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    Never underestimate the power of a woman
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    I was pleased to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments, too. I am happy to speak to a North Carolinian as I spent 20 years living in Durham, Marshville, Madison, and Reidsville. I love NC even though I was born a Minnesotan, NC is so wonderful. I also met Bishop Katharine and it was like being at Pentecost. She is an absolutely amazing and God-filled person! You may have read she came to Dallas, TX to bless a community garden- that was our church! It was awesome. Blessings on you and yours and may you always be spirit-filled. mk

    January 14, 2009
    6:36 PM
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    I removed that message from your painting group post...I am very sorry. I do not know how that got there, I did not and do not put garbage like that down and send it into a groups message area...I hope that I remove it...I am sorry, please forgive...

    January 2, 2009
    8:15 AM
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    I wish you nothing but the best this new year! May God bless!

    Serenity Seeker
    January 1, 2009
    9:27 PM
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