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    Mak Tin Si
    Taoism is a true religion that works
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    Tao.Seeking is not easy but you got to accept that right is right, wrong is wrong. Don't blindfold yourself to believe some popular religions are still real when they are proven to be fake a long time ago. They just got money and so that's why they did not die out, not because they got the truth.

    Mak Tin Si
    March 25, 2011
    11:37 PM
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    Tao.Seeking is not easy, you might bump into many bad paths or crooked lineages that are famous in the world now because of their history. Don't give up, you will find lights at "Chi in Nature".

    Mak Tin Si
    March 13, 2011
    1:09 AM
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    Our website is read about me there and see our temple~

    Mak Tin Si
    February 9, 2011
    8:39 AM
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