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    Ha, Dont know anything about Osho, but it seems many like to comment on Taoism without firstly understanding what Taoism or the culture that surrounds it is. Second, Tao and Taoism are two entirely different things. Taoism is a religion, a belief, a following, not different than any other religion when it comes down to it, just a different system of belief than others. Tao is the ever lasting truth. All is Tao, nothing escapes it, nothing can know it and nothing can be it, to write about it is arbitrary and to say you know it then you further yourself from the truth of it. It is not a Taoists quest to know the Tao, to better put it, just to understand self, to cultivate Yin to except Heavenly Yang and to practice "te" in order for the human soul to open up. Taoists have no secret recipe than other religions, our Deities are still trying to cultivate Tao themselves in Heaven or even some in Hell. We Taoists here on Earth believe this is the lowest of all heavens, over looked by the great Supreme Venerable Lord Tai Shang Lao Chun (reincarnate of the Yin principle and one of three personifications of the Tao) and in this heaven we have choice, and choice is the greatest gift the soul can ever need. To answer your question it is not possible to perceive Tao in any way shape or form, and if you think you have began to feel it or know it then you are more lost than most that dont care. "To know Tao is to practice Te, Te will teach you that Tao is everything and nothing".

    September 20, 2009
    11:59 PM
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    hi methods... i have been reading Osho's book on Tao and have a question. In one section of the book, the author states that even tho there are really no 'categories of people in Tao belief, to make it more understandable, he determined that there are 3 times of people.' My question is about the first/highest category. The book states... "The highest type of person, when he hears about Tao, suddenly feels in tune with it./understands with no time gap/His total being understands it, not just the intellectual part. Not only the soul, not only the mind, but even the body vibrates in an unknown way.a new journey has started/a new journey has started." this is my question/concern. It sounds as if once I read/hear/touch upon Tao/Taoism, then I should not need to explore it any further before deciding it is right for me. Or is the 'time' described not of conventional time and thereby giving those observations a more forgiving 'time' frame of my journey? I'm confused! I'd appreciate any clarification you would lend me. thanks in the light of now (which is already gone!) suzan

    September 20, 2009
    9:54 PM
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