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    Friday, March 11, 2011, 7:03 PM [General]



         In Ephesians chapter one, Paul a bond servant of the Sovereign (God) explains to Christians that we have obtained wealth because we are united with Christ. Our blessings are so great, that even our mere imagination or thoughts are too vast to obtain. Even though we have the spiritual blessings, we also have the spiritual warfare in our daily walk with him. God has already given us our inheritance he predestines according to his will and purpose as long as we're in a constant fellowship with him (Ephesians 1).

          Adam for instance is the first man God created who constantly fellowship's with the Lord because he walked and talked with him daily. He was given authority over the birds of the sky, the animals and the beast of the field God created ( Genesis 2: 19). He could eat fruits from any tree in the garden; except, the curse tree of good and evil, and Adam obeyed. God loved Adam and gave him everything he desired as long as he remained in him. At that time, man and beast could have a friendship. Meaning, Adam could sit with wild animals without harm, and animals were not in zoos or wild life reserves like today. Because no sin entered the land nor did Adam adventure out into sin.

         SIN  is an act, or way of behaving that goes against the laws or teaching of our faith which forbids us from approaching God's throne ( Hebrews 4:16).

    Until one day Adam ask God for his heart desire. He wanted a companion as in marriage. So, God did honor his request knowing that it's not good for man to be alone, by putting Adam under a deep sleep, thereby taking one of his ribs from his body and creating a woman  his wife, " Eve." ( Genesis 2: 19-25).

         Now back to Paul. When Paul tells us about our Spirit man, he means our spirit man must be in a constant relationship with our Sovereign God as our fellowship. For we have died to sin; therefore, we are commanded to seek things that are above( Heaven), instead of this waste-land on earth. Set our passion on him as Adam did totally sold out to him. So, when Christ appears we will appear with him in all his glory ( Colossians 3: 4).

         If we're not in our Bibles spiritual warfare can attack us like a snake.

         Eve was given the same commandment as her husband Adam not to eat from the curse tree of good and evil . Instead, Eve specifically turn down the fellowship with a Sovereign God, but to be impressed by the world's waste land. Then the attack of that old serpent ( Rev 20: 2) fail upon her, because he was more subtle than any creature God created ( Genesis 3:1). He worked closed with God in heaven and was God's right-hand angel good-looking and wise. But, he form an alliance against God with a third of God's angels who were cast out with him. He was cast out of heaven like a lightning bolt cursed to eat the dust of the ground( Gen 3:14) all of his life because he betrays God in heaven ( Luke 10: 17-20).  

         The Bible is descriptive about the father of lies all he knows is lies( John 8: 44). A  murder and thief ( John 10: 10). But Eve didn't discern the truth. So, he deceives her with a lie, "Saying ' You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will become open and you will be like God, knowing good and evil,' " ( Genesis 3: 4-5). The temptation of Satan's tongue influence the affect over her, then Adam by its effect. So, Adam and Eve betray their personal relationship with our father God, but only to come back to God after they were cast out of the garden of Eden by God's curse knowing that without God man will fails ( Matt 19: 26).

         So, let us stay under the protective covering of God's grace and keep " the fellowship," of righteousness with him so we won't be deceived by Satan's seducing spirit as Eve by the devil-- (Gen 3: 21).

         We are no longer in that cursed garden no longer is sin our keeper. We are not condemned (Romans 8: 1-3). God wants us to sit under his feet and adore his love for us which is the fellowship with him.

    God is the way the truth and the life ( John 14: 6-7).

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible] I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie. :)

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    Come behold his Beauty

    Saturday, March 5, 2011, 7:24 PM [General]

           Beauty is something we appreciate and desire; however, some desire it more than others. We grope at its perfection, e.g., like a swan spreading its wings without a sound, it doesn't matter the velocity instead silence is golden. It appeals to us as a picturesque, moving luminously across the sky in rhythmic motion without missing a single beat even when it land. Imagine something so striking and impressive free to all like a gift for an audience of one. Surely the one who created such beauty is worthy of our awe-struck attention. Certainly, a loving God is favorable of a master pieces such as this(Revelation 1:8).  

        On the other hand, entertainment for the arts is not necessarily inexpensive; furthermore, it's tells a story through dance. The beauty of the swam dance characterized by its steps, poses, and graceful movement including leaps and spins. Live art in human form captivates us for the thrill, elegance, etiquette that charms us is, " Ballet." Therefore we can't get enough because it bedazzles us. Then finally we mimic it and wish to keep it in our photographic memory, forever--  (Isaiah 44:13).

         Do we shower ourselves with songs of worship and praise with our tongues in the beauty of his temple?( Psalm 37:28). God's glory is his brightness the light (Psalm 36:9). When we worship and praise him for all his goodness; even through art and entertainment we should be thankful. Things that we value most are gifts from God (1 Chronicles 16: 29-30). When we fill our hearts with his beautiful art of dance like David did (2 Samuel: 6:14), then our hearts will be appreciative for the house of God.

         A place to behold God's beauty who created it for all to behold him more than we do for arts in entertainment  through ballet (Psalm 96:6-7)

         Only through the " Holy Bible," it commands men to love God with all of your hearts and souls more than the desire of " Ballet," or any entertainment ( Deut 30:6), please read the whole chapter.

         It's okay to enjoy the beauty of art and entertainment but it's only temporal. Although ballet is beautifully and skilled, it not as perfect as God's knowledge who created it for our pleasure (Habakkuk 2:14)-- ( Num 24:16). Please don't forget him but understand his goodness and behold his true beauty which comes from above-- (James 1:17).   

         Crave him as the object of your attraction and the object of your affection. Whatever happened to the beauty inside of you, for --God? It is a great obligation to serve God for he is good and eternal. Come behold his beauty-- (Psalm 27:4).

     My tongue is like ink to paper: To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible]   [All scriptures found in the Holy Bible]. I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues Maggie. :)

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    The Good Samaritan--

    Friday, February 25, 2011, 10:22 PM [General]

         What would you do if you found someone's wallet? Would you take a peek inside looking for money and take it, or look for a driver license to return it. Honesty is the best policy, I'm sure the world agrees.  But what if you look inside it and found two-thousand dollars tucked inside. The temptation is too great to explore the mind set one might think.  Supposed you were a good Samaritan. Seeing a fold wallet or purse lying in the middle of a mud puddle, yard, or street and walk right pass it?  Could you have the heart to walk right by it or pick it up and look inside for a driver license and return it. This might feel uncomfortable or maybe returning it is the right thing.

         The first thought most people would think is," who carries around that much cash in their walled?!" others may say, ' Its mind 'cause I found it.'  A childhood  saying I remember is,' Finders keepers losers weepers.' This saying made us kids feel so honest if we found money or anything abandon, because of that saying we actually believed what we found was ours; until our parents found out and made us ask our neighbors if it was there's.

         However, it could mean danger for returning a wallet if a driver license is present because it may belong to a crime lord, or mercy if it belongs to a honest citizen who's bill is due, won a sweepstake, or an inheritance, etc., unknowingly.

         Struggling with honesty from the worlds point of view isn't perfect.  In the Christian view there's an answer for being a good Samaritan and reward .

         There's a story in the Holy Bible about a good Samaritan who's in a similar circumstance; except in a violent situation worse than a abandon wallet or purse.                                                                                  

    Luke 10: 33-37 and Luke 17: 16 -  all scriptures found in the Holy Bible. 

        A man is beaten down by thieves who stripped him of his clothes and wounds him on the side of a road left almost to die. Then a priest saw        him but walks on the other side of the road. Soon after, a Levite looks at him and  pass on the other side of the road.  But then, a Samaritan on his journey full of compassion saw him and  bound his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, set him on his horse, and brought him to an Inn and took care of him.  Whence, the next day the Samaritan paid the Inn keeper adding whatsoever he needs  while he is there he would pay the bill when he returns by showing mercy.

    Then  Jesus said,' out of three who do you think is a Samaritan?'

         In  America and throughout the world we need people to reach out in mercy to reach the lost and help your fellowman /woman who are in need of a savoir with God's great heart,  love--( John 3: 16).

    So my question is, are you a good Samaritan?

    In my walk with Christ, I try to help my fellowman/woman in love that there is a God ( Hebrews 3:1),as well as a Devil-- ( John 10:10). Sharing through the word of God in truth ( Hebrews 4:16). This is my plight as a servant of God. To love all men and to share God's heart with all rather believer or unbeliever that God is love.  There no other name by which man is saved --( Acts 4: 12). I am a," The Good Samaritan."

     My tongue is like ink to paper: To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible]  I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie.  :)


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    I am the rose of Sharon

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 12:29 AM [General]


          A single rose is spouting out of a dry desolate place. The beauty of how slowly it blooms luscious thick pedals while deep green- leaves cuddle the flower is to behold, however thrones are in the midst of it, not pointy but blunt yet healthy. Could one imagine such a rose in the midst of know where especially in a dry desolate place. It appears so.  Although it's strange to imagine, It seems approachable to pluck up from the soil and rescue it. Then, taking it home and placing it into a clear vase of cool water in front of an open window as a trophy to behold its beauty.


         Look closer. It appears that tiny drops of moisture is on its pedals nourishing it and keeping it moist without withering.  No. no, no. This can't be. No way, no how. Whose taking care of it? There's no water within miles around; the ground is cracked and dry. Inconclusively, the mere thought baffles the mind of an unimaginable scene. Then suddenly, quenching heat arrives on the scene without a warning with the sole purpose of destroying it. The sun's rays are harsh without mercy shining on the rose like a spotlight for the sole purpose of destruction.  

         Meanwhile a sweet gentle breeze prevents the flower from withering -- ( Genesis 8: 21).  Howbeit a gentle touch of breeze can rescue a rose, yet something more protecting is watching over it.  An indescribable sweet aroma cools the rose; thus hides it under its shadow from the sun ( Isaiah 49:2).  Standing at awe at his protecting power over a single rose a tear falls from my eyes. Is this a mere metaphor of myself the chosen for its sole purpose.

         Then it dawn on me, I am the rose of Sharon ( Songs of Solomon 2:1).  A messenger of God  sent to rescue the lost, to go into the most captive places and rescue them. God's glory is his beauty an approachable rose without hurt a sweet aroma.  God's word is my peace. Witnessing to souls about his awesome beauty is no comparison to earth;  it's a place where you're never run dry or thirst again.  No burns are withering from unquenchable fire belonging to Hell's fire of Satan. Instead, this is a place of beauty and  fellowship to behold; God's beauty is under his protection for all externality  in Heaven ( Isaiah  49: 8-10).  I overcome him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of my testimony, and they did not love their lives to death, that Satan has come down to you, having great wrath because he knows that his time is short ( Revelation  12: 11-12 ).

         Though he slays me , yet will I trust in him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before him-- ( Job 13: 15), which means God protection and power is over me.

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible] I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie. :)


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    A special Place

    Monday, February 14, 2011, 10:53 PM [General]

          Happy Valentine's Day! As a special gift to you, I would like to share a valuable heart with yours . Please remember that your heart is a special place. It's a place of healing, hope, but mostly love, etc. A special place for a savior who pretty much wants to live there ( Deut 4:29). He wants to be close to your heart. He'll remove un forgiveness in the place of love because God is faithful ( 2 Tim 2:13). In your mind you're probably wondering, hmm . . .  what is forgiveness from God? Well . . . it means, if you let him into your heart, he'll give you a free gift of agape love; or, a love you never knew before. It's called," Salvation" a free gift to live inside your heart.

         This special gift forgiveness is a privilege  from a Holy God in heaven who gave us his only begotten son Jesus as a sacrifice is a free gift of salvation. It forgives all the wrong you've done. It gives you a special place in God's heart; a special exchange for your old heart. Grace given to an undeserving person by a Holy King. If you let him enter your heart, he'll share with you a special treasure you've never experienced before. He'll reveal himself to you in a special way and strip off the old man or un circumcise nature and renew a circumcise heart with new nature ( Deut 30:6). The scriptures in the Holy Bible tells us in:  (Romans 10: 9-10) states:  If you confess with your mouth the  Lord Jesus and believe in our heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved. This gift is salvation and it's free. It won't hurt or disappoint or cause pain. It will only encamp a special jewel inside your heart. A jewel for rejoicing (Psalm 9:14) from a Holy King. Kindness goes a long way it never disappoints. God offers this special gift in your heart for a small price. For where your treasure is, there your heart also will be ( Matt 6:21).

        A message on Valentine's Day is a gift from a big heart with joyfulness and gladness ( Psalm 90:14) for you this day and forever. God is merciful enough to change your heart ( Psalm 103: 8).

    Happy Valentine's Day!

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible] I love you Mom & Dad. My journal continues, Maggie  :)

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    Pray for Egypt

    Saturday, February 5, 2011, 12:45 AM [General]

     . . . " It grieves my heart that so much innocent life is being shattered by hate in Egypt. The ruins of such a great Country of power and vest beauty and life is being unexpectedly destroyed by chaos. However, I'm a humanitarian, but I'm also a-- Christian who hates evil, and love righteousness and Justice. Under the restraints of fear no one feels safe without having some part of hate, affliction, death, worry, or terror in that country; in other words, at this time crime is rapid in Egypt. People who are just like you and I who live and die, who hate and love but need a savior. It is times such as this we need an anchor.

          This is why I strive to have a good conscious without offense to God and all men ( Acts 24:16).  Jesus love us no matter what hate harbors in our heart. He's a God who sees what is in-- the darkness as well as destruction in the light (Job 26:6). When a man's heart plans his ways, God predestine our path; not man (Proverbs 16:9). Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning ( Psalm 30:5).

         Thus, out of all this evil and hate God will restore his people, read ( Isaiah 19). His purpose is "Not" for hate, affliction, death, worry or terror because only God is good (Matt 19: 9). Indeed, these evils snares are of the " Devil," the destroyer( John 10:10) the spoiler( Isaiah 19), the Angel of Light (2 Corinthians 14: 11) and a host of other scriptures in the Holy Bible. --The division of " Satan," does one thing. He tries to stir up trouble wherever he goes; He tries to turn barriers into hate and fear as an oppressor. Although you can't see him because he is the spirit of air; all of this is the mask amine of his evil frame work ( Eph 2: 2).

         My purpose for writing this blog is to show remorse for all those who are suffering and have suffered throughout this horrible ordeal. To reach out in love as a Christian for those who feel hopeless. There is still hope in Jesus that God still has his hands stretch out for all who need a savior( Isaiah 59:1). And to encourage Christians who are engulf in the plots of " Satan," to encourage you all that God is in control. There's one way to get his attention and that-- is prayer.

         Now let us pray: Lord I pray for this situation in Egypt. I pray that your sovereign spirit will comfort those who are hopeless that you will intervene in this satanic attack. Protect your people and their families but also your church; Israel.  He who dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the all might God, he is our refuge and fortress. In this moment, let your name be glorified my King to lift up these souls in this havoc of a spiritual battle especially with you all things are possible (Mark 9: 23). Through all of this let your name be glorified, in Jesus name, amen.  The righteous prayer of a Christian through faith is powerful and effective ( James 5:16 ).

                                 Please pray for Egypt!

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible]  I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie :)

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    In the Eyes of a Criminal

    Sunday, January 16, 2011, 1:31 AM [General]



         As Jesus hangs on the cross with his arms stretched out between two criminals on each side, his face shines with Grace and Glory a look of innocence, while his facial demeanor awaits his father's help. Tears roll down his face, and blood curdling pain torment's him beyond human distrust. The bones in his body peep through his lashed flesh stings in agony, and nails skewed in too tight to pull out, instead, they are fasten deep inside his skin like part of his skeleton. Big drops of sweat drops down beneath him, while he looks down to see and hear his mother Mary standing beneath the cross in shivering screams of disbelief seeing her son's precious blood roll down his feet as she holds on to them. Then, looking up at his disfigured body beat to a bloody pulp she begs for mercy from someone or anyone to stop  his innocent slaughter; but to no avail. In human weakness-- the flesh, he cries out for water, "I thirst!" Helplessly Mary wait and watch devils in human form ignores her son's simple request. Moreover, a constant laughing, kicking, mocking, spitting at him, and still, casting-out lots over his clothes, unconcerned about his crucifixion until they finally give into his request, but vinegar to drink yelling up, " Where's your God now?!" 

         As the criminal watch Jesus without blinking an eye, hinge in dismay form hearing the cries of his Mother and laughter from others. He shedded a tear knowing all a while Jesus is innocent. The criminal on the cross alone side Jesus had to wonder . . . why would such a loving God allow his only begotten son to go through such a horrific, insane-torture, and not rescue his only son? An innocent man, who stands in the place of many; including himself, for crimes he didn't commit. 

         Frustrated by his plight on that taunting tree of a cross, the criminal contemplates to himself ' Why is this man here on this cross without evidence of any crimes he's blamed? Who's this innocent man?' Meanwhile, the riot below is louder, a constant mocking, laughing and spitting at him, while making bids over his clothes and unconcerned about his crucifixion is inhumane. Even after he's crucified, a soldier is ordered to stab him in both sides with his spear, immediately out came blood and water gushing down the wooden plank of a tree soaking up the unearthed ground below him.

         He dares to look below and see Jesus' mother stooping on the ground rocking- back-and-forth in tears flowing like a river down her face as she raises her hands in defense toward her son. Tormented by the sight of her dear beloved son crucified for crimes he didn't commit she watches helplessly at the point of wearying; she faints. Furthermore, several women who are weeping, quickly try to comfort her, and a multitude stare in disbelief at Jesus on the cross in anger at the crucifixion of an innocent man.

          Then suddenly, an over cast of darkness in the distance awaits for its entree onto the scene. Whence, a hoard of demons in human form yells out and raises their fist high at Jesus. It seems like the darkness gives them more power, shouting, " kill him!, kill him!, Kill him! Let him call for his father let him take him down off the cross and save him!" they exclaim.  However, the blood curdling screams of Jesus takes the humiliation and pain from hoards of people below his cross. The thorns in his head jags him to the point it's unacceptable to lay his head back against the wooden stake of a tree without the pointy thrones gushing out blood from piercing his head. Instead, he could only look down uncomfortably at his dear beloved mother below him crying-out with unstoppable tears too many to dry away from her eyes. As any mother would feel against: in justice, disappointment, anger, and hurt without measure against evil people harming her child.  Jesus has shredded his innocent blood for a race of people he never harmed -- ( think)!

         Meanwhile, gut wrenching pain of our Lord thickens and his heart melts away like wax.  Accordingly, the gates of hell awaits for all those who are on their way there without forgiveness, and belief in his name. The criminal eyes become open. A feeling of broken heartedness, guilt, remorse, and willingness to change is over came by him. The criminal accepts Jesus offer on the cross by his death for paying the price of his punishment by a tear drop and few words.  He asked the other criminal, ' Don't you fear God, even when you have been sentence to die? We deserve to die for our crimes, but this man hasn't done anything wrong.' Then with remorse and tears, he cries out, ' Jesus! Forgive me. For I know not what I've done, but you haven't done anything. Will you accept my forgiveness?' Jesus replies, "Assuredly I say unto you, you shall be with me in paradise this day." Trustingly, he looks up at the skies "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Then he gave up the ghost ( life). Darkness swiftly awakes the earthed ground of souls below, and the hoard of haters in human flesh drop their weapons to flee is put to shame. Because darkness has come, and now it's too late Jesus is ascended to heaven. --Even now, the crucifixion remains the most poignant death in history in the eyes of a criminal.--( Psalm 22. Luke 23: 40-43) all scriptures found in the Holy Bible.  

    In short, no flesh can tarry in the Lord's presences; we must repent of all our sins through his death and recognize his death as our debts paid in full. When Jesus was nailed to that cruse cross ( curse tree) by rulers of darkness he canceled the certificate of agreement of our debts owed to Satan by disarming the agreement  in-- Hell and ripping it up as our assurance of forgiveness of sins. Only by recognizing all the excruciating pain, torment, humiliation, suffering, etc., which Jesus took on the cross ( curse tree) when he died for us--death. It's our reassurance in heaven--eternity by God if we believe in his son's name --Jesus! ( Colossians 2: 13-15)

    My tongue is like ink to paper: To Inspire Be Inspired. [ all scriptures found in the holy Bible]. I love you Mom & Dad. My journal continues, Maggie

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    Light, for a year of Change

    Friday, December 31, 2010, 10:51 PM [General]

         Who can understand the matters of the human heart especially if its bitter sweet. Science and Medicine yarns for its imperfections, and understanding but doesn't have all the answers. However, there is one who searches the matters of the is our Lord and savior " Jesus Christ." Our sovereign Father whose full of compassionate, and sympathizes with our weakness, yet remembers that we're only flesh. He reaches down from heaven to help us even when we're unaware of his presences. Sometimes we can't see our way clearly, we run a mock or can't make sense of life's choices. Choices that grieve our soul, degrades us, makes us hate each other for no specific reason. Giving us over to an illusion of superficial bondage.

          If anyone has seen " The Lords of the Ring," then perhaps you would understand the physical concept of this movie concerning light in a darken situation. There is a poignant part in the movie where Frodo an elf who is mislead unknowingly by a creature, who befriends him hoping to destroy him by gaining the ring of power. Then leads him into a darken cave without hope of escape; so he thinks. Because of the ring, that was created as a counterfeit by dark Lord as an evil power to rule humans of every race, where light cannot be found. Frodo finds himself lost and fights for his life against a giant spider. Coincidently, he realizes that the light is with him all alone, given to him by immortal wiser and the fairest beings to help him when all lights are dim. Thus, he finds his way out of a terrible rut only temporarily. This light represents his faith and the spider his fate. But somehow, he turns his back against his enemy the giant spider, which twirls him into a cocoon state of death. Until, a real friend comes on the scene, and rescues him from the giant spider which turns the light into its purpose, thereby, winning the battle against the spider.

         But in reality there is hope for us in a real world. A light at the end of our journey, that cling closer than any brother, who will never disappoint or leave us stranded. Are you alone during the Christmas Seasons? Are you feeling similar( e.g., as like Frodo), surrounded by family and friends and still lonely? Do you cry out for attention from anxiety or loss? Are you angry and full of resentment inside? Are you in disappointed or at a lost for hope but can't find the problem? Maybe you are confused and all mixed up inside: Feeling tired of the same things; I sympathize with you. There is a light, that shines brighter than any light you'll ever know, it never dims or burns out or needs replacement , meaning, it's not a light-bulb. It is a light that shines in darkness, permanently. Although it shines in darkness, it also shines in daylight. It never rejects, disappoints, hurt, or hate anyone. The foundation of his throne comes from righteousness and justices. People all over the world walk in this light, and his countenance is on their faces. A shinning light of peace in a darken realm. Furthermore, they rejoice all day for his goodness, because we walk in his goodness, love and truth; therefore, there's nothing to fear. The light of his peace shines on all of his children day or night, and it can shine on you to. Moreover, it has a requirement that offers a special invitation( Psalm 89: 15,16,17).

         In Christ, there is no loneliness, lost, hurt, pain, or abandonment. There's only love, peace, and a personal relationship with him -- a King. He'll always be your friend no matter what you've done. He'll never lead you back into darkness nor leave you behind. He's always with you in times of need. His plans are perfect for your life this coming year. Indeed he has come to set the prisoners free from captivity of fear, and afflictions in their hearts of anguish, pain, loneliness, anxiety, and hate; but lead you on the right path,which is into the marvelous light. And you'll never be lonely or disappointed again, please read: ( Isaiah 61: 1-11), [scriptures found in the" Holy Bible]."Salvation is here, seek it while it may be found. Don't let this new year find you in the same state. Come to him: he loves you. He'll teach and show you all things new. You will never be the same--transformation. He loves you even if you don't love him back, regardless of what you've done. Nothing is hidden from him, all things are naked unto him who loves you, the father and the glory. Yes, he's our sovereign God " Light, for a year of Change."

         If you're willing to change, say this prayer: -- Jesus, I don't know you, nor I understand this peace, light or change you have for me. I'm restless, anger, lonely and all mixed up inside, etc.,  I don't know what's right or wrong anymore. I want this light for everlasting change. Please help me find my way to you out of this darkness into your marvelous light. Lord Jesus, come into my heart as my personal savior, fill me with your spirit and shine your countenance on my face and in my heart. Forgive me for all the bad choices and sins I've made. I'm ready for a new change this year. I need you--Help me, in Jesus name, amen.

         If you said this prayer, I know that Jesus will reveal himself to you, but only if you said this with a --sincere heart. Find a God fearing church built upon love and truth, that worship's the Lord in Jesus name in spirit and in truth. He loves you. Now," light, for a new year of Change" has come in.  Congratulations on your new faith!  Hallelujah!  Welcome to the kingdom of light forever.

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible]  I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie~  :)

    Happy New Year to All in 2011!


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    Speak it into Existence

    Monday, December 13, 2010, 9:14 PM [General]

    Two days ago, I went shopping for some loose-ends for Christmas gifts. While I was there, I met up with an acquaintance and a few friends who were also shopping for Christmas. It felt great being around a person I know and friends, laughing and talking about the birth of Jesus Christ, whose-- the reason for the Season! As we stood amongst each other, one of our friend's in the group notices another friend's shopping cart that put us all in the same mind set. Hither, we started noticing her cart too. How pretty her cart look with all the pretty packages wrap in colorful decorations stacked neatly inside. Not to mention toys, perfumes, shoes, pajamas, electronics, and food overflowing. In fact she had the two shopping carts of gifts, some wrapped and some unwrapped; don't forget the food. Then suddenly, one of my friend's said,' I wish I had that kind of money to buy the things you have.'" When she said this, it set off a time bomb off; except for me. Everyone starts asking her questions about who's getting what, the price, and, etc. I smiled, and reminded her that we have a God whose so powerful, loving; and kind, who's more than enough, why wouldn't he want his children to have their hearts desire; the others agreed. Then she comments, ' my money is short, I barely have enough to spend let alone buy more gifts than I can't afford.* Of course, I felt touched by what she said, and agreed in a certain sense. So, I mentioned a Bible chapter to her." Do you remember in James: 3 in the Holy Bible,' ( v 5) that the power of the tongue it also can boasts. ( v 8), it's unattainable because no man tames the tongue. But, It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. ( v 9) With it we can bless our God and Father or curse men ; but (v 10) out of the same mouth we send blessing or curses. So speak those things into existence as if they were. Furthermore, Now change your situation around and speak good things in your life. I bless your cart and your situation right now in Jesus name. Instantly, she became refreshed, and spoke the scriptures that I mentioned into existence focusing on (v 10). A day later, she called me over the phone, and replied,' her husband received an unexpected bonus check, and they had . . . no idea!" I believe in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). The tongue has power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit. Above all it's not about gifts, or Christmas trees: For the customs of the people are vain: for one cut a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workmen, with an ax They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and hammers, that it did not move, (Jeremiah 10: 3-4) Although gifts and Christmas trees are beautiful delights to celebrate-- Remember, it's ok to have nice presents and Christmas trees; but it's about " Jesus!" Who makes these things possible.

     My tongue is like ink to paper:  To Inspire Be Inspired [all scriptures found in the holy Bible] I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie :)

                                      " Merry Christmas to All!!"


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    Careful you could be entertaining an Angels

    Sunday, December 5, 2010, 12:05 AM [General]

    They say that angels really exist. I'm positive that they do exist. Some of my favorite stories about Angels exist in the Holy Bible: Jacob wrestling with an Angel ( Gen. 32: 24-29), Ministering Angel (Matt: 4:11),The Angel of the Lord struck the donkey's mouth( Numbers 22: 24-28) Protecting Angels( Psalm 91:11-12), Gideon experience ( Judges, 6: 11-12), Guardian Angels( Malachi 3:1) , Daniel in the lion's den (Daniel 6:22) Peter rescue ( Act 12:7-8), but nothing comes close to a woman call Mary-- pregnant-- with God son Jesus Christ in her womb without having any intimacy with God, or any man (Luke 1:30-37). But, have you ever had an encounter with a Angel? It's said Angels come in many forms. ( i.e., people, animals, and messengers.) However, what if we have an encounter with a personal Angel, this transformation would be a memorable moment. First let's talk about Angels. If we understand God's direct purpose for us, we'd see that he's the maker of every living thing, both good and evil. It is said Angels are celestial beings created by God himself. And, we know that Angels are curious to why God is mindful of man ( Psalm chapter 8). When Mary encounter an angel, she was a virgin, who knew no man and was engage to Joseph a carpenter at the time. Then, she encounter an Angel that told her she would carry Christ Jesus the son of God in her womb. Of course, she ponders and wonders ' how could this be . . . when I'm engaged to someone else and has not yet been with a man; certainly not God, the almighty. Coincidently, her reputation was at stake by the people of that town, and Joseph himself, who almost vowed out of marring her; until the same angel ministered to him as well (Matt:1-20). As the Angel explains to Mary that she is favored over women. Astonishment struck her thoughts which baffle her mind, but finally, she accepts God's plan for her life. This brings me back to What are Angels. So, why would God send Angels to man. God created Angels as his craftsmanship to do his will for humans such as us. In the book of (Hebrews 1: 14) it says: Are not all Angels ministering spirits sent to us to serve those who will inherit salvation. So, why would God give us free Angels sort speak, that's a little higher than man to minister the gift of salvation? Salvation is a free gift from God. It's meaning is to forgive us of our sins the wrongs we've done without deliverance. Which is God's way of sending us his free gift of salvation to free us of our sins. Now, how about the Angels. If you read about Angels in God's Holy word as I've mention above, you'd find many scriptures about their biddings. Angels are here on earth they work in many forms. Hence, their focus is as messengers of God. When we first accept Christ as our savior, we should feel his forgiveness, peace, understanding, and above all his love. Subsequently, we run into problems as Believers of Christ when we get off track. Guardian Angels help us to get back on the right path to God by his free gift of Salvation. -- Mary had favor to carry the son of God in her womb without any conception by man only because of Agape love and brilliance of God's divinity. That man would know him through his son Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior. And that, Jesus himself would help spread the good news of the gospel as a man in sinful flash, but without sin. In the beginning the word was God and the word was with God ( John 1:1) If God created the World, and the word was with God, then where does Angels and salvation fit in? I'll explain It is the mission of Jesus, who was born of a virgin by God to spread his word on earth as it is in heaven, and his Disciples to go into the Highways and hedges to spread the gospels that Jesus Christ is Lord ( Matt 28:19). But Jesus himself made it clear Angels existed and play an important part in disseminating the Word of God to save souls that are lost. So, the very root of Angels are messengers of God. Be careful you could be entertaining Angels(Hebrews 4:11). Thanks Mom and Dad, my journal continues, Maggie. :) If you want to know Jesus, let us pray. Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner. I want to know you as my Lord. I'm tired of the same things and don't know which way to turn. But, I ask you Lord to forgive me of my sins. Jesus died for me on the cross, and forgave my sins as my savior, and I accept you as my savior. Thank you Lord for saving me, in Jesus name, amen. Praise God! If you said this your sins are forgiven. Now find a loving God fearing church and confess your new belief in Jesus Christ to them. They will help you on your journey in this sinful world until God comes. Jesus be with you.

    My tongue is like ink: To Inspire Be Inspired. [ all scriptures found in the holy Bible] I love you Mom and Dad. My journal continues, Maggie :)


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