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    Science of Bio Energy Therapy (Reiki)

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 8:02 PM [General]

    There is conflicting information online and in the general public as to the medical legitimacy of Bio Energy Therapy. For some, including myself, I like to see proof that something exists. Let us not forget that the higher echelons of thought and power deemed the world flat not so long ago. Only 400 years ago it was Galileo Galilei that fought the Catholic Church to prove simply that the Earth revolves around the Sun; not Earth and man as the center of the Universe. Sometimes we do need to prove that things exist and are not fabricated from ancient lore or the devices of corporations and or money.  Galileo was a free thinker in a very close-minded world, yet his discoveries revolutionized how we perceive ourselves and our world today. We are not the center of the Universe—we are merely one part of something so vast it boggles the imagination. You would think that if Religion, which is based almost entirely on blind faith, need not be proven legitimate to the masses, neither would bio-energy therapy. Still it is a peculiar world we live in and it requires each of us to find our own answers to the truths that govern this life. In regard to bio-energy therapy, it is not the burden of the holistic community to prove that energy healing exists; the burden is to get treatments like Reiki approved for clinical and medical use as well as written into insurance code.

    Energy healing is based on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create heat, give off light, generate electricity and even have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a physical space. Popular theories in applied sciences such as the Torsion Field Theory support the theory of bio-energy in nature. The Torsion Field Theory, conceived in the 1980s by Soviet physicists, asserts that within physics, a field is an assignment of quantity within each point of space-time. A torsion field includes any variable that describes rotation. A well-studied quantum phenomenon called spin-spin interaction suggests that subatomic particles called neutrinos do not carry mass or energy but only information as they are transmitted across space. Torsion field theories echo the 19th century notion of “Universal Ether” or “Aether”.  Aether is a term used to describe the medium for the propagation of light and energy. It has mythological origins, and ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle described it as a Fifth Element. The concept of Aether enables theorists to use quantum mechanics to describe an information-energy field of interconnections, signals, events, and processes. Information garnered from actions in life can be carried across these paths of information and light as healing energy.

    In essence, bio-energy healers are creating permutations in the vacuum zero point field via torsion fields, which in turn changes the characteristics of the source mass. It has been proven that conscious intent causes heightened electromagnetic fields in the surrounding of the practitioners hands, thus creating an alteration in the torsion field and  thus creating a new annihilation/energy opportunity for the source. M. Sue Benford, R.N., M.A. states: “The acceptance and appreciation of torsion fields, with their influencing spin characteristics both in defining and refining matter, opens a new perspective of scientific exploration into psi-phenomena. Possibly, we can conclude that life, and even mind, may be a manifestation of the constant, albeit subtle, interaction of the wave packets classically known as “matter” with the underlying physically real vacuum field.”

    A bio-energy healer does not use his/her own energy but rather directs bio-energy, which contains all the information your body needs to heal itself. The therapist directs the energy to the part of the body where it is needed, or takes the excess energy away from the part where there is too much energy. In other words, the therapist supplies the body with the information, contained in the bio-energy, which is necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, and the body begins to heal. Again, all that is needed is the intent and confidence to heal; The Universe takes care of the rest.

    John C. Bader

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    Memorial Day 2012 – a Personal Retrospect on Loss

    Saturday, May 26, 2012, 9:53 PM [General]

    Yes, I normally speak my mind about politics and ridiculous religious dogma, but I rarely wear my emotions and heart on my sleeve. As most of you know, it is Memorial Day weekend in the USA. In addition to our lost military personnel, American citizens spend next Monday celebrating those family and friends that have left the mortal world. I imagine most countries have a day when they celebrate their deceased kin.

    For those of you with a fresh loss tugging on your heart and soul, my energy and thoughts go out to you. Loss is not an easy subject and it is for that reason I spent an entire chapter in my upcoming book, The Responsive Universe, addressing this pain, the emotions and coping skills associated with loss and grief.

    “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

    -Joseph Campbell

    It was over 12 years ago on this very weekend that my wife gave birth to our first son – unfortunately, he was a full term still born child and we had to bury him. My pain was one thing but even to this day I still can’t comprehend what my wife went through. That was a terrible time in our life and it still pulls on the heart strings of emotions. I am tearing up now as I type – such events unfortunately shape us into the people we are today – whether we like it or not.

    Still, not all is lost. It was this upheaval in life that actually took me to rock bottom spiritually and emotionally. It was the loss of my first son and the pain and sorrow that created my first of several gradual awakenings that have shaped the Responsive Universe I live in now. I have my first son to thank for that – it is a sublime and sometimes unexplainable world we live in. We can only make space for such experiences and have faith that things will improve. I do not believe in divine plan but I do believe in positive energy and compassion.

    I have learned a lot over the years – many times the hard way. I have learned that in order to love and feel love, sometimes we also have to feel pain and sorrow. Life is a rotating Mandala that includes birth, life and death. My heart just goes out to those that have lost their children at older ages – I can’t think of a worst tragedy.

    Below, is a poem that I wrote as part of my grieving and recovery. This is for you John Christopher Bader Junior…

    The peaceful echo of waves caress the shore

    Clouds float lazily by while a single bird flies high

    Spring invites summer with excitement and anticipation


    Time ceases to exist for no apparent reason

    As winter’s cold stands silently by

    Like a steel rain falling from a dark sky

    Washing away our dreams, aspirations

    and the happiness in our lives

    As we cast our little boy’s ashes into the ocean

    We are casting only the anger and hatred that blackens our hearts

    His perfect soul will rise to the heavens within

    And our love and memory will forever be

    interwoven in our hearts and minds

    Where there is fear, there is courage

    Where there is sorrow, there is happiness

    And where there is no hope

    There will be another bird flying high in the sky

    As clouds float lazily by

    And the peaceful fingers of waves caress the shore

    Though our days are sad

    Each day will replace the last with a little more happiness,

    understanding and hope

    And soon, very soon; one day in the future

    Our little angel will look down on us

    And help welcome a new life that will live

    in harmony with his memory

    The ocean is a special place

    Rest in peace, my son



    John C. Bader

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    iPhone Password Mindfulness - I am Serious!

    Thursday, May 24, 2012, 4:28 PM [General]

    Do you need a new exercise in mindfulness? Mindfulness is a spiritual or psychological faculty that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment.  I talk about it all the time in this blog because it really is the key to less suffering and more happiness. Mindfulness involves centering your thoughts in the present – focusing on what is happening right now and not the past or future – fear and fantasy.

    That is what meditation is all about – refocusing your thoughts – remaining mindful…

    I stumbled upon an interesting exercise in being mindful. According to a recent article by Chloe Park, humans have about 65,000 thoughts a day, 90% of which are thoughts of yesterday – simply repeating today. Crazy huh?

    Back to this lesson - Actually it is kind of embarrassing.  I did a routine password change on my iPhone. You know; the four digit password to access the phone and apps. It has probably been a year since I changed the password. Keep in mind the new password is about as routine as the old password.

    Can you imagine how many times I keep entering the old password in error – days later!!! Talk about a lesson in mindfulness. The excruciating mental concentration of typing in the right password! It’s unbelievable and it is also a great window into how the mind works – so much of what we think and do is automatic, sans of mindful intent. Even reminding myself that I changed the password on my phone BEFORE typing it in is a good exercise in being mindful.

    Try it – I dare you - LOL

    John C. Bader

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    We need to Recognize and Appreciate what we do have…

    Monday, May 14, 2012, 2:05 PM [General]

    Frederick Keonig once said “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Mr. Keonig was a German inventor best-known for his high-speed printing press. Although, I would argue it is this quote that made him more famous. He died in 1833 but it is his words that live on.

    It seems we now live in this material world where instant gratification from credit cards, iphones and the internet seem to give us everything we want instantaneously. Gone is any pause to evaluate the intent of such wants and desires. We now live in a world where we buy now and pay later. And still, it seems when we surround ourselves with clutter and awake from the fantasy of keeping up with the Jones’s; we ask ourselves, if there is more to life? Our material world of Twitter, Face Book, Target and Walmart brings us warmth and energy instantly but it is later that we claw and ache for more. Such transient desires it seems leave us with an empty feeling. It gets worse when we regret what we tweeted last night or facebooked over the weekend. It gets worse when we get the credit card bill in the mail and realize that our materialistic desires are causing us to suffer needlessly.

    In a world of currency and capitalism; in a world of internet traffic and commuter traffic; in a world where money and power is fleeting, we need to attach our happiness and wellbeing to something more fixed and dependable. It starts with recognizing and appreciating what we already have: Simple observations would include nature, energy and those that love and care for you. And finally, being mindful of the present, sans of ego, fear and fantasy: Your energy and spirit being rooted in the now, satiated with what you already possess and hungry to gain little and prosper more from it.

    John C. Bader

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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Sunday, May 13, 2012, 11:08 AM [General]


    A kindred heart

    Bears my first breath

    Maternal spirit

     A devoted guide

    Grace and beauty

    Splendor marked by sunny blue skies

    A gift of knowledge

    Confidence and encouragement

    Married with unconditional love

    A mother’s adornment

    Sparkles down from above


    Happy Mother’s Day!


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    Are we still Evolving in a Responsive Universe?

    Friday, May 4, 2012, 8:14 AM [General]

    I read an interesting article recently about whether or not humans are still evolving.  Evolution has always involved varying levels of natural selection - Evolution occurs in response to outside forces that weed out whatever individuals are least fit to survive those pressures, allowing those better-fit individuals to survive and reproduce. However, since humans radically alter their environments, some researchers have questioned whether natural forces of selection continue to act upon our species. For instance, agriculture can generate a surplus food that can insulate us from many ills of the world.

    Research of large demographics show there is still evolution in regard to fertility, mating success and that there is really no natural selection between the rich and poor in developed countries. I have always joked that my apparent receding hairline is evolution responding to global warming –jesting that I am evolving quicker than others due to my adaption to the environmental changes of the world – of course I am joking.

    Still, some research shows that evolution could be more sublime and astral in its trappings. For example, humans are becoming more conscious of evolution itself. We are beginning to understand what we are doing instead of just reacting to the environment. In a Responsive Universe, evolution takes on a whole different definition – there can be many complexities to its explanation – it is not necessarily biological evolution but spiritual evolution and how we see and interpret our surroundings and social evolution in how we treat our common neighbors – with compassion or with hate and greed. Such mindful evolution is allowing us to see the world like never before. There is less reliance on organized religion and new connections to intricate energy levels that seem to lie just below the surface of the materialistic world we live in. I imagine humans will continue to adapt to our environment from a social, spiritual and biological standpoint and the important thing it seems is being aware of our place in this world and Universe - in essence being mindful of our surroundings and how the actions we make ripple across infinity.

    John C. Bader

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    Violence ages children’s DNA

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 10:13 AM [General]

    We know toxins in food are bad for you. We also know that high levels of stress are bad for you as well. A new study released recently in the Molecular Psychiatry publication and written by author Idan Shalev, makes a startling revelation:  Violence ages children’s DNA.  I can recall that my childhood was less than perfect and trust me, that is an understatement. It makes me wonder how an abusive childhood could be affecting my life span.

    Scientists are able to measure cellular aging by studying the cells of children’s chromosomes called Telomeres. Telomeres are special DNA sequences that act like the plastic tips on shoelaces, which prevent the DNA chromosomes from unraveling and degenerating.  These DNA chromosomes get shorter each time cells divide and each time a cell divides the sequence gets shorter until it cannot divide anymore – thus cellular death.

    Several factors have been documented to shorten Telomeres including smoking, radiation and psychological stresses like early childhood abuse. Research shows Telomeres shorten faster in kids exposed to two or more types of violence or abuse. This is further evidence that shows we live in a Responsive Universe and the ability to wield the hand of God exists in all of us. In this case, maybe it is the hand of the Devil (if you believe in that stuff).

    Point is, humans, children especially, are responsive creatures that need love and energy. The opposite is true as well. We all wield the power to take energy and life from others. There is hope though; in rare cases Telomeres can lengthen through better nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.  I guess it is a good thing I juice and exercise.

    I think the long and the short is this – hug and love your children; live with compassion and know that every action you create does create a positive or negative reaction based on its source. Be mindful and create positive energy in every facet of your life.

    John C. Bader

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    Bio-Energy Therapy Continued (Reiki)

    Saturday, April 21, 2012, 11:00 AM [General]

    Modern science advocates that the subconscious brain is capable of processing some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second, compared to the conscious brain, which may struggle with as few as 40 processes per second. One could believe it is this incredible processing power of the subconscious mind that explains why people experience good results from techniques such as “positive thinking”, meditation and bio-energy therapy. Analysis of Bell’s Theorem indicates that once sub atomic particles in the form of energy connect at some level, they always remain connected. Supported by experimental evidence, this theory explains that connections can be made within the same room or across a galaxy. Some scientists have noted that such events may not be just limited to quantum mechanics as they relate to the Universe but to everyday events including prayer and bio-energy healing therapies like Reiki. Could this be the next step in human evolution?

    It is no surprise then that prayer or positive thinking is a common denominator in most religions. In a Responsive Universe, the power of prayer and positive thinking comes from connecting to our True Nature, the intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind of every sentient being. With an open mind we as humans have the ability to take pure, unadulterated thoughts and channel them through the millions of neurons within our brains. This quantum energy is then radiated out into the world in which we live through an electromagnetic energy field, connecting and linking all matter. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and every facet of the Cosmos is a part of this system of energy, including humans. Conversely, these same energies can be channeled inward and outward creating wellness from the inside out. Reiki and meditation are good examples of  wellness therapies.

    In an earlier blog about Reiki, I challenged the system of ritual and symbols, stating they are useful but unnecessary. Further, knowledge of chakras is also useful but also unnecessary. We have the ability to heal others and ourselves using bio-energy without knowledge of such trappings. Still, I believe it is necessary to teach helpful healing hand positions and our place in the Universe – having space, awareness and sensiviity are imporant in bio-energy. Also important is confidence and intent:


    Confidence is born from our connection to the Universe. Through meditation we come to find boundless space as it relates to the Universe, our True Nature and our own mind facilities. From this space arises clarity and awareness. From clarity and awareness we achieve an evolutionary level of self-actualization or responsiveness. We do live in a Responsive Universe and knowing this means we are connected to its energy and power. We are cogs of the Cosmos and each of us has the power to heal through channeling, cleansing and or manipulating the energy that surrounds us and others. The key is having the confidence that this metaphysical energy does exist based on science and that you are in possession of its healing qualities. Find your confidence that you can make a difference and you will succeed. Bio-Energy Healing is a reflection of you, your life and being and will reflect this oneness with energy and the Universe. The more the ego controls your life the less confidence you will have so it is important to find unadulterated confidence in your True Nature – from there true confidence will arise from within.


    Intent is born out of your compassionate desire to heal others and heal yourself. It is really that simple. Because we all already have access to this unlimited energy – this connection to the Universe, we do not need symbols or rituals to govern our abilities to heal – just plain, unadulterated intent. Symbols are great for remembering the quality of confidence and intent but they are not totally necessary for healing purposes. Intent requires simply a great effort or willingness to heal with no goal in mind rooted to ego. Intent to heal is a practice; pure and living in the moment; without judging, comparing or attaching anything in the present. Our intent needs to be free, unfettered with no preconception of the outcome – just confidence that you are doing the right thing. Once you have the confidence that you can make a difference, all you need then is the genuine intent to heal; a willingness to help cleanse and heal the human aura.

    I am currently writing a Bio-Energy Healing workbook which will accent my upcoming release, The Responsive Universe. In my follow up effort, I will spend ample time discusing bio-energy therapy.  If you are interested in bio-energy, then I suggest you begin to educate yourself on the hand positions and have fun exploring the world of bio-energy.

    Here is a great Reiki website that will give you all you need to know about bio-energy healing.

    Have a great weekend!

    John C. Bader

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    Bio-Energy Therapy (Reiki) – Searching for the Burden of Proof

    Friday, April 20, 2012, 7:40 AM [General]

    Are Chakras Proven by Science?

    Scientific method explains that everything that isn’t proven scientifically doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Scientific method provides for experiences that are anecdotes where judgments are made upon experiences. And then there is Religion…. Millions of people preach, pray; even kill in the name of God – a dogmatic concept that is fueled by blind faith and can’t be scientifically proven. Yet, there it is, existing and even interwoven within our social/political world. This example alone should allow for the plausibility of bio-energy therapy to exist. If blind faith allows for mainstream moral guidelines and a model of spirituality to exist based on for example, a book of fables and lore; then why not believe in an emerging practice that is already being reinforced by popular treatments like acupuncture and even independent studies?

    Scientifically speaking, humans are made from a foundation of cells. All physical matter including cells can be reduced to charges that are electrical, magnetic, or inert. Within our cells are smaller particles of energy known as atoms. Atoms are made of extremely tiny particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom, making up the nucleus. Electrons surround the nucleus much like planets rotate around the sun. Yes, that is correct, electrons rotate around the nucleus of an atom – this is important! Further, electrons hold negative charges. Having too many negative charges collected in one spot can distort the normal flow of electrical energy in the body and over time effect the programming of intracellular DNA. Each electron holds information that helps maintain the body’s structure. When something happens to cause the electrons to build up an imbalance of negative charges – the energy system that relates information to your body does not function properly. Negative energy can build up in our minds, muscles and theoretically in our auras and chakras.

    The concept of a Chakra originates from ancient Hindu texts dating back 2500 years. Chakras are believed to be a number of wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, exist in the surface or aura of the subtle body of living beings. Chakras are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. It is not hard to find a connection between our internal and esoteric energy levels as it relates to quantum energy – and even  how electrons and particles of energy within interrelate with our wellness. When we understand that we live in a Responsive Universe, then this gap in science is more of a step than a jump. Further, much like there is really no right or wrong way to meditate; how people interpret the chakra system is really arbitrary too. I personally am aware of the system of chakras but I do not look at it as a ruling edict or law in regard to bio-energy. I can only say from experience, bio-energy therapy works  without knowledge of Reiki symbols or the Chakra system. It is that simple.

    It is worth noting that the chakra system has no proven relationship with the anatomy or physiology of the human body. Nothing resembling the energy of the chakras has ever been detected, despite the exquisite sensitivity of modern instruments. So where does that leave us? Blind faith? Again, proof is in the experience and the proof transcends any placebo effect as well.

    Are the concepts of chakras and healing energy as imperfect as contemporary religion – a belief that rests on the blind faith of its parishioners? Not necessarily. We may not be able to scientifically detect Chakras or fully understand the intricate workings of energy as it relates to the Universe; but the burden of proof does not rest on whether or not bio-energy exists or heals but how we can better understand it. Much like the existence of Near Death Experiences, the power of prayer, meditation and acupuncture, as stated, the proof is in the experience. I actually find it interesting that bio-energy practitioners are really not bothered by the lack of scientific evidence supporting Chakras and bio-energy. Why? Because it works; and those that have experienced its healing energy find there is no need to prove its existence. People can argue all day about the science of Reiki and Bio-Energy therapy. There will always be certain people that refuse to accept or even try new emerging therapies; therapies that have been exercised for thousands of years in the Far East.  Much like meditation, juicing or taking vitamins, such steps forward in wellness may not show immediate results, but the positive results that will emerge later are immeasurable. Still, from personal experience, bio-energy therapy does show immediate results and is especially useful during meditation. All one needs is a little confidence and the intent to heal.

    In my next blog I will discuss confidence and intent and how it relates to bio-energy healing.

    John C. Bader

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    A word about Reiki

    Friday, April 13, 2012, 7:26 AM [General]

    If you have followed my blog on  a regular basis, then you know that I am not a loyal proponent of organized religion. I consider my focus on God and the Universe as spiritual and not religious. I believe ritualistic and or dogmatic rites like “holy sacrament” and other religious trappings are unnecessary weight on the road to enlightenment and wellness. From the Universe our energy is born. We do not need to be held prisoner of our evolution by wasting time with the crude and unnecessary.

    Now it is time to weigh in on the rituals of Reiki. Reiki is a great healing technique and I have personally trained under a Reiki Master learning several levels of skill. Unfortunately, there is one drawback to Reiki and that is its reliance on sacred symbols, specific techniques and the teachings of one man. Dr. Usui. Usui-Sensei was born on August 15th, 1865 in Japan. As a young child he excelled in school and early on showed much scholarly ability. After growing up, he went over to Europe and America, and also studied in China. During the early 1920s, Usui did a 21-day practice on Mount Kurama called Kushu Shinren, (which is a form of shugyo, also known as discipline or training). Common belief dictates that it was during these 21 days that Usui developed Reiki. The symbols that are used today supposedly arose in Dr. Usui’s mind during meditation as did the Reiki Precepts (among other rituals and rites).

    I want to be extra careful in my explanation because I truly believe Reiki is a great therapy and it is a wonderful gift for healers and those in need of healing. Still, there are many schools of energy healing available to the holistic minded including, Bio-field Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing,Contact Healing, Karuna, Seichim, Therapeutic Touch and Qigong. My point is this; you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars learning sacred symbols or rituals born out of the mind of one man. You have the ability and choice to learn bio-energy healing without prescribing to one specific method. As with religion, there are many paths to God. There is no right or wrong way to find God. The same can be said for energy healing. This energy already exists within and all that is required are two major factors in determining the success of healing. These are confidence and intent. Do not let strict symbols and techniques be stumbling blocks. Attachment to these symbols or tools as a concept or belief system is just as separate and limiting as any religious belief system. When you connect to the sublime quantum energy that surrounds us, there is no need for symbols or systems of dogma – everything you need is already within. It just requires a little confidence and the intent to heal.

    In the coming days/weeks, I am going to focus more on Reiki and Energy Healing. As you all know by now, I am publishing a new book, The Responsive Universe; set to release later this summer. I am already writing its follow-up which will be more of a work-book than a novel. The Illumination of the Nine Mandalas (scheduled release for New Years, 2013) will focus almost exclusively on meditation, energy and energy healing.

    Happy Friday BeliefNet Nation!

    John C. Bader

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