The Administrations New Program- Mental Telepathy

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 4:53 PM [The Body Politics]

    The most recent attempt of unity by the Obama administration, is to dismiss those Americans who are expressing their frustrations, on their representives. Many Senators and Congressmen are going to go through, initiation by fire, when they return home and hear from their constituents. 

    To be angry at government is nothing new. To believe and condemn those people who are protesting your plan, as if they belong to a foriegn country, is another thing. Dem's are known for being vocal activists when it comes to telling the government off. Few of the opposition, have that same activist moxie. So to now hear not only the loyal opposition, but Independents, Conservatives and the like, sounding off, is somewhat unusual. Many of them used to be part of the silent majority.(minority, now I would think)

    Freedom of speech is nothing new, but telling people who disagree with you, that they are being stirred up by some activists, is down right dismissive. This administration seems to have a problem when it comes to any opposition. "If we aren't with him, on  Healthcare, we're against him" Sound familiar?

    When these vocal Americans say they want a Healthcare Bill, but dont like what they hear is being offered. They are now being dismissed, as  being manufactured by some subversive group, who only wants Obamas Healthcare to fail. Even worse, they are being told that all Americans want the healthcare, so just who are they representing. The admins, representatives seemed to  have developed the attitude of, sorry your getting it, like it or not.

    The Presidents Press Secretary, is the most dismissive of all. He has few answers to questions, and those hedislikes, he dismisses with a haughty laugh and a brus of the hand.  I have never heard more,  "I'll get back to you on that" , from this press secretary, than all of those representative, of the two previous administrations.

    The last admin. was the one, that was supposed to be the most secretive. Yet their press secretarys had all the answers at their finger tips. The one who promised us the most transparency, is the least forthcoming on the air. Again, I suppose its far easier to dismiss a question in the Press Room, "with I'll get back to you" than to maybe have to answer them, up front.

    Again, all I'm looking for, was what I was promised. Bi-partisanship, transparency, and an open and honest relationship with government. What I never expected from this Administration was..... Mental telepathy! Where I'm being told by them, what THEY THINK, I'm thinking!      

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    Solitary Confinement

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 9:40 AM [General]

    Solitary confinement for many , would be a kin to torture or self inflicted abuse. Of  course we are social beings, who need the company and contact of others to help us feel alive. Let's face it, the entertainment business would come to a screeching halt, if everyone were like me. 

    And as much as I love people, and believe me I do, I love my self confinement more. All I know is, that there was nothing more I ever wanted out of life, than to be home. Home for me, is truly where my heart is. Its where I'm free to think, work, play, ponder, pray, love and forgive, all at the same time.

    Where I see fawns being born , their mothers caring for them, while rabbits chase one another, and birds are flying by.

    I can see mountain tops for miles, while I contemplate the beauty that is God. I can see the seasons change , the rain pour on only one side of the mountain while the sun shines brightly on the other.

    I can share time with nest builders, and crows who love to laugh. And when winter comes I feel helpful, by feeding them suet and seeds.

     I can see what flowers make it each year. Not all do. So each spring its as if an old friend has come to visit, as their heads pop up from under the ground. Sometimes I find new varities,  that I hadnt planted. But were brought here to bloom, by the droppings of a bird or a deer. Others I look for, dont emerge when expected, and some that never come back again.

    I have no  family near to care for, or care for me, yet I am cared for, more then most. I can breath each day, as a gift given me by God, in a heaven thats of my own making. I can share my world with others, who wish to enter it, when ever they find the time, or feel the need. I can bake and sew, and knit and clay, and crochet, and paint, and read, and write whenever the spirit moves me.

    I can talk to a friend through wire or web. I can laugh at myself, and at friends who can do the same. My clothes need not be new, nor my hair have the style of the day. I can care for my pet and lavish her with both my time and my love.

    Who in this world wouldn't be blessed , by such solitary confinement.   

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    Maher-ly & Me

    Monday, August 3, 2009, 12:07 PM [General]

     I was pleasantly surprised the other day, by some statements made by the comedian, Bill Maher. Whose usual leaning is always more to my left, than to my right. And when something rings true, I dont care which side of the body politic, its found on. I listen!

    He was on with Wolf Blitzer, being asked, why he said "America is a stupid country." And in some respects I  can understand where he was coming from.

    But that wasnt the reason for me writing this today. Nor do I wish to support his idea of us being stupid. Although wearing a big slice of cheese on your head, can place some folks, in that category. Dumb we can all admit to, Heartless we can not.

    But again, thats not the reason for this writing. What Bill Maher proceeded to say was completely on target, with what has happened to our country. And before I go any further in thought, let me be clear.I'd much rather be a Capitalist society, than a Socialist one. I also would like to use what he said, to put some things into perspective.

    He said, that at one point in our recent past, certain professions were exclusive from having a monetary perspective.  They didnt fall into the category of a business. Doctors and  nurses were in the healthcare profession, out of a desire to heal the sick, the business of making money was left to other professions.

     Of course I'm not suggesting that doctors became doctors for moneys sake . But that many years ago, healing the sick was their only focus. They didnt sell you vitamins, or creams, nor did they have  to take time filling out forms for payback from the governement . Nor were they in the business of improving your looks. They didnt  have to worry about frivolous law suits, and  the heavy premiums  needed to cover their a--.  They made house calls, and were even at your side after an operation, to insure everything went well.    

    The other profession that started out as a protection measure for possible hardships, was the insurance business. It wasn't out to make vast profits in its early days, but instead, as a protective measure for people, who could lose their homes, farms and the like, due to unforeseen events. 

    Mahers observation was right on. 

     Teachers were another profession, whose charge it was to educate. In the old days, they went into that profession for the love of teaching, certainly not for its monetary rewards. When did they lose their focus on educating our children, and instead place more importance on themselves? Now with tenure, bad teachers can keep their job. While really good  teachers, are seen as their equals?  What, when and where, did tenure and benefits become their priority? Now, even asking a teacher to be their best, is no longer an option? 

    When certain not for profit professions, became more for profit, and less about the care of the individual, we have as a country, lost our way. One cant blame Wall Street, when Main Street has developed  problems of their own.

    Im not saying that people shouldnt  be paid well, that's a given. What I am saying, and what Bill Maher was saying was, not everything we do in this country should be about making money.  Maybe some professions, need to stay out of becoming businesses. Maybe we should go back to being good neighbors, in how we approach things. Maybe we should see less profit in our eyes, and more purpose. Maybe we can go back in time, and pick up some of the principles, and precepts, that as Americans, we have lost along the way.    

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    The Little White Lie

    Monday, August 3, 2009, 9:13 AM [General]

    What exactly is a little white lie? It seems that somewhere in our psyche, as long as we paint it white, it doesn't leave a black spot on our Soul . After all, its little. And everybody does it.  So how can a little white lie, prevent us from having a real relationship with God?

    When God made us in His likeness, He made us in the likeness of His Truth. 

    To be in the likeness of Christ, one needs to know what the Character of Christ contains. His life gave us that understanding. He was forgiving, good, faithful, innocent, blameless merciful, and true. He told us that He was the Way. He was the Light, and the Life of our Being. He also told us that He was the Truth.

    I tend to focus on Truth, because so many of us forget,  that is the Principle of His Being.

    The world has become used to living with lies. Lies for many, have become THEIR WAY OF LIFE. We see nothing with using them for our protection. We even make excuses as to why we need to lie. We hardly ever consider the fact that our lies, are the direct antithesis... of our truth. 

    We ask our children to tell us the truth, and when they dont, we feel that pain. Yet do we demand the same from ourselves? We want our partners to be true to us, to our marriage, to our commitments, yet are we always speaking or living,our truth?

    We want truth from  government , we want truth in the news, in our classrooms, and in our hearts. We need to ask ourselves where does telling the truth of our being begin? Whose responsiblity for Truth is it?

    Our Good Character demands us to be true to our Word. The word of God.

    How can we really know the Truth, live it, or even more importantly, expect it from others? When we protect ourselves from THE TRUTH, with a multitude of little white lies.                 

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    Here's What I Can't Get My Mind Around?

    Sunday, August 2, 2009, 7:58 PM [The Body Politics]

    Its the money issue? George Bush left much of the war costs , out of the budget. Leaving it, I suppose to be added on to the deficit?  Spending more than most Conservatives would have wanted. He was chastised by the Nation, who then sought change .

     All along the Republicans told us, that if Obama would win, he would enlarge government and increase our taxes. But we didnt want to hear it, from those ol' folks who just had given us 8 years of the same. We now have not only the same thing happening by this President, with a Congress in support of more spending than ever before in our collective history! But we are being told, NOW its the right thing to do.

     We were reminded again and again by the President, that taxes were only going to be placed on the rich.  Then he had the problem of deciding who exactly, were the rich? Now we are again being conne(excuse me) told, that when we get out of this recession, that we all might have to give up a little more.( just a wee bit more, read my lips!) 

     So here we are again, and my question is this.."Where has all the logic gone?"

     Or is our country run by something beyond logic?  Is money just a figment of our collective imagination? Should we even concern ourselves with limiting our spending? When those who tell us what we are supposed to do, dont seem to practice what they preach?

     Where are we going wrong? Apparently we dont have a clue when it comes to  the magical, mystery money, of Washington.  Some say we make it, when we spend it. Others tell us no, save it, til you have it to spend. And even others believe it is in deed a figment of our imagination, and that  we should just continue the spending, without even thinking about it. And that, that is just the magic that creates it?       

     So is money a magical thing? Or do we need to fore-go logic and become semi-delusional? 

    What I believe is, when we do that kind of thinking, we feel free. And that kind of freedom creates a kind of abandon, that wants to continue the high. The only problem  is, when someone calls in their loan. Thats when the reality of the situation tends to bring ya' right down to earth, Hard..and I believe that was the recession we just had.   

    So is this the change we were looking for? Is Obama the Magician who cant change water into wine? Or is his magic, his ablility to convince us, that he had something to do, with the turn around? Or could it be our confidence in the power we have, to overcome adversity, that will be America's reward?     

    All I'm asking is, that when the next election comes around, and we are promised the sun and the moon. That we remember, its never the guys in Washington who makes it happen. They are too busy putting their fingers into the wind, testing its direction.

      Its always the indomitable spirit, we call America, that makes things work! So I'm asking you to please promise me, you'll only "Thank God", for that spirit. And not those who'll make you believe, it came from them!   


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    The Excuses that Separates Us

    Saturday, August 1, 2009, 3:47 PM [General]

    God made us,  in the Perfection of His Being. God sees only our perfection, because He only sees that part of Himself that lives within us.  

     Where imperfection lies, is our acceptance of ourselves, as not perfect. We truly are perfected beings. Who at times, make imperfect choices. If we were truly aware of our perfection, we would be living with God 

    God wants only our good . He knows the goodness of our being. The problem is not with how God sees us, but how we see ourselves. And even more importantly, in where we place our focus. Sometimes we spend more time, in allowing our imperfection to be who we are, than honing what's needed. for us to reach that  perfection.

    We are of course, already saved, and Christ Himself has washed our slate clean, but isnt our purpose to reach the like-ness of His being? 

    To accept ourselves as doing, or being, less than our verybest, denies the truth of who we are.

    Dr Wayne Dryer has written a book, about excuses, and how they limit us. Many of us choose the excuse, or even look for another one, rather than take the steps, that will express our perfection.

     I find, that when I need more strength  and inspiration to help me get past my pain. I always draw on  the  strength and example of our troops. Within a moment , no excuse, can be seen as a valid one.

     When I find myself complaining about the weather, or all the work, I think, needs to be done, I think of our guys in Iraq.  Baring tremendous heat, carrying not only the weight of their equipment, but the weight of a war and its responsibilities. Yet they bravely, and with fortitude, get the job done.   

    So be aware of the excuses. They arent who you are. They are only there, for you to get beyond them..  Be stronger in heart and mind , and begin to live the perfection. The perfection, that the God who made us, deserves.      

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    As The Malaise Passes

    Saturday, August 1, 2009, 10:53 AM [General]

    After writing for days for the contest, I realized that much of what I had written, had a political bent. I had for years, shy-ed away from the political fray, under the belief, that Government had nothing to do with my Spiritual journey, or life. And that my concentration would be far better placed, in the journey of the heart.

    I even recently revisited in my mind, that no matter who is in office , we will over come the problems of our time. I still believe there is truth in that understanding, however, I also could not submit to that belief whole heartily.

    After the malaise had passed, I also realized, that non participation for what you believe as right, is not the best kind of expression. Its no expression!

    When I was young, I had a very unique way, of dismissing a truth. I would see both sides of an issue, and then very subtly annihilate both. And in doing so, dismiss the need for decision making. I protected my identity from a decision, by not ever taking a side. And as I grew in my understanding, I realized, that if you don't stand for something, its not only that you will fall for anything; but you choose to make "nothing" matter. You not only deceive yourself, but you manifest a kind of apathy in the process.  And that was just the feeling of malaise I was going through.

    Passion requires something to be passionate about. If you are an artist stirred on by your passion to create, how could you even begin to paint or draw, if your decision sees no value in it. If all colors were seen as the same, muddy-ed in value and tone. Where would you begin? And would the need to create harmony, by non participation, or not taking sides, really be Gods intention for our purpose?

             Maybe for some, He has asked that of them, but He has asked  far more of me. He has asked me to express His truth, in encouraging,  purposeful good.

    Are all things of God purposeful? Of course, but does all purpose serve God?  Not when we deny the truth of Gods being, so as to avoid the fray..

     We deny our purpose, when we deny our sense of righteousness . Oh, not the righteousness of those who wish to shove their morals or religious convictions, down your throat. While first, not  having your permission to do so, having  more interest in your conversion, than their own.  But instead, the righteous indignation, that surfaces when a truth has been wronged. When a right has been violated.  When a innocent is harmed. When those who harm the innocent, are given license, to do harm again. When justice is denied its mandate. And when those who we choose to represent good, choose to ignore their purpose. 

    To believe that we were not given a Mind to see God, and a Heart to feel His "righteousness", is to deny His Truth.  To have Peace, we need to understand, that Peace is never appeasement. Appeasement is satisfaction for only a short time.  Peace comes not from passivity. When wrongs are being promoted as if they are rights, no child of God, should remain uncommitted. 

     For right to exist, it needs those who are willing to both do right, and see when a right is being denied.  Only then, is it incumbent on us, to do something about it. Peace of mind, can never exist in a Passionate Heart, unless Good is restored to God, by men whose will is that, of purposeful Good.       

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    In Whom Should We Trust?

    Friday, July 31, 2009, 1:43 PM [General]

    The problem when we put our trust in men, more than God, is becoming more and more evident. We also are beginning to see the differences in our governments philosophy's. It seems those who attribute their values to God, have far more to live up to. They are expected to be examples of His truth. And they are even moreso expected to live by them. Not so, the opposition. Christians in general , are held to a higher standard, just by their admission.   

    So how does that play out in the political arena?

    Well those who consider themselves Conservatives, or lean more to the right, hold values that are said to favor the individual over the collective..odd wouldn't you think? When one thinks of the Judeao-Christian tenants and beliefs, you would think just the reverse. God in this philosophy, contends that He helps those, who help themselves. Implying a value to the " self " of an individual. Indicating that He has a direct connection to that self. And that those who trust in Him, innately trust themselves, to meet the challenges in their lives. With little help from anyone other than themselves.

    That's why so many on the right, when they fall, are demonized. In fact those on the right seem to be demonized, because more is expected of them. After all, they stand on their beliefs and profess to at least try to live by them.  And it's because of their ideal of God and Country first, that they have been looked upon as  less global in their thinking. Yet more Republicans donate to charities, than their Democratic allies. Ande Christian charities are more abundant, both at home, and abroad.  Republican/Conservatives believe their faith cant be separated from who they are.     

    The Democrats do not mention God, they are the secularist party, who believe, God doesn't belong in politics. Hence, values and principles attributed to God, arent their priorty. Instead they trust government as the dispenser of what is needed from a pragmatic point of view, with their focus on the collective good. They can separate themselves from their religious or spiritual beliefs, in a way that no commited Christian can.

    One party  believes that their  principles lead them. While the other is not restricted by any dogma, other than their commitment to serve . They don't have to live within the confines of the "life" issue. And they tend to look to science for solutions, rather than look to the tenants of God.

    They are more in line with a Communist or Socialist agenda, not needing to comply to a Godly agenda. They are all for the collective, the community, and see the government as the direct dispenser and savior of the down trodden. They dont believe others can help themselves, without government intervention. They also believe they are best qualified to tell you, what is best,  for the benefit of the whole. They are more into whats best for the group. Than whats best for the  individual. So even though its widely believed, that the Democratic party, is far more educated and intellectually astute, than its counterpart. They are more inclined to group think, than the Republicans. They believe in class distinctions.  And define the opposition party, as the leaders of the lesser educated, which would include the working class. Another irony if you really think about it. 

    Yet those who represent the Christian right, see their party as having no distinctions, where their value is equality for all. Based on the rights given to us, by The Creator, rather than by the government. Their belief in God, doesnt allow them to separate people as lesser, in anyway. That would be a direct violation of the principle that we are all created equal.  Therefore no one would need special treatment when it came to rights. For all rights come from God, and are equal in His eyes.

    I think its time we understand our differences. Recognize that demonetization is a just a tool, to deceive and disarm. That pointing fingers and placing blame, is a form of distraction. Its used to deflect the situation at hand, because we have yet to find solutions that satisfy.

    What I believe we should be most aware of is the politics of destruction. Its a tactic, to destroy someone seen as a leader or a threat. Its also a tactic for distraction, and personal destruction.

     As adults we should be able to decide whats right for us, by good information alone. Its time recognise that the 4th estate, can have its own  bias and agenda, as more and more are informed though means, other than the press.

    Please remember that demonetization is a tool, used by those who do not serve the truth. Who choose to decieve and distort for power or position. And for the profitablity that comes from serving another master. Those who distort truth, should never be equated to those who are the bearers of the TRUTh.  And when we hear the tools of deception being used anywhere, we must respond. Not with those same destructive tactics, but with the proper information that can dispell the lies. This can be done with  clarity of purpose, and civility of mind..     

    We are more informed than ever before. Hopefully we can decern the difference between the politics of destruction, and our need for the truth.  I pray we can have the clarity to hear others who dont see things our way. While supporting the truth, without bias or prejudices' getting the way?


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    Please God -Bring Back George Bush

    Thursday, July 30, 2009, 7:55 PM [General]

    I find I'm losing my shine for President Obama, In fact, I'm beginning to believe the golden child is not gold, but gold plated. And like an old bracelet of mine, its causing me to turn green! I never liked that bracelet. It pretended to look like something, it was not!  

    I'm tired of him making excuses for his mistakes.  I'm also tired of hearing things like, you will be able to keep your own healthcare if you like it. And insisting that we are not going to get a one payer system. When a few minutes later, Barny Frank (Father of the Fannie and Freddie debacle) says that the  co-op insurance, is the  first step, towards a one payer system. Meaning, the Government is looking to ultimately become our only healthcare provider, like it or not.

    I'm tired of seeing Mr Waxman use bully tactics and call them his idea of compromise.  I'm tired of them wanting to increase Mediacare for all, when they have yet to fully fund the original!  And just wait, after a few years,  this new program will not fully funded, either.

     I'm tired of him telling us he really didn't know Rev Wright. After 20 years of being in his Church. I'm tired of him promising us transparency, when the only thing thats becoming transparent, is that there isnt any!

     Im' saddened that his promise of unity, and bi-partisanship, went by the wayside. And Im even more upset, that he is doing nothing to change it!

     I'm tired of him taking his friends side and then telling us we should learn from it. Werent we the people who voted him in? I'm tired of them trying to act more magnanamous than they truly are.   

     I'm becoming more concerned with his judgement, his focus, and his priorities. If he has the ability to lead and instruct , how about focusing your teachable moment on yourself and your party.

    I'm also tired of watching him reach out forsome peanuts at the beer summit. Wouldnt it have been better for each of them to have their own? Oh right I forgot, this is a communist inspired White House, we all have to take it out of the same pot!       

    I'm a really slow burner, I dont get fired up easily. And I have yet to reach matchpoint ... but Im  beginning to see the makings of a straw man here. In fact I'm not seeing or hearing anything I like from this President. Other than his enjoyment of the job. Which sorry, does good for him, squat for us.

    Speaking of jobs, where are they? And I'm tired of government telling us they produce jobs. They dont, they are suppose to create the environment, so that small business folks, will invest. I'm tired of them telling us , what isnt true.

    I'm tired of him being out there all the time, when maybe instead of drinking beer with the boys, he might look in on the chaos, that Congress is creating.

    I think my energy is being sapped because of all the untruths. I just dont know what it is , thats creating this apathy within me?

    Maybe its all the lofty goals our President had promised us, that he hasnt delivered. Oh  no, not the programs, he promised us a better tone. I guess you can have a better tone, when you dont have to talk to the other party. I didnt know the better tone he had planned was for a Cop and a Professor? 

    Maybe I'm down because I still cant get my arms around having a real live Communist in our White House. I guess its begining to make my skin crawl.

      Just like that old gold bracelet, his gold is wearing off and he's making my hopes for a better day, turn an ugly shade of regurgitate green.

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    Lets Sit Down and Have a Brewski

    Thursday, July 30, 2009, 3:12 PM [General]

    Not being a beer drinker myself, I cant really get what people like about drinking beer?  I certainly can understanding the comradery, but the drink itself, guess you gotta be there:)

    All the big "Brew Haha" over what beers the Pres and his buddies are going to guzzle down , got me to thinking.

    I know lots of Christians who see drinking as a "taboo".I dont know where that idea came from, I was under the impression anything  God made is for our use.  So when it came to drinking , I never saw it as against God's will. Especially since the first miracle Christ manifested was, changing the water into wine. 

    I'm certainly not telling other sects what they should or should not believe. Nor am suggesting they should change their belies. Its just the whole idea of the beer bash today, made me think.

    What I  have come to realize is, the problem has nothing to do with the beer, its the guzzler that might have the problem. And if we take that even further, its the over indulgence of the guzzler, where ones problem may arise.

    So lets reiterate my conclusions: Beer is good, overindulgence is not so good.

    Now for the real nitty-gritty. The reason we might overindulge in the first place is, to feel a sense of freedom. A sense of being loose enough to do or say, what you might not be able to do, without the brew. Feeling free to be yourself, means that you are not feeling free, the rest of the time.

    Along with the feeling of freedom, comes a feeling of happiness, joy, love etc etc.  Those are the feelings we seek to live our lives in.  Only without the  need for a brew or the weed. And if we know that, then we also know, that in order to feel that good, some people believe they need an external stimulus, to make it happen. That said, happiness lives within.

    Happiness only comes from one place. Not the put on happiness, that we sometime want others to believe we are feeling. What Im talking about is the real deal. The joy when we see an old friend. When we do good for another, or even for ourselves. That kind of joy. 

    Real joy is our Souls expression. Any sense of real happiness comes directly to us  via the Souls Express!

     A beer can give a person enough of a buzz to feel good, and even feel a litttle free,  However, our Soul feels high on life, beauty, love, caring, kindness, gratitude, honor, joy, honesty, all the positive feelings our Soul encompasses. 

    Our Consitution allows for the pursuit of happiness, it never said it was a constant...That is, until we begin to draw upon the life we call our Soul.   Not by guzzling a couple of brewski's , but by trusting ourselves enough to love who we are, at all times. And with that loving trust, we can begin to allow ourselves, to be! 


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