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    Taoism VS New Age

    Sunday, March 27, 2011, 7:47 PM [General]

    This is about Taoism VS New Age. How Taoism see New Age, what can New Age lead you to and why is it not good to with New Age movements? Well if you are unsure about what New Age really is, let us tell you the facts and factors here, read on...

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    Why Taoism have magic? is it really that magical?

    Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:35 PM [General]

    You must be curious why the real Taoism got magic in the system. Well, it is magic to us, no magic to the deities!  It's real, and it's working, at least from what I have experienced, learned and tested myself.

    When I first learn from the deities, I challenged them so much because I don't believe them and their way of talking doesn't even looks like those in the movies!  They are too casual with me and I challenge them all the time just in case they are devils trying to fool me!  In one year of experience, and getting along well with the deities, I finally have to say they are real.

    All the magic taught to me were real, they work for me, my fiancee, my students and even my clients that I don't even know. It's the people that confirm it with me and tell me how working it was!  None of the magic I use failed to do what they are promised to do and so I can tell you it's so real, taoism magic is real - at least the one in Tin Yat Lineage is for sure 100% real!

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    Old is not equals right, popular is not equals good

    Friday, March 25, 2011, 9:34 PM [General]

    There are many people who think I am very aggressive trying to promote my path.  Well, let me tell you this - I have gone through bumps, disasters, scam and so many things in the past that brought me to this point where I finally got the best path and so of course this is what I promote only.

    The theory of "everything got something good in it" is not right, it's just a new age theory that is not true.

    The religion is popular doesn't means it's good, the traditional ones that are old fashion is not always right.

    Think about science, it advances everyday and it got something new everyday. If you stay at the back trying to use old technology, you are being stubborn and not wise.  What others all praise might not be right because they can be wrong due to the fact that they are all lacking some wisdom to see the flaws of the some paths.

    Like Christian and Jesus style religions are purely just a "belief" which means what they said is not real and is not true.  Scientist have found many things such as the solar system theory that knock them over way back in time already, it's just them did not give up but kill the scientist to shut them up permanently.  These people still believe there is this god that makes the world and not the planet started from the big bang theory.  They still believe the world started with human and not animals and bacteria.  Please, don't be fooled and scam into these naive and foolish paths.  They are just around because they got money and people, doesn't mean they are right and they got the truth.  They are already so not making sense already, don't blindfold yourself and think it's okay to ignore the contradiction and say they are good.  It's not the right way to go.

    Wrong is wrong, right is right, Real is real, fake is fake.  It's just so simiple and clear.  I can tell you that popular lineages, sects, religions can be a scam too.  It's not always right because they are popular.  You need wisdom to see their flaw only. 

    Smoking pot in school is getting popular nowadays, is that good?  Gangster are more famous than police because of movies, are they good to be with?  You got to use wisdom to see things, not just go by "believe and blindfold yourself".


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    Tao.Seeking is not easy because there are so many paths

    Saturday, March 12, 2011, 11:07 PM [General]

    Taoism is not easy to seek for because there are many wrong or bad paths in the world nowadays. Many famous lineages or well known lineages could be crooked too because they went evil and do sorcery at some point and then turned to the left paths. Many people in the west were turned off by seeing them doing sorcery and all kinds of evil stuff which doesn't make any sense at all. 

    Later, the westerners all tried to make up their own ideal way of Taoism and just took one book called "Tao Te Ching" and formed their own way and named it "Pilosophy Taoism". That's not Taoism either because they have mis-understood the book and even mis-translated the book.  The truth of Tao Te Ching was now revealed to the public on our website. You can even go and take a look at how off these westerners are on the book and you will just drop your jaws.

    Tao.Seeking is not easy, you will bump into paths that are famous, well known and even have a long history but turns out they are crooked and evil. If you are curious which sects now on earth are famous for being evil, here, click in and you will see more.


    Mak Ching Yuen

    Here is my BLOG:

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