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    Greetings, Luvjust4U, I was trying to respond to a post on the Multi-Faith forum, last night or early in the morning, it was a post you had writen that I was very moved by. Later, all of my posts were removed. I think there were about four or five posts. And I wanted to know if you received copies of the posts or not, and if you did whether you could EMAIL me copies of them or paste them on my guestbook. I had no idea there was any reason for removing those posts, but sometimes there are people who do not want to hear what we have to say or for others to hear it either. Thanks Sherri Munnerlyn

    October 16, 2008
    4:53 PM
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    Hi Luvjust4U, I tried to email you but the setting to send you a mail doesn't exist. Anyway, thank you for your understanding --- I'm always happy to encounter those whose interest in discussion overrides less enlightened instincts. :)

    October 7, 2008
    11:32 AM
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