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    Prayer of the Mother (this is one of my creations)

    Friday, December 19, 2008, 1:13 PM [General]


    Blessed Mother, who lives within and all around us

    With reverence we speak your many names

    You nurture and protect us, teach us and inspire us

    To live with dignity, compassion and grace

    On this Earthly plane, until we pass into the Summerland

    Thank you for providing our sustenance, body and soul

    And for letting us learn from experience

    To not judge one another with hatred or spite

    We trust that you will guide us with wisdom

    For you are our creator, the source from which we come

    The haven to which we return at the end of our days

    Bless us and keep us close to your heart

    This day, and every day

    Thy infinite love abounds

    Blessed be


    © copyright 2008

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    WHAT IF.....

    Thursday, December 18, 2008, 2:55 PM [General]

    Everything you were "taught" was really only a warped perception?

    They found other doors.


    Would you
    Reconsider what you think you know?

    What if
    Your Soul really is God?



    Would you
    Restructure your responsibilities and priorities?

    What if

    All that you see is just an illusive perception that was created by you for karmic teachings?

    Pay Attention

    Would you
    Understand more and judge less?

    What if
    Everyone you know or see is really another aspect of you?

    Love Always

    Would you
    Treat people differently?

    What if
    There was no real way to tell what's real or an illusion?


    Perceive with Care

    Would you

    Use your own individual mind rather than blindly conform to controlled thoughts?

    What if
    Your Soul sees the Universe and all that it contains as beautiful and perfect?

    Always in the moment of perfection


    Would you

    See with your Soul?


    What if

    You have the Divine privilege of choosing?

    Make your choice.

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