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    Divine Vigilance like Self Awareness...but !

    Monday, August 24, 2015, 12:35 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    When we find ourselves in conflict with another. Do we place the blame always outside ourselves? If we do, we will never find the thing that is troubling us. For we will always be looking for the pain in us, to be cured by another?

    Divine insight asks God to reveal what's causing us distress? What is the outside showing us, that inside needs to correct?
    Divine vigilance is similar to self awareness, the difference is, it allows for God to make the correction in us, by showing us how much we want to our hold on being "right". And where God wants us instead, to be His forgiveness

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    Can We Ever Be A Joyfull America Again?

    Monday, August 24, 2015, 8:53 AM [General]

    Our country has lost its JOY. It has lost its Purpose.
    Hope and Change, has become Hapless and Disenchanted.
    When you give up God as your Protector, you cling to Government as if it is God.
    When we give up personal responsibility, we submit to something we believe is greater then this case its Government. Because if it were God, we would see power in the hands of each individual.
    We know this is true, because no one in Government seems filled with JOY! No one is lifting us up as a whole. Each vie for power with what they will do, or give us. No one is telling us again, WHO WE ARE! Who we are as a people? Who we are as ONE?
    We know we gave up God, to Government
    Because we have lost our TRUST.
    I don't want my religion or spirituality to be in the hands of Government. I truly want all there is, in the Hands of He who sees us as One. Who doesnt separate us by race, creed or gender. Who lifts us up to be better then ourselves.                                  
    Not everyone who votes, lives Gods principles, nor do those who seek our vote. So lets not be fooled again. Government is not where we should look for God. We must go back to seeing Him again in ourselves.
    Government used to be able to unite us under One Nation Under God.
    How can that happen again, when God was removed from the Democratic platform? The very party that claims to be the heart of the people? We can no longer want
    God back in Government, when Government is removing what they see as religious symbols at every turn? 
    Can we ever be united as One, when we want God, but not as a tool of manipulation, that claims Him, for the power of them!
    How can we get God back when TRUTH is no told us, by Government or Media? When truth has been replaced for being seen as Politically Correct?

    How will be be united again under God, with the joy of being One again? When we cant get past our own split personality...wanting to worship God as our guiding source and dissing Him at the same time?  

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    The Results of the God is Dead Philosophy.

    Monday, August 17, 2015, 1:20 PM [General]

    This is what has been taught in colleges, and in schools, of  higher education. It is the philosophy of recent decades, fostered by those who call themselves elite....

    It's call Relativism, it is one reason why political correctness took hold. It is why we fear  offending the individual. It is why, if we disagree or find fault with what another does, we are seen as judmental. Which is no longer allowed, when there is no God. With no God, so goes judement and decernment , as just part of His demise.

    So if we find fault with anything, and voice our displeasure, we are quickly labeled "anti". If I dont like the destructive riots in Cleveland, I'm labeled a racists. If I stand for Israel, Im anti Palestinine. Whatever side I choose to take , the other side is quick to label me, without ever seeing the possibility of what I believe, as viable, and hence, " true"

    These attitudes can be directly attributed to the "God is Dead" philosophy....It is inherent in the development of the Philosophy of the Self. It's when the lines of right and wrong were removed. "Judged" as being "too judgmental". Dismissed, along with the Principle of an Absolute TRUTH.

    Removing  the Absolute Truth, gave way for man, to be free from his consciousness of guilt. Truth became what is true for the individual, leaving the standard of a Higher Absolute no longer needed.

     We were told what we wanted, as along as it made us feel good, was all we needed  to grow greater in self awareness.  With God dead, so too went the need for man to seek a good conscience. Feel good was the new Conscienceness of Self.

    Left behind were principled virtues, the mark of  good character in man. And again with God dead, man no longer needed to follow in the likeness of Christ/God. For man saw himself as the god of his own being.

    Right and wrong were now unnecessary evils. After all, if there is no judgment from God, or His Truth seen as Absolute, then truth becomes situational. No standard to follow, each situation had an ethic all its own.

      God and the devil become one, just two faces of the same coin. Bad is needed so we can know good we are told. So that the duality of man would allow the same equality for both good and bad, based again on the need of each individual.

    Nature became the god of man, as principles, virtues and values once used to guide us on His Way, no longer was necessary for the god of the earth. And as this grew, so too did Government replaced much of what was once the matters of the Church. Charity was seen as the governments job, leaving us to feel good about something being done, without out the need to do it. 

    Welcome to todays problems. The results of the God is Dead, philosophy. It's why religion and Christianity as of late, is seen as part of the worlds problem. Why few are moved to help Christians, or Muslims being killed, tortured and beheaded. Why? Well it's religion, that is part of the worlds problems. Never is it seen for the good it has done. Never is it seen, that Christ is the reason we claim we should love our neighbor? Religion only suggests a people whose attitudes are still express the Judgement of their God. 

      I believe in another time, we would never be able to see such brutality being done to so many, without us taking part to help it stop. It seems we have buried our Moral Compass along with God. The very God, we once held sacred as the Being Whose GOOD CHRACTER held OURS, in HIS Principles, and Virtues. The standard for us to live His Absolute Truth.

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    A Sunday Devotional

    Sunday, August 16, 2015, 9:58 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Some Christians believe they are saved because they believe Christ is God and died for our sins.
    And they are right.
    They may believe with the same flat unmoving words, spoken as if it is just a prayer of repetition. Lacking heart. And yet they will be saved.
    Other Christians believe, they need to actively participate in a church, or another house of worship, where fellowship is their main reason to attend.
    Few Christians I would imagine, would choose to walk the Path of Christ.
    For that would mean, they would need to pick up their OWN cross, and commit to becoming more like Christ.
    That would mean self examination; finding out who they are , warts and all.
    It would mean, making nothing greater than God in their lives, not even their families, who most would find that the hardest nail on their cross.
    But when all is done, what exactly is the purpose of a devoted Christian, if not to become like the greatest model of love, given to us and the World?
    Some will choose to preach the word, in the attempt to glorify themselves.
    For others it will be a sincere journey in search of their own relationship with God.
    All I can do is speak for myself. It was the greatest the worst, the best, the hardest, the most painful , pleasure one can experience. And still I would pick up my cross again and again. Because there is no greater love one can have, then to have Christ as your Lover and your Friend.

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    A Prayer for Our Next President

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 1:43 PM [Character of the Christ]

    A Prayer for our next President.
    I would like a person of truth. One who respects the American people enough, to tell them the truth, and not think they cant handle it!
    I would like a person whose voice is measured and toned. Who believes in Grace. And who is humble because of the respect they feel because they believe they are connected to that Grace.
    I want a person who doesn't believe war is always an answer, or that fear is always the motivator we need, to rally as One.
    I want someone who when they say something, they mean it, and stick to it...but wise enough to know if its not working, to look at what would better correct the action.
    I would like someone who doesn't cater to big money, be that lobbyists, big companies or big unions.
    I would like someone who will give us term limits for Congress...for without which, they will always be working more for themselves, than for us.
    I would like them to treat us as one, beyond party, beyond gender, race or creed. The more they separate us, the further they remove us from One Nation Under God.
     I would like it if God isn't called upon to feed a political party, but rather to be used because of the Principles His Truth gives us all.
    I would like a person of ethics, and good character and conscious. One in whom we all can place our trust. I pray for less divisiveness, more cohesiveness, more kindness and compassion to all most importantly those who dont agree with us. For its there that true compassion, shines. 
    And I do this in Christ's Name...because it is He I believe holds all of US in His Hands. Amen

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    Our God is not a Mystery

    Sunday, August 9, 2015, 7:28 AM [Character of the Christ]

    As humans we tend to make our relationship with God a mystery.
    When that is furthest from the truth.
    When you think of relating to Him, think in the same way you would, a lover.
    When you present yourself to Him, wouldn't you be concerned as to how you look? Well with God, our relationship isn't outward, it is everything we feel within. It is that He sees. It is there we feel His love.
    So with that understanding, what would we have to do, to be most pleasing to Him? How can we look our best, in His eyes?

    We would need to be dressed in the good character He gave us to wear. So that all who see us, would see His goodness. The Goodness in which He is adorned.
    We would need our minds clear, clean, and focused on Him. So that He may see His reflection shining brightly, through our eyes.
    We would need the purity of heart, the love and warmth we share with others to be honest and true.
    He would look at our lips, and want to hear words of kindness, beauty and truth.
    He would want all His family to be welcomed into our arms, not just the family He directed us to be born into.
    He would love to hear whispers of how much we love Him. And He would tell us to be quite and listen to how much He loves us.
    Our God is not a mystery, He can't be, if He is the TRUTH. He would never keep Himself hidden or wish to make it harder for us to find Him. His love would never play games with our heart.

    Our God doesnt keep Himself hidden, nor does He withhold His love. To know Christ as our lover, all we need to learn is how to love.  

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    Who is America's Next Leader?

    Saturday, August 8, 2015, 12:53 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Another season of politics is upon us. There most be a reason 24 million folks tuned into the debates? I pray its not because Donald Trump was participating. But sadly knowing how entertainment is what America is all about, I believe he had a big part in gaining their attention. And in a way, that I suppose, is a good thing.
    But I am already hearing the hate that politics garners.
    Its no longer a uniting force, I guess it never really was.

    The last time we were united as Americans under one flag, with God as our Guide was on September 11. When we were stunned by two planes hitting us in NY.
    What happened to us after that, has been a division of beliefs, never seen before in our America. Or at least in my time.

     It's my belief, we are now facing: God is Dead vs. He is Alive!
    We are dealing with two philosophies that at their core, have been threatening values, principles and ethics we once knew as American's.
    We no longer see ourselves as One people under God. How can we, when the mention of God seems to divide us rather than unite us.

    Sadly, nothing seems to unite us now, other then our respect and value for our Soldiers. Have you ever thought why we respect them so?
    They seem to be the only people who still live with certain principles that keep the ideal of what ethical behavior means. They make us believe in the self discipline which develops men of good character.
    We don't honor them because they fight, we honor them because they commit and obey, and will die for what they believe is right:                                                     
    Our Country and its people. They are committed to defend All of US! Not separated by gender, color or creed.

    Confirmation in the RC church was supposed to make us soldiers of Christ.
    Defenders of the faith. Not fighters against those who believed differently from us. But rather committed to defend the eternal principles that living in Christ's likeness deserves.  
    So here is where we are today. People offended by the thoughts and beliefs of others. Offended because as Christians, our values may not be aligned to thiers. 
    Seeing those differences as non acceptance of them, as if everyone needs to think alike in order to be acceptable to the entire human race?

     What will those 24 million who watched the debates take away with them?
    The enjoyment of name calling, one ups-manship, or the bombastic over the top ego of a very rich man who entertains us, better than the others?
    What is the America you want to see restored? Ask yourself that question? Who will be the model Americans choose to be? The model that believes God is no longer needed, or the one whose by our good character says HE'S ALIVE!

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    Soul Body Connection

    Thursday, August 6, 2015, 6:51 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    We are a Soul that has a body, are the words C S Lewis has expressed.
    This is true. But how many live as the Soul they are?
    How many even know what their Soul is?
    Our Soul is the Eternal in us.
    It is the part of our being, that lives forever.
    It has a twofold purpose. It records all the good we feel, and feeds us with the Eternal Good, that is God.
    When we do something good or feel good because we did good, our Soul records that in our eternity. The more we respond to our Soul, the more Good gets both stored, and renewed again in us.
    Our body feels good, but it doesn't store it, its not the bodies job. The body stores the negative memories we have, because we needed to remember how to protect ourselves and our survival in the world.
    So the more we respond to the good of our Soul, the more good is stored within us.
    The more we listen to that which lives in the eternal, the healthier we become. Why? Because there is less need to store the negative in our body. There will be less need to be fearful, or protective, the more we live what's in our Soul.

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    The "I", The "He", The "We"

    Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 8:23 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    When we depend on ourselves, we build our ego's confidence, and that's a good thing. It's part of our growth, in the journey of becoming who we are.
    Our ego fears, so it needs to grow in it's confidence. And the more we conquer our fears, the more confident we become in our skin.
    And then, when our confidence has been secured, built by the problems it believes it conquered, we find our problems change. They become less about our confidence, and more about who we are in our relationships.
    It's then, we go from the need to develop the "I", to wanting to grow more in the love of the "We".
    The "We" now begins to feel the emptiness, once filled by our ego's confidence..
    We begin to feel the need to love and be loved more.
    It's in this time, we can longingly seek God. Or we find relationships that fail to give us what we seek.

    Something called our Soul knows, only He can fill that emptiness . We can fill that emptiness with work, or drink, or money, power, or fame, but that will never fill the "We" we need. 
    If we are blessed, it's then we realize, it's the "I", who needs the "He", so we can be the "WE". It's then, the Father and I are One.

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    Innocence is Our Spirit

    Monday, July 27, 2015, 8:57 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Our Spirit can be understood, when we see the innocence of a new born babe. We see in a new born, purity, untouched by the earths soil. How is it we know we must be gentle, That we need to keep this pure being clean. We wrap it in softness, speak to it gently. Hold it with care. This is the spirit of our soul...this is its innocence...visible to us in the flesh.
    Is it any wonder, God asks us to be pure of heart? For He see's us in our innocence even though He knows the dirt upon our feet.

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