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    Free to be me....
    Spiritual Mood: happy
    Status: Enjoying the awsome weather we are haveing.Glad the snow is gone.

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    Hey Marilyn...I know what you mean! I have to remind myself that myspace isnt just my space..but the space of him who lives in me..hope that makes sense..thats how I handle that feeling...Peace and Love you way

    August 24, 2009
    3:25 PM
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    it does seem we either are overloaded or else we are bored. i think the saying is to appreciate both, because we never seem satisfied with either.(easier said than done) but a plan to work on anyway. good luck dg

    August 2, 2009
    9:15 PM
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    Hello my good friend, I would love to be there with you to relax too!

    brown eyes
    July 23, 2009
    10:28 AM
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