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    My Prayer Photo Journal

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 9:59 AM [General]



    I love to journal. My favorite way to journal is with photos! This is my all-in-one prayer photo journal. Here you will find photos of my 'God Moments', Gratitude, Praise, and Healing for others.  One of my passions is taking pictures of the sunsets and sunrises on our farm. These pics are so beautiful, when I'm out there shooting the sunset in the evening, or at 5:30am to shoot the dawn, I find great fellowship and healing. I'm capturing my time with God.

    There are no two of my photos exactly alike. Last Sunday nite I was shooting one of the most brilliant sunsets I've ever photographed. The following pic is watermarked but if you look real close you can see the image. I just had to share it with my beliefnet family. What do you think?




    Some among the angels...



    I'll take a series of shots and from one to the next you never know when they'll show up, but we like to believe these orbs of light are our very own angels. We know they are NOT 'spots on the lens' or shadows, I take several shots of the same view one right after the other and in one photo the orbs will be there, in the next no orbs at all.

    * See 'My Photos' for many more cool sunset/sunrise pics*


    Today I am thankful for the fact I have been blessed with a job interview with . I seriously need this job for my family and though I don't know the final outcome, I know God is helping us.


    I'm praying for my friends and all the communities in CA who are losing their homes to the wildfires. We learned that our friends and their children all had to evacuate yesterday and they  do not yet know if their homes were lost. I myself have lived through the experience of losing my home and all I owned to a fire. No matter how it happens, it is devestating. I thank God for getting my friends and their neighbors out safely.


    I'm praying for my best friend Gina. Gina is one of the sweetest souls on this earth. She and her husband are God fearing, hard-working, family loving folks and they have many challenges ahead of them. Gina is sick and about to have major surgery. I will ask you to pray for her too. Lord, embrace our Gina with your healing hands.




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    Sunday, October 21, 2007, 11:58 PM [General]

    The Crossover (by MamaKel)  Copyright 2000

    On the other side of this mountain I'm climbing is the dawn of a brand new day...

    on the other side of my tears there is laughter

    on the other side of my rage there is calm

    on the other side of my disability I am able

    on the other side of my labor there is rest

    on the other side of my pain I am healed

    on the other side of my shame I am forgiven

    on the other side of hell there is heaven

    on the other side of death there is life

    on the other side of myself, there is God

    helping me to crossover.



    Wrapped up in my cocoon,

    my wings are about ready

    my soul renewed

    emerging into light and truth

    with the touch of my Heavenly Father above

    I am released to flight

    and transformmed into love.


    Dear God,

    I just want to love you

    to stand by your side

    walk into the light

    and put no other above you

    I just want to praise you

    for you saved my soul

    you always let me know

    I am your child

    and you are my God.


    **Taken from The Bohemian Symphony Collection by MamaKel. Copyright 2007 *All Rights Reserved*


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    Sunday, October 21, 2007, 9:01 PM [General]

    God is amazing! Over the last few weeks I have been conversing with Dr. Jim Sutcliffe who is one of the scientists who heads up the Autism Research Program at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. On November 9th, my son Cameron and I are to be at Vanderbilt University to meet with Dr. Sutcliffe to begin participating in some of the studies they are conducting for Autism Research. This will serve well on so many levels, for research, and for my new book 'Autistically Aware' (copyright 2007) which I pray will help many, many others out there like us who live with Autism.

    The cherry on the top of this cake is we are going to get to see a dream come true.  Jan Rosemergy, one of the directors at the Kennedy Center @ Vanderbilt, and other directors of the Autism organizations around Nashville will be present with Dr. Sutcliffe at this meeting.  We are going to discuss plans I have to put on an  Autism Awareness Rally & All Day Music Concert to raise money for Autism Research and raise Autism Awareness. Proceeds will go to the Autism Research Program.  As I said, Autism is currently being diagnosed 1 in every 150; one of them is mine. This is an international issue. Autism is one of the fastest growing, and greatest mysteries of our time; affecting more children than those with childhood diseases & all cancers combined!  If you want to help us on our mission please contact me directly @ We are currently raising funds for both the trip to Nashville and the Rally.

    Please visit to learn about the wonderful things Dr. Sutcliffe and his staff are doing about Autism at Vanderbilt University!  If you or someone you know and love are Autistic or on the spectrum, please visit the website link above and get involved in these vital studies for Autism Research! There is so much we have yet to learn. It is only if we come together we will find that missing piece.

    You can also learn more about the Kennedy Center @ Vanderbilt and all the amazing progams they provide for those with disabilities by visiting


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    New Beginnings...

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 9:26 AM [General]

    It's been quite a ride through time over the last 7yrs. It began with a serious car accident where the vehicle I was riding in was hit by a semi at 60+ mph. Five months later, we lost our home and everything we owned to a housefire; five months after the fire, I lost some one I love dearly in a sudden and violent manner. It would be 8 months later that I would find that I had female cancer and would survive multiple surgeries over the following three years. I've come to the point where I can thank God for my trials and it's time to heal and revive my life.

    Looking back, as serious as all this has been, I see two things, I am only stronger, and still I can look around me at any given moment and find someone who suffers more than I can even begin to fathom. I have been given an opportunity for new life. It's the getting started that is the hard part. I welcome good counsel from anyone who is up to lending a hand. I've got weight & health issues so I am starting a new diet/exercise program, and I long to get closer to God through the study of His Word. If you have suggestions for prayers, meditations, bible studies, ect. that could be helpful, please contact me.

    I just keep holding on to the fact that ALL things are possible with God!

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