No Truth. David 63 Replies
The Video Shelf Alan Watts on the ultimate question (The Nature Of Consciousness) 126 Replies
The Three greatest Treasures The great Way is easy,yet people prefer the side paths.Be aware when things are out of balance.Stay centered in the Tao. Whoever is planted in the Taowill not be rooted... 1 Replies
Inspiring Quotes Because we think we are something, we imagine there must be something operating all this Universe. What IS is pure intelligence, awareness Being. It may also be called God, Self... 520 Replies
The Book Shelf Hu Ching 63 Replies
The Video Shelf Alan Watts - Religion of no religion 126 Replies
The Three greatest Treasures Simplicity, patience, compassion.These three are your greatest treasures.Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.Patient with both friends and... 1 Replies
The Video Shelf The mysticism forum has turned into a debate area where one person proves his antispiritual understanding with a bunch of spitwads. I'm going to try to get all but him to come... 126 Replies
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