Hello, I saw the picture you posted of you in the fire. I see a wonderful fire in the fireplace but I don't see you. Are you going to emerge a cleansed and new man? I do see things in pictures and writing that people don't mean. Remember, I am new to beliefnet and to this forum and learning as I go so please take pity. Iolani

    June 5, 2010
    2:09 AM
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    I am sorry you feel that way I think men are great I do not tink they are pigs.I am just saying for me I like to cover my self.My beauty need not be for diplayed.I am comfortable covering my selve when I was young my mother died when I was 15 I thought I could put on some short shorts high heels because she did not let me.I went to my grandmother she told me to take those things off and give me a dress that went to my ankle and told me that it was wrong to dress that way.SO again I am just saying I want some one to look me in the eyes when we are talking not my breast or my behind when I walk away.I do not want a man to say wow you see the tats on her.And all men may or may not do it but they do.

    April 20, 2010
    12:21 AM
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    cute christmas comments

    December 10, 2008
    1:28 PM
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    Hi! Thanks for the add. I like your page :)

    November 19, 2008
    9:04 PM
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    You're pretty!

    March 7, 2008
    6:02 PM
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    Good to see you made it over to the new boards. Paula

    November 11, 2007
    3:18 PM
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