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    Canyon Country fire

    Thursday, October 25, 2007, 4:09 PM [General]

    Canyon country fire.

    My son, with his family, lives in the area of one of the major fires still burning in the Los Angeles County area. He is in one of the lower canyons that were surrounded by the fire and I will say that what kept the fire away from his street was due largely to the construction of the house roof’s and to the proper fire area landscaping. All newer homes have cement tile (fireproof) type of roofs and most all the brush has been cleared away from the houses. Landscaping had done with plants such as ice plant that will not burn, like ivy, that people in other area’s plant around their homes.

    Last Sunday, after sending the rest of the family and kids back to our house in the city, my son and I stayed at the house removing combustible awnings and keeping things wet until the fire topped out over both hills. We then joined the stream of cars leaving the area. Forty foot high flames on two sides can inspire one to take it on the lam.

    Even with the fifty to sixty MPH winds the fire did not move down those hills as there was no fuel for it to use and what flying embers landing on fireproof roofs had nothing to work on.

    So I guess that what saved all of the houses on his street was that everybody had done their best to follow proper construction and hillside clearing and planting routines. It does sometimes pay to listen to experience and fire department guidance. due to the fire passing this canyon we were able to take our son and family home again by Monday evening.

    I also would like to give a great thanks to all those involved in fighting these fires. They are great people.

    Jesse F.


    Thanks again firefighters. Great job.

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