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    Sunday, December 30, 2012, 11:33 AM [Character of the Christ]

    I never needed my ego to be fed, I was too focused on making myself worthy in the eyes of God.

    I never felt unworthy of His love, for He told me, all my worth was in Him.

    I never wanted to teach or preach to others, because I found it took time away from my learning how to please He whom I loved above all else.

    I also found too many of those who were preaching, had yet to learn the very lessons they preached.

    I would never ask another not to lie, if I still were lying.

    I would never ask another to help me , when I knew I could do it myself.

    I would never expect more from another , than I was willing to give.

    And I would never assume to preach or teach what I knew Christ had said, He had written in the hearts and minds of His people.

    I always believe in management by example. That it is by our example, our fruits would be known. I never liked those who called all men sinners. I felt it place a guilt on them, which Christ Himself had died for, and was washed away by His blood.

    Much like I dont live in the past, now, I never saw the need to continue making people feel unloved, in sin. When they can glory in the goodness given them by their God!

    Their are people whose vainity would make them need to feel unworthy, for fear they would think too highly of themselves , if not tempered by the reminder of being clothed in sin.

    I was and am not , one of those people. I see Christ as being the true salvation of all men, and with that comes the cleasing or baptism , that gives those who love Him, the purity of a cleansed soul.

    Christ for me, has always been the good I sought to be. He is my best example in both character and in love.

    I choose to always keep my focus more on Him, than on others. It is why I write, to give Him glory,  in every stroke of this pen.

    Everyman has a purpose given Him by God. Some will never know it , while other will find it in teaching or preaching to others, and hearing their words for themselves.

    I believe it is in our character alone, where we find the Christ within. I believe I am selfish enough not to want any other but Him. I believe it is my purpose, not to teach or preach, but to live in the TRUTH of His Being. By being honest and trustworthy with everyman, who comes my way.  

    For it is my understanding that without Truth there is no Trust, and without Trust there is no Love. And that it is by those fruits, He will judge who I have been in Him.

    God Bless us all. And may this New Year bring Christ to Earth not in our words, but in how we live our daily lives. Let us express Him, by expanding the meaning of truth. Truth in what we say, after we write these words. Truth in how we live, and in how we take responsibility for ourselves, in how we treat those around us, our family our friends. Let us expect more from ourselves in the good we expect from ourselves,  than expecting more good from others, because of the words we use daily, to convince them.

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    The True Enlightenment of Christ

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 8:01 AM [Character of the Christ]

    The Universe of itself, doesnt give you your worth. Light, without man as its receptor, is nothing more than molecules moving through time and space. To claim you are a product of light, only claims you are an energy. Energy in itself, brings with it, electrical impluses that stimulate the needed hormones, that animate the body's life. Energy is life, and the lack of it, can only be seen as death. However, we also know, energy doesnt die, it changes form. That is in conscienceness, the purpose of God/Christ coming to earth and fulfilling what science had yet to know.
    If ones believes in Light as their source of enlightenment, what light is it that they seem to believe it is? Enlightenment would have little meaning if its concern was strictly  mans looking for only more intellectual facts? What would man have or who would he be, without the knowledge of his Soul? Wherein the Universe, does one find their SOUL?
       The Universe's beginnings are still a mystery, not so, the birth of mankind. The Universe itself has become a religion of sorts, a life study, of the unknowable, unknown. But what would be the purpose for man, for its Creator to remain a mystery? If not to feed mans constant curiousity, that serves mans intellect  and his physical body, alone? 
    This has been offered to humanity, as mans reason for being. The belief in science as mans answer to a God, gave man a mystery that constantly uncovers more science, that ultimately comforts his bodys survival needs. Therefore, it became mans need to understand all that he doesnt know, through science.
    With this science of Mind, also comes theorys. Theorys however, in this structure, at times, is seen as a facts themselves. Even though a theory is just a theory, and goes against sciences own rules, of proof, itself?
     With this belief of lifes mystery as a source of our creation, more is left to the unknown than to the known. Where would he find his SOUL? Would there be a purpose for the soul? And if not what would be the souls replacement? How could he then, define himself? Where would the unknowable in man, find the unknowable? Only in the intellectual mind. The one that is given the term of "enligtened". Yet to what has it been enlighted to? More of the worlds mysterys? Or to the intimate knowledge of the God in man? The God in man is knowable. It however is knowable, beyond the intellect of man.
     Mankind needs to know his purpose not as an unsolvable mystery, but from a Creator that doesnt hide Himself. A being that plays no tricks with its creations. That has instilled with its creation, an inherrent good. A way that can dispell all mystery, so that man can live in the TRUTH that IS OF GOD.
    It is why Christ came to the earth. To bring both purpose and clarity to all mankind. To be mans example, not to continue a mystery that would only feed mans curiosity. Not for the tempory but to inform man of the eternal. Not for the truth of todays understanding in science, but to inspire and inform man of the wisdom that lives in an eternal being. 
    Man need is to learn who he is, in the Light of GODS Truth. Its the reason for this season. Its the reason Christ came to earth, to dispell mans illusions with what is purposeful in God. Not to form a man made religion, but a God made one.
    He came as THE WAY and as THE TRUTH OF GOD. Not to feed  men with more curiosities, or to give him more facts for his mind. He came not to unravel the science of man, or to deter Gods purpose in science itself. But rather to fulfill mans need to be fulfilled. To ignite the fire in mans heart. And to complete the emptiness that feeds mans curiosity, with something far greater than all the universe can offer.
    It is infact, only when man no longer seeks answers to confirm and understand his relationship with God..that he has become A BELIEVER.  
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    Suffering Can Lead to Joy

    Tuesday, December 25, 2012, 9:40 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Odd that today, of all days, I had the need to speak of suffering? Maybe its because so many things happened as of late, we had to bear. Maybe its because Newtowns pain, still needs more days of Christs healing. Maybe our suffering, is our time to assess JOY?  
    There is a joy that comes , when one realizes a connection to suffering. Through suffering, man has a chance to broaden his humanity. Its not misery loves company, where some people take pleasure in sharing their pain with others, its just the reverse. When a person bares his own cross, by not seeking sympathy from others, he then has the chance to gain a reward from that suffering. He can find in... that, his humanity. He may see others whose suffering is even greater than his. Its when man can get out of his own selfish obsession of self, that a true change can happen. The joy of gratitude, for all he finally realizes he has, can enter his being. He can become grateful, for that which the suffering has caused him to understand. For in our weakness, we find our greatest strength...the Christ who has suffered all things, will be our constant example. Through Christ/God we can learn all we need to know. We can suffer in His example..and today..we can BE JOYFUL that we can rise out of every hardship..for He overcame death itself!
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    His Light is Always Here

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 8:57 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    His Light is Always with US. We however seem to always see it better, when we have been impacted by something very dark.

    The past few years has proven our politics is ugly, and for the most part untruthful in how it gets presented to us. We have been falling over a financial cliff, and what really hurts is that so many of our people have suffered because of it.

    Yet the other day, something so dark, so devestating, so biblically horrifing, impacted our collective soul. Christs birth, was also surrounded by the darkness created by the lack of love, and jealous hatred of a man called Herod. Whose fear of someone greater in Heavens plan, would make him do the unthinkable, call for the slaughter of innocents!

    This week we witnessed it again, by the hand of a very ill young man. Darkness lays over the land, as the joy that usually surrounds this season , has weighed heavy on our hearts.

    He is always with us, in the GOODNESS that lives in each mans Soul. We as men whose lives are always looking down, seem to only see His Light, when acts of darkness make us look up! But His light shines on us daily. His love is in every tear we shed for our neighbor. He isnt in our politics, thats only a job choice of a man. He is more in the neighbor who from across the sea in Austrailia, sends us a tribute of compassion, for our loss.

    Today I remembered who we are. Today I remembered that most of the time, we are basking in His Light..just as a healthy body doesnt notice its stasis, until the day it doesnt feel good.

    Christ is most evident, by the goodness expressed when we choose to do good. Christ is with us when we choose to love others more than self. Christ is most with us, when we remember all that is GOOD is of GOD. That without Him, mans good character comes and goes..

    When we choose to BE WITH HIM, IN HIS WORD...That means we must "keep His Word" if we say we believe. That means we must change what is ill in our character, to what is His plan for our GOOD. The closer we are to GODS WILL IN OUR BEING, the faster the illusion of darkness melts into the Glory of HIS LIGHT. Its when all doubts , fears, and lack of understanding of who we were meant to be, gets corrected and absorbed, into His Light.

    We dont realize His Life is always with us. We are too busy with living what we see as our daily life. It's when the darkness of loss, the void of unhappiness or when we become sensitive enough to feel a lack, that we have the opportunity to turn to Him.

    He is always there, it is our separation from Him, it is our darkness, it is never His.He has already made the pathway through deaths darkness. It is His Path alone, that has provided us THE WAY out of all our sins, out of all our darknesses, into HIS LIGHT.  

    GOD blesses US  Always. With every breath we take.. MAY WE FIND JOY AGAIN.. IN THE GLORIOUS BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! And may we see Him in US, as our greatest gift!

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    The Demoralization of America

    Sunday, December 16, 2012, 9:43 AM [General]

    The Demoralization of America consists of, and began with.. the nuclear family. No longer were the values of the past generations vernerated or accepted as our own.
    When personal truths, replaced the ideal of an Absolute Truth.
    When the Machevelian form of governance was taken on by government; where fear is the primary tool, by which they control the masses.
     Lines blurred between right and wrong. An elitest belief, that religion is only for the guilt ridden, and that science is the only source of all truth. When religion  became an instrument of conversion by mouth alone. Rather than placing more importance on practicing it first. As those who felt pressured by  hem fought back, by demonizion of religion as a whole. And instead perferred to throw the baby out with the bath water, never using their own minds to form a better understanding of religions core values, rather than dismissing them, because of those who were presenting them.  
    A sense of arrogance that separated the educated from the working class. Where once all men were seen as purposeful, not in what they did , but for who they were. With this new " We know better" attitude came a demeaning of those who they judged were of lesser intelligence. They saw those who served in our military, as separate from those who went to collage. Knowledge is power. And with this value, came the perferrece of the intellect.  Wisdom was no longer mentioned as mans goal.
    Pleasure without consequences, made material things the measure of a mans success. Leaving the ideal of a man of VALUE, lost in a world that no longer had the moral compass to know its direction. Natural intelligence was deminished by a people whose values were placed on things. Whose need to be noticed required nothing but a belief in themselves as being great. And from this attitude came a sense of entitlement, undeserved; with the lack of sacrifice of self, for its requirement. It was one of the seven new deadly sins. Worship without sacrifice.
     And  that attitude, finally begat a lack of personal responsibility, whose basis for lifes purpose, required both truth, and self examination.
     Without self examination, fear becomes a reality, while faith in oneslef and ones God, becomes a myth. Fear being the greater motivator, over took the higher elements of self. The greater good, the condition required for the wisdom of the ages. And in tha void, conditions that feed the wolf of our collective insecurities, became the reality we chose.
    We then sought government to protect us from evil. Allowing them to take too many of our freedoms because we feared our death. The Soul, which is the connection to our inner strength, was taken away by our missed placed insecurities. The bravest part of  our being, our inner core has been denied.
    Where once a mans word was once his bond, now papers and legal actions have replaced "the word". Where self confidence and faith in ourselves as a nation, was once who we were, making the words "land of the free, home of the brave" sing IN longer has the meaning it once had. Now only those who serve in our military are seen as OUR BRAVE. While the rest of America allows itself to be touched , desensitized and demoralized by what we believe is for our protection from death.
    We have indeed lost our Soul..for the one thing that knows it doesnt die, has been forsaken  by the demoralization of America. 
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    Gods Comfort for All His Children

    Saturday, December 15, 2012, 12:24 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    "As soon as children are reawakened (which happens immediately after their death), they are taken to heaven and given to female angels who had loved children tenderly during their physical lives and had loved God as well. Since in this world they had loved all children with a kind of maternal tenderness, they accept these new ones as their own, and the children love them as their mothers..."Emanuel Swedenborg

    What a comforting thought, as well as the picture of how Christ paved our way, into life eternal.

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    Friday, December 14, 2012, 4:16 PM [Character of the Christ]

    We soon will hear, that we need more gun control.
    We soon will hear we need more security, in our schools, as we have in our airports.
    Soon more restrictions will be looked on, to put in place, to enter our schools.
     Politics will again, make this an issue to debate and to make points.
    We will all  bow our heads and ask each other to pray.
    Our President will shed a tear, remembering how he loves his children.
    He will fly our flag at half staff, to honor those who were taken in senseless horror.
    We will seek God, in our dispair and lack of understanding.
    Not a word will be heard from an atheist, today!
    Maybe more than anything regarding our limiting guns. We should rethink the indifference we have regarding the killing of an unborn child. How can we conclude as more acceptable, the disposal of a life, by own mothers hand; yet find it a horror when a child half grown, is taken by the hand of a stranger? What shows the world our indifference  more? The killing of our innocents by a madman, or by the accepted disposal of an unborn child, as little more than an inconvience, by its mother?
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    I Never Want to Be Loved Out of Pity

    Saturday, December 8, 2012, 9:02 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Maybe its because I had such a deep belief in Christs Love, that I never felt His love for us, was out of Pity.His love is His TRUTH. His love is what makes us strong. Its what gives us confidence. When we accept our weakness, in any area, we then know He is our strength.Thats why we pray. We pray because we know He has a solution for us. And that all we ever need, lives within Him. He has told us, that He will always give us what we need...not always what WE WANT. And I have always believed, what I got was for me to grow deeper in my understanding of Him. IF we look outward for others to heal our lack, we will never find the fulfilment He has planed as His purpose in us. If we our problem to Him, and do all we can to help ourselves, we can trust, He will bring our problems to His fulfillment.

    I believe pity is not truly Gods love. I believe His Love comes to us in HIS TRUTH. God lacks nothing. The difference between God and man, is just that! Christ was aware of where His fulfillment lived. He taught His disciples to believe in Gods abundance. It was the story of the loaves and the fishes. When we no longer believe more in what we LACK, we will  find we had what we needed all along. When we fear the lack of money, we are placing more belief in our fear, than in He who fulfills us. Will he give us money? Maybe not, but He will give us the inspiration that will heal our lack, so that we will be fulfilled..and that understanding, will never be a temporaty solution.

    When we believe others are supposed to heal our lack, we are lacking in the direction of where our fulfillment comes. I never would want to be loved out of pity. I always wanted to be love for who I was IN HIM. I wanted my life to reflect His character within me. I never felt sorry for Christ, how could I? His strength of character was so great, it could suffer for all mans sins!

    When I am motivated to give, its never out of a sense of pity, but out of my sense of gratitude, for all I have been given. I give because He has fulfilled me, in that He has removed MY LACK, and replaced it with His peaceful presence.

     I am moved to give, because He has filled my cup, and it overflows with His grace. When I was weak, He gave me His strength to draw from. I ask nothing from another, because I believe He has given me all I will ever need. And that His purpose in me, was to develop in His strength, so that others would seek Him as their Rock. A place to  stand firmly on, in order to truly help others. 

    I believe He has given every man his own design. Every man is equal, but not every outcome of man is the same. We have been given what we need to grow closer to Him. It is our choice to accept our purpose in Him, or not? If we choose not to seek His purpose in ourselves, than we may be looking forever to others, to satisfy our needs. 

     I seek Him first, within my own capabilities, and I have always been blessed by His wisdom, inspirations and solutions. Look first to the Kingdom of God, within. Leave the judgement you have regarding others having more than you, to your misdirected understanding of LACK. For the word of God is good and true. And we must live His word, and seek to be WITH HIM, in our right-use-ness. We must recognize He is the source of all ABUNDANCE.

    Pity is indeed sorrowful, and as CS Lewis has stated. 

    "Pity is meant to be a spur that drives joy to help misery. But it can be used the wrong way round. It can be used for a kind of blackmailing. Those who choose misery can hold joy up to ransom, by pity." ~ The Great Divorce

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    What is the Devil?

    Thursday, December 6, 2012, 8:49 AM [General]

    What really is the devil? The devil is the lack in man, that makes him believe more in his lack, than what is his good. The devil therefore, is the corruption of the good.

    I came upon this yesterday, and thought it a good example of his work . His power is most effective, on the insecure, ignorant and indifferent..and even more dangerous in those whose egos are earth bound, more than those who seek Heavens Gate.


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    A National Day of Prayer

    Thursday, November 22, 2012, 8:32 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Thanks to Abraham Lincolns open heart, to a suggestion given him by Sarah J. Hale, we have a National Day of Thanksgiving. A day on which all could unite, in thankfulness to a land of bounty. Bounty in the richness of its natural beauty. A place where all men believe they can live free. A nation , that constantly seeks its own perfection, and in doing this welcomes always, more diversity.

    We are exceptional in that every man can dream and realize his dreams. Not because of who his family was, or what a king allowed him to become. We are a land that is blessed. A on this day above all others, we are reminded of all God has given US

    We should remember when it comes to politics, turkeys have two wings...both a right and a left. And that they work best, when they work purposefully for good.  

    We must realize religion and science dont serve the same purpose. And that science came out of the minds of religious scholars, Astrology preceeded, Astronomy. And that thought and light cant be separated or we are left in the dark.

    Be thankful for your health, and the miracle that is your body. And while you are thankful, know full well, God gives you your days..and that nothing in science, can extend your last breath, if God Himself, doesnt wish it to be.

    I am truly thankful for all the years spent here on B-net, which gave me a place to speak of the God I love. I'm thankful for all those who have shared thier beliefs with me, as well as all whose beliefs were not the same as mine.. but with whom we still found a place where we could accept a kind of love, that held true, beyond our philosophy and or religious differences.

    I am truly grateful for my relationship with some tender hearts here ,  who know me and know how much I care and appreciate them, because of all the loving work they do in His name. God Bless all who believe Christs love is what allows our hearts to beat. And that a loving heart, can only live His truth, if it is GRATEFUL.

    Happy turkey day! Because every day, should be a day THANKSGIVING!!

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