A New Look on Subservience

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 6:59 AM [General]

    If you look up the word subservience, you will find many varied meanings. Some, from a woman's perspective, would make their skin crawl or blood boil. Especially, if these same women, were part of the womans movement. Those who fought for female equality. After all, it wasn't so long ago, that women weren't even allowed to vote.

    So when religion calls for her to be subservient to her husband, I can feel the ire rise up in her defense. After all, aren't we the same people who not only go to work, but do much of the work at home? And now we're being told, we have to be subservient! Like it's our job to bring him a beer, before we go wash the kitchen floor on our hand and knees! Like it's our place to be lesser than the man? To be subservient to most women , is akin to slavery!

    But now lets look at the kind of love that constitutes a marriage where Christ is the Head of the Household. 

    Here one might see the word subservient, in a very different light. Subservience means to give deference, surrender, be compliant, yeild, like a lamb.

    With that in mind, lets apply this meaning to someone who loves us  , the way we want to be loved? Someone whose intention is to please us with everything they do. Whose focus is to always make us happy, and is only happy when we are. Would we be willing compliant to that kind of Love? Isn't that the love of a woman? Isn't it her nature to want to please those she loves?

    I believe this is the kind of submission that is asked of us, by a loving God. He never asks us to give up who we are, but instead asks us to love as we would want to be loved. It is this kind of love, that is expected in a marriage where Gods love dominates.  

    True, its a perfect love of one, for the other, but that's the only kind of Love, the Christ asks of us. 

    When a union expresses the best of both beings, who wish only to please the other, the word subservient can take on a very different light. It means to be  compliant, not dominant, to listen, not demand, ask what the other needs, not selfishly expect it. It means to love with all your being, one to the other.

    Deference  is a sign of respect. And when a man loves a woman so completely as he loves himself, there is no doubt, that she will willing be a servant to that kind of love.

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    Daily Prayer

    Monday, July 13, 2009, 10:11 AM [General]

    I dont remember where I found this prayer, but I thank the person who wrote it. 

    I believe it to be something the world could use as a daily reminder. I hope you like it as well, and choose to add it to your daily thoughts:

                           Daily Prayer of Inspiration towards Good

    Forgive me, most gracious Lord and Father, if this day I have done or said anything to increase the pain of the world. Pardon the unkind word, the impatient gesture, the hard and selfish deed. The failure to show compassion, and help where I had the opportunity, but missed it. Enable me to live, that I may daily do something to lessen the tide of human sorrow, and add to the sum of human happiness. May I remember to speak as I would like to be spoken to, honor the kindness given me, and be grateful for all that comes into my life today.

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    What is the True Self?

    Monday, July 13, 2009, 10:04 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Is there a difference between ones personality and the Self? Do you believe there is a difference, in the personal "i" and the I am? How do you reconcile the two?

    Of course, if you are reading this , you know full well, I'm going to give you my thoughts on these things. So here goes.

    The little personal "i" deals with our day to day experiences. What we like, what we don't like etc. It seeks more expression of our physical needs, than our spiritual ones. In fact, this personality "i" has little thought of anything other than its own immediate needs. It seeks attention, physical things and its focus is almost entirely on filling its physical expression. It is indeed, the material girl. It fears being exposed, alone, gets embarrassed, wants to look good in the eyes of others, cares about what others think. Likes to fit in, wants to be accepted, wants to look smart, wants to be right, even when its faced with its own wrongs. Beliefs can change, with the right argument. Is the outer face, we wish to show the world. Blames others for their own lack of responsibility. Lies when needed. Responds to situations and never sees the patterns of their life.    

    The True Self, has none of these needs. It is happy within itself. It is Self contained. I doesn't seek acceptance of others, nor does it change its Personhood to fit in.  It knows the truth of its being, knows its purpose, and lives life with integrity and truth.  It has no need other then itself, it is never selfish, yet is Self fulfilled. The Self seeks nothing from others, but their appreciation of their own life. Its foundation is the truth of its being. It abhors cruelty, and selfish self interest. It lives to express the truth of its being. It loves all that is Good and longs for the Self actualization of God in all His Children.  

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    God leads us to Our Highest Good if we choose to follow

    Sunday, July 12, 2009, 12:01 PM [General]

    My spiritual journey began with me, church hoping. Being raised a Catholic, I loved my time in the church, I loved the Latin mass, and most especially loved the Sacraments.  I found that what I was searching for, both in the Church and without, was someone who was living God's likeness, in word and deed. And no matter how good some were, they never reached the perfection I sought. This was my motivation. To find the church, that would express in word and deed, the like-ness of the Christ. I looked for a while outwardly, before it dawned on me, to find Christ, I needed to look to the Kingdom within.

    Til today, much of me remains Catholic. And when Father Jonathan Morris speaks on Fox News regarding the Catholic perspective, I find I always agree. However, one of the things I swore I would never do (never say never) was to place a title on my religious persuasion. Reason being, was the same reason, I went church hopping. Too many folks, in my experience, made a point of saying they were Christian, when their attitudes, and  actions said just the reverse.

    What I suppose I love best about the Catholic Church, (not a promotion , just observation) is its unwaivering rock solid beliefs when it comes to abortion and stem cell research. I find that kind of commitment to life, and the protection of the unborn, something to cherish. In a time, when self-serving attitudes are paramount, to stand on principles , is rare indeed. It's that kind of steadfastness, that secures ones belief. I find I am most impressed by a representative of God, that holds firm to His Truth. 

    Like my political beliefs, I dont find myself fitting in one party or the other, the same applies to my Christian expression. I even see myself as having Jewish roots, with a natural evolutionary growth into the Life and Love of the Christ. I am a collection of my lifes experiences and understanding at this time. What I know for certain is, that as far back as I can remember, my heart belonged to Christ.

    I realized, that the perfect expression of Christ  I has been seeking, was to be expressed by me! My eyes were looking outward for that truth, and it was my purpose to learn to live the change I wanted to see in the world.

    So Christians believe that all they need to do is say that they are saved by Christ. For me that was never enough. That for me would be sitting on the sidelines, taking no resposiblity for my present actions. I needed to live His ideas. 

    I needed to align both my attitude and my values to express the Personhood I loved. My word had to become my bond. His truth had to become my own.

      I needed to be His example, not for others but for my own purpose alone.

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    We seem to see Christ through Religious Eyes

    Saturday, July 11, 2009, 2:53 PM [General]

    As I read the blogs regarding Christianity or even those questioning  Christian beliefs, I realized we are still looking at Christ through religious eyes.

    So many questions regarding what He said, or what it means , fills the blogs both here and all over the internet. What is the Christian perspectic regaring this or that. Questions that can not be answered with any truth, without  ones own lifes experience.

    You cant get God through questions> You can only get Him when you stop asking them. Only through your own lifes experiences, and the choices you make.

     To seek Him in the words of others, rather than in living His Word, is a journey that lacks the commitment needed to understand your own purpose. 
    Understanding can be sought for years, and become just entertainment of ones ego. Experiencing God in each moment and understanding yourself in those moments, is what lasts forever.  

    To seek the Character of the Christ, is to remember He was indeed a man. That alone, should point you in your own direction. You get to know Christ, when you get to know Yourself. Its how you feel about others and yourself, that is the place to find God. To see what causes your emotional pain, or what makes you overcome  physical pain," the Character you keep", is what makes you see the God within.

    Why is the world still full of questions about Christ? Why after 2000 years havent we learned the answers? Well I believe for some, it can be a journey that just occupies their time. The may attend church every Sunday, and never know God. An entertainment of sorts. For others , the words alone seem to make them believe they are on the journey.

    However, for me, I had to know God intimately. I had to live His Truth, nothing less was going to make me know Him. And becuase He had said these very words," You can do all this and more". I followed Him.

    He  had given us the very tools, to do what He had done, and more! Then I wanted to be in construction! I wanted to know from the ground up!. I wanted to know  Him enough so that I could walk in His light and love. I wanted to Love as He loved, more than anything else in life! After all He told me that I could, and I believed Him with all my heart.

    So what did I have to do to beign my journey? I had to first know who and what He represented to me. I needed to know His words.  I needed to know that what I did should never come out of guilt, but from loving my Father.  I wanted to be able to love others, as I first begun to  love myself. 

    I had to learn that although there is but One God, people worship Him, based upon their limits of understanding. And that to truly worship Him , my whole life, had to become a prayer. And the first prayer I needed to express was one of gratitude. When one has a grateful heart, many of lifes questions no longer are neccesary. Abortion can never apply, when ones heart if filled with Christs life.

    No situation, can be twisted to suit ones need to look good, in the eyes of another. No lie can be harbored when gratitude and understanding  are in ones heart. Becuase He said these words :  "I am the way the Truth and the Life" , and he who believes in these things shall live!

    I believe its time to see Christ in the eyes of all men. To know that YOU can learn to live in His likeness. When you have no more outward questions, you will begin to ask yourself how YOU FEEL, about things.  Its with that knowledge and its  assessement, and application to your life, that you will begin to know the Christ. For He lives in all hearts that are grateful for Life, Love and Truth.   

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    East meets West

    Saturday, July 11, 2009, 12:32 PM [General]

    What I have noticed in many Christian writings and blogs is very different from those of the Eastern Religions. 
    What I have seen is that many Christians seem to want to show a good example to others. Noble at its core, but can sometimes be more ego related than God focused.

    Eastern religions on the other hand, seem to focus on self development in a very differnt way. They tend to learn the right tools of self discipline, concentration, meditation, that help one turn the outside off, and direct their attention within.

    Christ Himself, came from the East. The Middle East. His journey to the desert to comtemplate, and withdraw from the business of the world, shows his self awareness of the silence within.

    Today we celebrate "busy-ness" as if its a badge of honor. We put phones in our ears on a constant level never before in human history. We seem to be covering every minute of our lives with things that drown out the very thing we need to hear. Our inner voice. Our inner being. Our God connection.

    I never belived yoga would lead me to God, but I do believe the Eastern practices should be used to help us reconnect to who we truly are.

    Our characters Self development should never be becuase we need to show others that we are examples of the Christ within. If we truly are that, then just our daily living would be enough to do that. Its the conscious awareness that we have to show others how Christ-like we are is the misdeed.

    Our example should be for no others pleasure but that of God. We should never be the "good" example  for others. That kind of self importance only feeds our own ego, not the glory of God.

    Our Goodness, should be for Goodness sake alone. For the integrity of our being. For the true Glory of God. Never to show or teach other, but to soley express the Goodness of God alone.   

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    The New Consensus

    Friday, July 10, 2009, 10:39 AM [General]

    The new concensus from the secular camp is, that if one believes in God, that constitues a religion? And because of that belief, a 40year flyover acknowledging God and Country, was stricken from the Governments play book. Some who think the mere mention of God, is sacreligious to their athiestic point of view, seem to be taking over our Government with ignorance as its leader.

    I call myself religiously spiritual. To me that means, I have devoted my entire world to the love and life of Christ. I am not a church goer but I support all churches whose aim in life is to Love Him and keep His Word. Knowing this, should I be allowed to vote? Can I truly mix church and state, without wanting to overthrow the Government?

    Well it seems as if our Government, has become suspicious of folks like me. And that is truly the worst thing that can come out of the Obama Administration.

    God is not only a concept, to me He is a Living enity. To deny Him only makes one a fool, it in no way deminishes Him. Atheists spend much of their lives, denying the very thing they say they dont believe in?

    Governement should not try to elimiate religion from its halls. I believe our founding fathers said, that they would not establish a National Religion. They never once denied their Creator!

    Its about time these so called "smart folks" realize that trying to irradicate God and replace Him with Government will be the reason for their own irradication.

    When all believe in One God, thats a unifing principle. We can all come together in that belief. It is powerful, it can move mountains. and it can do it without the need or help from a Government. Keep God out of Government, and Government than believes its God! Heaven forbid!         

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    God is Holy Good

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 6:32 AM [General]



                                  God is Holy Good

                             All that He made is Good

                     God Lives in the Goodness of Man

                 through the goodness of their Character

          God, because he is all Good, could never create evil 

           Satan is the construct of  man who has lost sight

             of who he truly is and from whence he came

                 Science is the study that will forever prove

           that no dice was tossed in creating the Universe.

                             The Laws of the Universe

                                The Laws of Nature

                      As well as the Laws of God and Man

                Are all pathways to the Heart & Soul of the

                                     One Living God





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    Quotes to Remember

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 7:18 PM [General]

    I recently made a pack of cards. Not the the playing kind with  clubs, diamonds and hearts, but the inspirational kind..that cherishes these words like diamonds, to be stored in your heart. I thought I'd share them.

    Some are famous, some I wrote, some are anonymous.  I dont believe its the messenger as much as the message that needs to be heard. 


    The Self...What happens to a man is far less significant, then what happens inside him.

    Family: The bond that links a family is, not always one of blood, but more importantly its one of respect and joy in each others life.

    Kindness: Make something unkind in your world kinder. Speak to others in the manor you wish to be spoken to.

    Peace: Peace is never appeasement. True Peace is a deeper acceptance of anothers humanity.

    Love is not just an emotion. It takes form in our charcter as Goodness, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty , Truth, and Thoughtfulness.

    Wealth: A person's true wealth is the good he does in the world.

    Sadness: Sadness comes when we forget that we are connected to something greater than ourselves.

    Life's Purpose: We fulfill  our lifes purpose when we liken our character to that of our Creator.

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    Something learned from the Death of Micheal Jackson

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 11:33 AM [General]

    As I listened to the media detail every aspect of his upcoming funeral, I heard a few things that we might learn from his death. A persons life, as well as their death, if we are looking for it, can always be a tool for our own enlightenment.

    While the media was trying to detail Micheals religious persuasion, I heard them say he was raised as a Jahovahs Witness, who then became a Muslim and that they really didnt know what religion he adhered to.  It was then that I saw the seed for this discusion.

    The definition of Religion as I understood it is: "ones personal relationship with God"  This relationship can be one of just a label, or it can if used, define a life. I believe in Mr Jacksons case, it was the former.

    No religious title is necessary, if one believes the example of their life reflects what they believe. And I think that this time in humanities history, the latter is the way to go. To define yourself as a Christian, and then not live it, is for what? To claim you are something and then your example proves just the opposite, would be best left at home in a drawer.

    I of course am not for wiping out religion, what I am for is wiping out it's umbrella.

    To be something you first have to know what that entails. Say I want to be a teacher, I need to know what it takes to be that. And here is the most important word...BE that..rather than do that.

    I believe, if you are living the best example of the Christ, there would be no reason to claim it's title. Your example should speak for itself.  


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