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    Hello, Moonstar ~ Thank you for accepting my friend request! {Blessings} Love, Kay

    December 6, 2012
    5:56 PM
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    people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime - when you figure out which it is, you will know exactly what to do---have a bless day (sista)

    January 9, 2010
    3:05 PM
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    How to cope with Alzheimers disease ? How difficult it is . My heart goes out to you .Prayers ascending for you and your family . Marie

    January 5, 2010
    7:31 AM
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    Hello, thanks for your feedback, it makes me feel good... I am not a professional Photographer, I am a dedicated picture taker, I love memories, and it is my pleasure to share them, I wish someday I may get paid for all my work :) but it is good to share God's creations with the good at heart... Have a great Holydays Season... Don Fofo

    December 20, 2009
    7:28 PM
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