The Problem with the Irish Catholic Church

    Monday, September 3, 2012, 1:29 PM [Character of the Christ]

    The problem with the Irish Catholic Church, and that of it's Roman counterpart was, one was a direct line of Christs teachings with little pagan influence. While the other was, just the reverse. The Roman psyche was, and still is, feminine, its understanding of  Christ  as the feminine Soul. They were the enligtened of the Rennasisance. Romes energy was feminine whereas Ireland was masculine in its understandings and leanings. Much of the work of the disciples was to remove paganism from Christian belief. Whereas the Irish church, believed Christianity was pagan based.

    You see, inherrent in the Irish church,  pagan beliefs were  understood, with sex as its understandings. Pain and pleasure was their idea of passion. As was love and hate. Theirs was rooted in the earth, they worshiped the earth as its mother, and with that came a more lower power of its god. Satanic rites and rituals were corruptions of symbols used by the church to inspire. The Star that guided the wise men to Jesus, was the Pentigram in pagan rites.

    But the main difference was, the pagan belief, held nothing sacred, of which was the Love expressed by the Christ. Love like all people of the earth, include sexual love, but on a higher plane, His Love isnt one of pain. Therefore, His love is a very different expression of pleasue. In fact, it isnt pleasure at all, its a sense of uplifted happiness!

     Passion for a pagan would be seen in its extreme Masochistic. Enjoying pain, as pleasure, was never the passion of the Christ..

    When we speak of Christs Passion, it has nothing to do with the passions of the earth. Christ was not born of the earth, His birth was Godly in its conception. It was impregnated in the Soul of a woman of the earth.

    What we call His passion, could in no way conclude, He enjoyed His suffering on the Cross. We know that from His own words..when He asked His Father to "take this cup away" Had the pagan idea been the case, Christs sacrifice, would then have been for Himself, rather than for our salvation.

     His suffering wasnt a matter of enjoyment, otherwise, how could that be seen as suffering? The Passion of Christ, was pure in its sacrifice. As was His Mothers Immaculate Conception, known to be pure. His Passion was His suffering our Pain, through His body/mind for the sake of our Soul.

    The Sacred in the Roman church is our sense of awe. It is as if an invisible lite is lifting a veil from our face, to see something we really cant see with our physical eyes, yet we see! . Its a sense of the angelic, the holy, the purest part of our being. To get a sense of the sacred is to be enveloped in the softest purest light. Its our feeling of what it is to be holy. Its Heavens worth in us, its more than our deepest sense of happiness. It is Christs reflection around us, thhrough us and infront of us we witness His Light

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    C.S Lewis

    Thursday, August 30, 2012, 4:05 PM [Character of the Christ]

    As a young high school student, one of the nuns constantly praised the writings of Lewis.

    And as a young high school student, I put  her suggested reading advice away in the back of my mind, for another day. I was write to do so, for some of his writings takes much concentrated thought. While others such as "Mere Christianity" feeds the beauty of Christianity with well thought out an atheist converts his thinking towards God.

    I have become a fan of this modern day disciple and apologist for Christ.

    Thought I'd share a portion of what I am reading...his book on Pain.

    "Pain insists on being attented to. God whispers in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains. It's His megaphone to the ears of a deaf world".

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    When We See Heat as Light

    Monday, August 27, 2012, 10:54 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Today, is was listening to Morning Joe, as I do most every morning..I do so, not because of any sense of political bias, but more to stay informed with how people whose life is defined by politics, think.

    Today was a day, that left me speechless, for its tone, and the unbridled hate I witnessed, directed at one human being. I will not even name the participants. For as Christ says, its not the sinner, but the sin, thats truly offensive to God.

    What I witnessed wasnt as much as sin, as an injustice. It was the most arrogant and hatefilled attack, I had ever felt. And it was reflective of the political intensity of our time.

     But what was crystal clear in my mind was, how hate is consciously used by those who get paid, to bring us, Light!

    As I watched I heard nothing but anger, directed towards one man. They called it afterwards, an exchange. What was exchanged? Hate over light? Ignorace in place of understanding? Does anyone believe you can have an exchange, if only one man is directing  his biased hate, at another? One man overpowering another with accusations, putting word in his mouth, that were never said? While smuggly spewing false indignation (this man gets paid for this). Nothing came out of this exchange, except what looked like a truck running over, an innocent man! A man who was so disarmed, that he never knew what hit him. And the bravos that followed with the word "well he nailed him!" Sounds too much like past history for me, and that the same people will always remain the same , in the end! 

    As the hosts shrunk into the background, seemingly allowing this vile display. One could only question if they knew it was coming. And in the end joked at how much life was brought to what was previously a boring debate! So does that mean, when you are bored, this is the fun stuff you do? Hate is your spark, more than inspired thought?  

     After this incident, the blogs were filled with what was seen as a decisive win. The accuser, the hatefilled one had knocked out the man on the floor!

     I witnessed the attitude that followed. Snarky remarks, laughter from the now stunned crowd. The inner silence I knew they all felt, while their outer joviality and comradery, seemed somewhat contrived.

      And me not believing what I had just seen. How can anyone see a win, from that?How can anyone call something an exchange..when only one angry man was shouting a barrage of inuendos? If we accept that premise as a winning formula, that anyone who willing participates in road rage, should be given an award for a great debate!

    What am I attempting to say here? I guess I am always so hopeful in the goodness of men. I always believe in the hopes of tommorrow being a better day. In Christ making men more civil, and His understanding winning the day!

    I guess when you see first hand, the real distance they are from from your ideal of the can get slightly shell shocked, and for a moment feel its dissapointment . You can lose all sense, that there are some people out there, who dont need to be fired up by hate!  But that there must also be those who seek the type of understanding that ellicits His Light!

    The sad thing is, is how easily the un, and ill-informed get easily fired-up by a heated  exchange. One that needs no other participant, than that of their own making!



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    Saturday, August 25, 2012, 3:18 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Love can forbear,and Love can forgive...but Love can never be reconciled to an unlovely object.

    He can never therefore be reconciled to your sin, because itself is incapable of being altered:but He may be reconciled to your person, because that may be restored...Traherne Centuries of Meditation,11,30


    C.S Lewis ...When a man of inferior moral standards enters a society of those who are better and wiser than he , he gradually learns to accept their standards. A process which as it happens, I can fairly describe accurately, since I have undergone it I was nearly without moral conscience as a boy could be. Some faint distaste for cruelty, and for meanness about money was my utmost reach....of chasity,truthfulness, and self sacrifice, I thought as a baboon thinks, of classical music...


    Nothing which implies contradition, falls under the omnipotence of God..                 Thomas Aquinas




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    Don't Choose Chrisitanity If Your Seeking Happiness

    Friday, August 24, 2012, 8:30 AM [Character of the Christ]

    If you want to be happy, have no concerns regarding others, and seek only what makes you feel good. Than please dont call yourself, or seek to become a practicing Christian.

    That is the warning of C.S.Lewis , an atheist who said if I want to be happy, Id drink a bottle of port!

    What his words warn, is that for anyone who truly wants Christ in their lives; that choice, is not one to make lightly. It's only for those of us who take seriously, their devotion to God. And just that statement alone, says much..seriousness being the defining word. For without a sense of seriousness, no sense of the sacred can be felt!

    We of course know, that Christ said all we need to be saved, was to belief in Him. And of course thats all one needs if thats all one wants. If ones reward of purpose is left for another time. A time when in death, you are called.

    There is a difference in those of us, who want  more. There is a difference in wanting to be a part of the conscious life of Christ. This awareness asks more of us, than the postponement of purpose, in our life with Christ. When we choose Christ , we also choose the need of conscience. The self awareness of a right and a wrong.

    As Lewis says, if right and wrong were equal choices, what would be within man, that would urge him to do good? What if we took away a heavenly reward, man would still have the urge within him to want to choose good. There is a moral and ethical code given us after Christs death. He said His words would be written on our hearts and mind.Its the call of God, within our immortal Soul. Its His hand on our heart, with His purpose urging us to choose what is right, for Him.

    What is the reward as Peter asked ? What will I gain, if happiness is not my eternal reward? Well thats just the point! The more we find God as our satisfaction, the happier we become, but its a happiness that has serious tones. Its a happiness that isnt filled with nonsense,or the kind of happiness that comes from temporary distractions. Its not the temporary happiness of things or the moments of the beauty that we are filled with , when we are in nature. Its not the emotional fulfillment we seek in other emotional relationships. Relationships that no matter how perfect, can never us with the love, that fills us to the brim! The kind of love that Christ said when He said, "My cup runneth over" So filled with Gods love, that we need no other thing!

    If we want to love as Christ loves, a serious commitment is our beginnings. His truth begins His good, working in us, through the reformation of our character.. When we begin to live as commited Christians, we must not expect to maintain the same happiness given us by the earth. Instead, we will begin to feel the untold happiness that lives in the eternal..a happiness that contains both joy and sacredness. A happiness that will make you feel your heart. A loving fulfillment that only lives in the love that Christs Heaven can give.

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    Love is a Matter of Degrees

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 10:42 AM [Character of the Christ]

    How can we fly, when so much responsibility seems to hold us down? When everything you hear and read, bemoans only of sour predictions. What do we have , what is the only thing we have, that allows us to rise above the worlds ills? What do we have that takes us out of our own feelings of a lack, separation and limitation? Who is it in us, that can heal this sickness of the earth? Who is alive in us that says:" Physcian heal thyself"

    Who is the physican, and who is the patient? We are thankfully both. Christ is the instrument of our healing. Knowing that, what cant be healed, within our own body , mind and soul? And what is it that keeps us ill, and unbelieving? It is the matter of what we will call, degrees of love.

    Loving is indeed, a matter of degrees. I say this not to continue the age old argument of who loves who more. I say this soley from the perspective of how Gods love differs from our own.

    When we are still unfulfilled in our development in God, we seek to ask  more from Him. We pray that He help us get over this or that. We are still in a taking from Him mode. The more we fill ourselves in our Trust of Him, the more we see Him working in our lives, the less we ask of Him to give, and the more we take on what His purpose is in us! It is a matter of degrees...we have all heard the whom much is given, much is expected!  Thats matter of degree!

    But what does that say to those who immediately would say, well I dont have much to give? I say give it all! For that too, is a matter of degrees.

    Its a matter of commitment, its how much you mean, in what you say.

     Love can begin with a " like". What makes that "like" become love? The more you get to know who God is within you, His character, His words, His urgings that touch your soul..the more you will have fulfillment. The more you will seek to heal only what needs to be healed within you, so that your purpose, can reflect His need in you!

    To the degree you learn to love God, will be to the degree you will learn to love others. Its not a matter of mouth, or desire , or parroting the words, or even understanding.

    For with true love, its more a matter of how much we're willing to give to the love of our life, than it is , in how much we need to take from Him.


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    What of a Child of Rape?

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 5:14 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Is a child less of a gift from God if its conception was one of rape?
    Could such  violence against a women, be consoled, or comforted, with any belief of a loving GOD, under those circumstances?
     Wouldnt this answer then belong to our Creator? 
     God creates only GOOD, for that's who He is, He can not create what He is not.
    Can the Creator of all that is good, grow in such horrible circumstances?
     If that were not possible, what purpose then, would the earth be?
     Some would view God as cruel, as if these horrible acts were part of His plan. His plan has nothing of harm or horror in it. Gods plan for us, is SOULY based on what lasts in forever.
     His good, is not in mans perspective of the moment, but in all that is Good and Eternal.
    His plan is all about how we CAN GROW IN HIS LOVE, and acceptance.. in every circumstance, that happens within ourselves, and with others.
    To the degree of violence that concieved this child of rape, so too was given it, in degree, and intensity, Christs' LOVE to Heal it.
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    How Can So Many Call Me Friend?

    Thursday, August 16, 2012, 7:57 PM [Character of the Christ]

    How is it that so many here on B-net claim friendship with me, yet are unable to openly proclaim in whom they believe?

    How can you call yourself friend, and not know me? You can say you are aquainted with me..but can I call you my friend, if you hide what you believe?

    I have played this game before, and choose not to play it again. If you love Christ, and He is the Truth of your being..than His courage would allow you to claim His faith. Not as a religion but as the Soul of TRUTH and LOVE.

    Who would wish to deny Him as a friend? Or are there so many of you awaiting a better belief than what He is offering?

    To be a friend of His Teachings, one must be a friend to Him as your source.  You are not a Christian if you claim another belief?

    If you are seeking the Love of God, whose love was greater than Christs? What would make you seek less, than what you can have with Him? Fulfillment is Christs purpose..His Soul, is the mate that calls everyman to His purpose. If you seek Christ, what would make you settle for less?

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    Proof of God in Todays Technology

    Thursday, August 16, 2012, 1:40 PM [General]

    In this age of the smart phones, Ipods and Computers, everyman can feel godlike, in a superficial way.

    We are in a way, omiscient, and somewhat, omnipresent. The entire world, has use of  making use of a tool of empowerment. Just as we saw those who made use of them in Egypt and the Middle East. These tools of enlightenment,  do in fact, put in our hands some qualities, once reserved only for God. 

    Just think of how long it took for us to catch up to God! Just think of all the religious works that shared with us, this very experience, we only now are able to access, because of todays technology. How did they know about omnipresence, and omiscience? How was their wisdom, greater than our own?

    Both of these qualites are of God..maybe they can even be used in a pseudo sense His existance. What technology alone can never do, is employ the passion of love for Christ. Thats beyond technologys capabilities. As is the commitment needed to learn how to love Christ, more than self.

      What has yet to be experience, for those who truly want to love God above all else, is His LOVING/WISDOM. I await the day above all possibilities, when each individual commits to their betterment , thru the conscious decision of downloading, His app

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    From the Earths Point of View , Heaven Might Not Always Seem Fair

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 4:05 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Many in politics, when they need to exploit Christian compassion, use passages from the Bible. One example, that seems to be quoted much regarding a man being paid a fair wage for his labor, and the taking of wages from that of the rich, seem to both miss the point.

    When we use the bible to  support a stance we believe is moral and right.We may find that Heaven itself, may not always be seen as fair. Until we look at it from the concept upon which it was written.

    One example, is the story of the workers in the vineyard Matt:20

    This story was given to Christs disciples, in response to Peters need to understand his reward, for his sacrifice in following Jesus. So the story was told to him, about the laborers in the vineyard. The man who was the householder, went out to hire some laborers. He went out and agreed with the laborers for a penny a day. Mid day, he saw more men idle and looking for work, and he hired them for the same sum. At the eleventh hour, the same agreement was made with more men to work in his vineyard.

    At the end of the day, he called all those who had agreed to work for him that day. Those who were first to be hired, thought they would be rewarded even more than those who were hired last. They began to murmur against the goodman of the house. When he heard them unsatisfied with the agreement they had made, he asked them, wasnt this what you yourself agreed to?   And the good man said, I will give unto the last, even what I will give to thee. Is it not lawful for me to do  what I will , with my own?

    From the earths perspective, the good man of the house, would seem unfair. If they were reading this passage from the perspective of the survival nature of those on earth. This story was told, from the concept of the kingdom of heaven.

    And as much as men want to make it about being paid a fair wage for a days pay, it really has little to do with that, as much as it does our expectation of doing the work of God, for a greater reward. What this tells us is, that those who may study and work in Gods service all their lives, will still receive the same reward, as those in the 11th hour, find God. God is our reward..time is measured for ones payment on earth. God, is our eternal reward in Heaven.   



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