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    03/04/2009 ! ! !

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 10:54 AM [General]

    YEA! ! !


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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 10:22 AM [General]

    Lots to do today!

    1. We are having our patrol jeepers coming over this Sunday. Jerry volunteers my cooking skills. We are having Irish Stew. I have never made it.I found some recipes on line. Both different.  I think I'll make them both. So, I will need to go to the grocery store to pick up some items. Then to the bakery to put my order in for  black bread or some kind of Irish bread. One of my irish stew recipes call for McEwan's Scotch Ale not sure what that is.  I'll go to the liquior store for that.

    2. I need to call paid-preview for my son since he wants to have some of his friends over for some kind of wrestling event on TV. I told him he will have to finance his party but I would help out cooking. Nachos - Sloppy Joes, you know stuff a bunch of 20 yr olds would like.

    3. Need to go to the library to pick up a book.

    4. Keep job searching.

    Well I'm out of here. Lots to do.


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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 5:59 PM [General]

    Today is a beautiful day. 70+ degrees weather, a little windy. Had a  job interview today with an employment agency. Things went well. She said she really liked me. I interviewed &  communicated well. She was going to put me on a hot list. (I'm not sure if she tells everyone that.) I tested OK in my area of expert ices - she said I did great. I think I could have done better. All in all I'm happy. I'm mom and housewife right now- that all good but I really miss my friends at work. I really do not have outside relationships with the gals but it's fun working with them and having lunch. We still keep in touch through email and text messages. I guess what has me down (more pissed) is I got a second email from USF saying NO THX. It was for a dam_ position less than what I had before. I texted my pod mate to tell her about the email. She's right I just need to let USF go. I'm still Pissed! ! ! What did Scarlett say: I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow. (This one is for you Sophie!)

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