Transparency..Now We Can See Clearly,How We Get Screwed

    Thursday, September 24, 2009, 5:25 PM [The Body Politics]

    Today for the first time I understood, the Obama meaning of transparency, and I hate it!. As a senior, I have written about the cost cuts we were going to get because of this new Healthcare Plan. I knew we were going to get cut, even as our President denied it ,in every speech he has made so far. Now even the CBO, who has no skin in the game, says its so, as well as the costs will be astronomical. As the Pres, keeps deny both its cost and its cuts. I can bet he will pass whatever it is they put together.. He avoided the truth, in a very subtle way. You see he tells the Nation what he wants, and Congress then puts in a bill something he doesnt publicly want to express. He tells us we will be able to keep the Healthcare we want, while Congress now is taking out the very plan I want to keep! Who here is telling us the truth? I suppose we will have to wait and see, and by then what will we be able to do about it?

    Lets just take a look at what transparency now means, shall we? It means that we can see the sin of ommision, we are being told, right before our eyes!

    Now lets talk a little about our rights, which the last time I looked , included the First Ammendment. Congress sent out a letter to the Insurance Company Humana, telling them to stop sending its constituents any information regarding the new Healthcare Plan. What Humana did, was tell seniors how taking the Healthcare Advantage  Plan was going to be denied. That is a truth, that even the President has said he was going to do. So why is that information being denied to those who have that plan? And if they arent going to fund it, doesnt that mean those who already have it, cant keep what they have?

    But here is what really maked me fume, isnt telling a Company to stiffile itself....denying Freedom of Speech? Looks whats happening folks! Do you remember all the yelling about our losing our rights under President Bush, when he tapped phones and listened in on terrorist suspects. Do you remember all the Dems and the ACLU decrying the terrorists rights! While they spread fear that innocent Americans were going to be denied theirs! Well heres the kicker, I never once was effected by those wire taps! But now, I and many other older folks are being directly effected by their stifling our freedom of information. In this same age of information, and "fishy" emails. Who exactly is he supporting here?  And as it turns out, Humana has it right!

    Why was Humana singled out by our government, when AARP was not?  Because just like FOX they have the nerve to question God. They have yet to bow down to his policies without seeking the whole truth. I suppose we have learned from our new friend Hugo Chavez. His government, is slowly taking over all TV Networks except one, as he also stifles any information that doesnt agree with his socialist plans. See any similarity?

    Is this retribution against what this administration sees as big business? Is this  payback for voting on his left side? Well if it isn't, I really don't know what it is? What I see is, "we the older people" are again being screwed again. Who exactly has our back in this Healthcare debate? And what exactly was the deal that the Phramaceuricals struck with the Pres, that pays for 6 years of commericals, in support of Democrats plan? While we seniors again, will have to pay more for  drugs, so that the Government looks good on TV.    

    I thought we were going to get change? A change for the good?   I didn't know, only those who belonged to a union, would be able to reap the benefits of his change? I never thought he would cover the Cadillac Plans of a union memeber, while cutting the legs out from under our seniors plans.  I was never in a union nor did I work on for any big business on Wall.  I worked mostly for small businesses, whose benefits I always had to pay for. And now, what I worked for and contributed to, is being denied. To support who might I ask? Who exactly are these people without health care? The poor can get help, because they are poor. The rich needs no help from our government for their well being. So who is getting hit the hardest? The Low and Middle Class....AGAIN! 

    Are drug addicts, homless, or drunks part of these 36,000? Are  they illegals, or young people who think they aren't vulnerable to anything yet? Who exactly am I losing my Healthcare Advantage Plan for? Who exactly am I giving up my FREE SPEECH for? 

    Where is the ACLU, when my freedom of information is being denied? Oh I know, they are probably taking down that offensive Military Cross, put up by WWI soldiers in the Mojave.


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    What Happens When Standards Are MIA

    Friday, September 11, 2009, 7:17 PM [The Body Politics]

    What unfortunately I see, is a constant of this Administration is, they dont look before they leap. They say one thing, and then either in a few hours, or a few days, they come out with their new version.

    It happened with Joe Wilson the other night, when the President was speaking. Joe didnt understand that the Pres. wasn't talking about the bill in the House. The bill that Joe had been reviewing. And that he wasn't talking about the bill that Max Backus was working on either. The President was talking about the bill he wanted that wasn't even in existence yet. And this isn't just the first time, vagueness rules in Washington. However with this Admin., it seems its their way of life.

    Joe Wilson was the guy who yelled out, "that's a lie" when the entire house felt that impact. And in truth, although that wasn't the time nor the  place to do that, I can see the mans frustration. You are working with one thing in mind, another bill somewhere else, and then the Pres. speaks about something at the time is completely fictitious. Sorry folks, although most of  us expect perfection, its never part of a staplein Washington. In fact, we all applaud, when they once in a while, get things right.

    What I find is the glaring difference between the Bush Administration, or even  back to the Clinton admin; when they said something, it never came back for a re-write. They werent in the business of saying one thing one day, and taking it back the next. What we are seeing, minus the beautiful selling quality of this President; is a group of people who have lots of ideas, but little when it comes to principles, standards or keeping their word. They have gone back on their word, on almost every occasion.  

    Too many times, they send out statements only to rethink, what they just said. The other day, Nancy P. said they weren't going to slap Joe Wilsons hand, for his outburst, today she is reconsidering? On what did she change her mind? He apologized to the Pres, which she said was all he had to do. The Pres accepted his apology. So I guess forgiveness can be taken back after it had been given?  What happened for this new change of events? And who exactly is in charge here, Ms Pelosi or the President? More and more I believe , she is ruling the roost!

     I saw a few folks paid $8.95 on's website, so that they could chastise Mr Wilson. Guess Joe made a bigger impact than they expected? So maybe thats the reason she sees the need for more chastising? Forgiveness  re-thought?  Poor President Bush, even the Tarp will never be enough money to clear his name, to stop the hate speech that he's still getting. I suppose forgiveness is something that doesnt come easy from the left.

     Gitmo guys where are they going? Leaping before they looked. Afganistan, is getting worse, where do we stand there? After all this was the good war, becuase this Pres supported it. Iran also has been given, the live and let live policy, after people were slaughtered in its streets. Nothing said or done , in that direction, I suppose our apology was enough of a change. Again, what is going on here? More mystery, rethinking, and poor planning, and we haven't even seen any set standards, that they go by?

    I know you all hated Pres Bush, and I'm sure God knows more than we do, what was in his heart. But what I do know is, that when he said something, you knew damn well it would be done. We can disagree on his policies, and whatever else we want to place blame on him for,  but we can never say, that he wasn't a man of his word. No doubt, if he said something, it wouldnt be re-tracked the next day. Like a Dad who sticks to his word, its something a child can both believe in, and expect to be true. 

    In order to begin to trust, the first example one must show you, is to keep their word.

    That quality of being true to ones word, is something this Admin, could learn alot from. Unfortunately, I dont believe any of them have the character that can keep it. Nor do I believe Pres Obama has the character that honors truth, more than making the changes he thinks will be his legacy.

     If you want something done right, you dont throw it out to see if anything sticks to the wall.  You first have to have some idea of what to base your word on?  When people have no foundation of truth, as their guiding principle, trust is the first thing to go.

    And if you want something to work, you first must make sure its clear, well thought out, and then stood firm on. What that does, is make people believe what you say, because as much as you might like change, when you keep going back on your word, you not only look uncertain, ill advised and completely immature.. And I am certain, that kind of change will be fleeting, and that no matter what he does, he wont ever be believed.       

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    The Difference Between Smart and Being Aware

    Thursday, September 3, 2009, 7:11 PM [The Body Politics]

    Wow In just a few months, President Obama has taught me the difference between awareness, and being smart.

    Smart is defined as:, cleaver, bright , stylish, and neat. It also can be used to express conceit, as in being a smart aleck.

    Awareness is defined as a knowing. To know something is to be cognizant of it because of a related experience. (as I have outlined in a previous post)

    So all the focus that was place on Obama surrounding himself with only the smartest people, in a few short months is now coming to light.

    Lets begin: President Obama went to a church for 20 years, with the same pastor who married him, yet he claimed he didnt  know( unaware even though he had experienced) that this preacher was racist. As well as a promoter of hate towards Our Country..  

    He then tells us, he wants to bring us change. Did we really understand what kind of change he was going to bring?  Guess we really didn't know(through our own lack of experience)what he wanted to do. Smart (clever) on his part  

    Once he took office , he told us he was going to close Gitmo. smart move,(bright) but he didn't know (unaware), what or where he was going to put them?  

    He  filled his cabinet with folks who he didn't know,(unaware)hadn't paid their taxes. And swore that no lobbyist would be part of his White House. He went back on his word, don't know ( aware) if that was smart(clever, bright?) on his part or again, just completely unaware? 

      Now for a few more (unawares) He was unaware,( not knowledgeable) that asking people to send the White House, fishy emails was against some privacy law. For a smart (bright or clever) lawyer, he certainly missed that one. He also was not aware, that he had to keep every correspondence sent to him, as part of our historical record keeping. I give this one another, unaware.

    He placed in his sphere of confidants, a Communist Activist, another person who had ties with the Weathermen, that bombed the Pentagon, in the early 60's. And although he went to a meeting in another Weathermans house, William Aryers. He claims he really didnt know them ? Now one of them is working for him in the White House...SMART (very clever, not too cool, and certainly not at all stylish for most of America taste)

       Today he changes the material he gave out to the children for next weeks talk. Apparently he was again unaware of what he was asking, looked a little too self serving, rather than inspiring service. So if it wasnt for a few huffs and puffs  by the loyal opposition, he again would have remained, unaware.    

    Of course we welcome all people to serve the President, but do you think had we all known some of his picks, we would have been so unaware? 

    I tell you, I certainly am learning alot about our Government. I now know that even if someone  is a 9/11 truther,  he has a very close position to  our Presidents ear.  

    Whats a 9/11 truther?  I didn't know(was unaware). Unaware, not having any previous experience ( with paranoia, or conspiracy theory's) so I had to look  up, what it meant. They are the folks who believed the previous administration were instrumental in what happened on 9/11. That Bush actually helped plan the attack. You know who they are Rosie O, Ms. Garrofflo, and Van Jones, our Green Czar, and lots of other people who are very smart, but completely unaware.

    I certainly hope you've learned the difference between these two very important mental states. And the next time you go to vote, make sure YOU KNOW(are aware of by experience) WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING, before we elect another SMARTY!

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    Politics of Perception...I Dont Like What I'm Seeing

    Thursday, September 3, 2009, 8:28 AM [The Body Politics]

    President Obama is scheduled to speak to our Country's Children. Normally, I would have looked forward to this, as a moment of learning about government , for the little ones. That was until I heard that President O, was asking these little kids, what he inspires in them, to do for both him and themselves.

    Little kids, don't even know what inspiration is much less what they would want the Pres to do for them. Let's fact it , its going to be a teaching moment because it will be the teachers who are going to be, both teaching and answering the questions. Just as parent do, when they help their children understand issues, they have a little grasp of. And in doing that, use whatever side they are on, as part of the lesson.

    Neither here or there, it still would have been a good thing until he made himself the star. What does he inspire in them? His question is so far from what  President Kennedy asked of us. Kennedy as US what WE could do for our Country?That symbolism is correct. It makes Country be the benefactor. That speech was indeed inspirational. It placed power in the hands of the people. Without any Power Player overseeing what it is, we needed to do. He is in a way copying Kennedys style, but missing Kennedys insight!

    This Government sees itself as God, it believes its transformational. The Pres. will be asking our children what he can do for them? As well as asking them, what they can do for him? Notice anything missing? Notice a personal  relationship being formed here? See no Country as the unifier? See only President Obama as God, and a personal relationship being asked by him by our children.

    Its always been said, politics is a matter of perception. Certain things should not be done for how it looks to the publics sensibilities.

    I'm sure for some, this is just what the doctor ordered, for me it leaves me more than suspect. Too much of what I don't like, I'm seeing in this administration. He changes right before our eyes, this mild mannered superman thought by some, cool President.

    I would have liked it more, had he left himself out of it. Had he again asked of us what we can do for our Country. Rather than asking our children to do something for him. To me, that's a step when added to all the others, continues to make me believe Hillary Clinton was right.. He did get the job too soon, and is still learning on the job.

     He has been elevated in the eyes of his keepers, as a man of God.  I thought it was God, where our inspiration comes from? And who asks us to do his will. 

      I never once thought, you could elect him?

    Update on this the President has changed his first choice of questions for the children. He is now going to ask them what they want to see to make their education better...DO YOU THINK HE READ THIS POST????

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    Some Smiles Need Watching!

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 5:37 PM [The Body Politics]

    I want people to have affordable healthcare, myself included. In New York affordable to them means 500.00 a month, just for me.

    I dont like the double-speak government talks in. When they were asked if they would have the same healthcare they are proposing for us, they replied "they will have the same choice to as everyone else". Which means they can opt out of what they plan for us, while keeping what they have. Beside no matter how much we would like their healthcare plan,  Im sure we couldnt afford it. All we can afford, is to pay for it.

    I voted for change, but never thought the change would be us leaning more towards Communism or Socialism. Never once, I thought I'd ever see a Communist in our White House, working there, not just visiting. No matter how  liberal I am, I still dont like it. Why do we need a Communist to teIl us how we should live? Ever look south to Cuba? Oh yeah, (D) Ms Watson did, and she liked what she saw. I'd like to buy them both, one way tickets to stay there. I'm still wondering what a Communist can do for us? I also am afraid of the answer.

     I also know, that if we knew all this before hand, we'd never have voted him matter how nice he smiles.

    I want everyone to have the right to healthcare, but not if we dont have the money to pay for it. And no matter what Obama says, he will pass anything as long as he can sign his name to the bill.  

    I dont like a government who thinks they are superior, and calls all who disagree with them, unpatriotic. First off, its the wrong word to use for discent. Besides, it was overused before, not about freedom of speech, as its used now, but correctly applied, when those in harms way needed support. That can be seen as unpatriotic, for it weakens those who need our support. Speaking at a town hall meeting, is very patriotic, its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH..gee anyone see the ACLU lately? 

    Speaking of war, I dont like anyone who doesnt keep their word. If you tell someone you are going to do something, in my book you had better do it! I dont accept excuses when it comes to keeping ones word.  Now we can expect to soon be leaving the so called "good war", in Afghanistan. Reason being there really isnt the will nor the bucks to keep it going..Just cant wait to hear the excuse we give those people, for our bowing out. Score one for ourside, bet that will produce some good will around the world. 

    I dont like this Presidency, I like the man a lot, I hate his politics alot. I dont like that he kept a hands off approach when it came to the healthcare plan, and puts them into places where they dont belong. I dont like that he needs to get out of the White House more than he likes staying in there to get things done.

    I dont like a government who is slowly getting involved in all our freedoms.  Such as our speech on the Internet. Or take-overs of companies, under the guise of helping out those who have helped themselves too much already. Those whose greed, is what broke the system. Both on the street of Wall, and in the City of Dodge. Unions, Brokers or Banks, all showed us Micheal Gekko's example.     

    I dont like a government that promotes something, that it has yet decided, what it is? Nor how to pay for it? I dont know about you, but I dont buy anything , without knowing how much it will cost, and how much I have to spend.

     Politics without Principle is one of the deadly sins! 

    I now realize, I really dont  like goverment in my business. Nor do I care about wind or solar panels, I will never be able to afford. And if they really meant what they said, then why isnt nuclear or a new energy source, being considered? In our country, coal is our greates resource. Why then didnt this administrtion spend some tarp on clean coal? Instead what Pres O said was, that he will bankrupt the coal industry before they allow it to be used. It seems just the idea of using coal, is a resource, brings out the dictator in him. How much more money will we have to give to Unemployment to support the dedicated workers in that industry? But hey! Who cares ...they won!

    I now understand what the other side meant, when they said, that this government would tax and spend even more then they did. Apparently in this regime, two wrongs do make a right?

    I dont want to be a Communist, nor a Socialist and more then anything else, I dont want a fanatical attitude when it comes to making US Green!. If you dont already know, the greens are whose running our country. I like the color green, but when everything in our lives are now being devoted to that color; I begin to get a picture of someones head turning slowly around, while spitting up some rather green  How many ills were suffered on man, under the guise"its for our own good?"

    I dont want anyone telling me whats good for me...nor telling me how much I can use my heat or my air-conditioner, I am very consious of both, and dont ever abuse either. After all , I have to pay for it, Im not eliglble for a government program. No one who works ever is. I dont want anyone sending in "fishy" emails, or limiting my freedom of speech. This administration keeps its hands off of the things that are important, and has its hands on everything else.

    I dont like this change, in fact I distest it! I slowly am feeling government has grown "too big" to leave us alone!    

    I dont know how you feel, nor do I really care...I want my country back. And the next time I see a man who goes to a church, that teaches hate about our country, I will listen.

    And the next time I'm told someone is very far left. I will know what that means.

    And the next time, I'm told about someone who is going to usher in change...I'm going to be sure to ask him...just what his idea of change means? And then like Ronald Reagan said... I will go see who he is , and what his voting record is, before I agree to his idea of change.

    The next time, I will trust...but I will make sure, I verify...before I pull a lever in anyones favor.    

              PS.. I had a nephew who had Obamas smile..and when he was asked what he was doing (especially if it looke a little shifty, or served a purpose all his own) he would smile a beautiful broad smile, and chuckle, as if we were wrong in our perception. One day he came to our home, and brought with him his wife, his kids, and his new toy, a telescope. He placed it on the deck, and patiently waited for dark. As the family sat in the house talking and eating, he slowly came in , and one by one, closed every light. None of us noticed, becuase we busy talking, while it was so stealthly done. His need was to see the stars, and our need was to sit with the lights on. We only noticed what he did, when he finally shut the last light, leaving us completely in the dark. Something tells me President Obama, has that very same smile  

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