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    Please be Aware of Wolves in Sheeps Language

    Thursday, April 15, 2010, 10:02 AM [The Body Politics]

    As a person who completely trusts everyone..its my nature to always reach out, with open arms. And because I am someone who loves and accepts all people without a prejudgement or prejudice, that leaves me open at times, to rethink my openness. Its my heart that will always seek to love others. However its because my heart is so open to love, sometimes the wrong people take advantage of my love, in varied ways.

    Because I have been living with me, for more than one lifetime, I now am able to see the wolves, much quicker than ever before. 

    Who are the wolves? They are children who arent innocent in what they do. Who know full well, that they are working against their God, rather than for Him. Who have been fooled into believing, God needs an opposite ... to live! 

    It is that foolish lie, that has made them choose their position. They will never openly admit who they are. However, when they are caught in their own lie, or their own insensitivity is seen. Or even worse, lying right to your face, they then  laugh, and act as if it was all a hoax or joke, that one should accept. They make their foolishness, insignificant, when it is not. They admit to nothing,  even when they are caught. And instead, they continue to play the innocent in their deception.. Lying  that their words, and deeds, were just a matter of fun.

    If fun is anyone's purpose, no one should ever feel hurt, or harmed by them? No one should feel taken, for a fool. When you do something just for fun, knowing full well, that the other person is innocent because they love greatly.. than you are nothing more than deceptions servant. And if that's your purpose, than where is YOUR COURAGE to state who you really are? You are the masters of point the other finger. Of spin, or blame to deflect the truth. Or look backward to the past, so that we forget to see what you are doing in the NOW!

    If what you are doing was just for fun, then shouldn't we all be laughing? Shouldn't we all be feeling good about what you have done? Shouldn't everyone see the humor. And wouldn't no one be emotionally or financially be harmed?

    But it is the wolf, who cant admit he is nothing more than a liar. That his fooling the innocent, suits no one but himself. It is what keeps him in the underworld forever. As long as he continues to sell the idea , that he is the underdog, the one without. And if we buy his lies, he can continue to sell mediocrity to all who will buy it! He can continue to make you look the other way!

    Christ has said...the fool, is the only one who will burn forever . The fool who likes the role he plays, even against those he says he loves, will burn . And why, you ask? Because he then can remain king.. king, in the underworld of lies. He has chosen to be lesser than the truth he believes he serves. However, his choice guarantees, that he will remain apart from his TRUTH.. who lives in the Kingdom of God, who is in Heaven.  The one who now has chosen to play the fooled, has been fooled himself..for Christ needs nothing for His Goodness to live and keep holy..for His Life lives long beyond all pairs of opposites. Beyond all earthly desires and beyond all of the earths lies.

    Christ needs nothing but Himself.. for He is Love that is TRUE, that is REAL, that is of our Immortal Soul..He and His Father are One. He is Holy and Completey  Good.   He has no other side than Himself. He is not a matter of duality, for He is the ONE.     

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    The Problem America Faces

    Saturday, October 24, 2009, 11:05 AM [The Body Politics]

    The problem America now faces is, a shift in power. As we all have heard "money talks BS walks". Money my friends, in this Country, as well as all over the civilized (hate that term)world, means Power.

    In a cartoon shown to school kids, the Government was pitted against Wall St. Accusing Wall St. for becoming bigger than the Gov. Which from our Governments perspective, is not such a good thing. It means Wall St or the Free Markets were gaining too much Power. Power the Gov. saw was supposed to be theirs. And for some reason, forgot to oversee? 

    Some folks believe that's not such a good thing. Especially when they think a too Powerful Government can get too heavy handed, and interfere where they really dont belong. When they begin to regulate salaries or restrict  the free markets business practices. Too much restrictions can hurt as much as they, at times, can help.

    Big Busness sees Goverment as having a rather powerful tool, that business, does not. . Businesses cant print money. The Government can print money, and if thats not enough, they can place a bigger burden on us. And the more the government prints more dollars, the more our dollar goes down. The more the dollar goes down, the less its worth. The less its worth, the less we can by with that same dollor. Its devaluated. That leaves Big business to " let our people go". Which creates more unemployment, and depresses our economy.. when lets just some more of our people to go!  

     The government does that hoping that with time, our dollar will get stronger, and regain its worth, somewhere in our future. In the Now, Business and its workers have to pay the price, which effects the little guy, the most.

    When Government gets too powerful, it as it has done lately, invalidate contracts. As it did with the Auto Industry. Those who previously gave the auto workers loans, were denied "first return", even though their contracts, were legally binding. Somehow, those contracts were dismissed, for what was precieved, the greater good? The Gov.has lately, used its  power to take property from individuals, while giving it to other individuals, because it suited their purpose. Government can change laws somehow, to suit its present need. Especially if it sees an increase in revenue tax. Property taken and given to another individual at one time, was  believed to be unconstitutional. Government has gotten so big however, and has written so many vague laws, that the Constitution seems to suffer, with few folks noticing, unless it happens to them. 

    So I would think, Government and Wall St, would be best, if balance happened in both arenas. Maybe this is the kind of change we all need. Maybe it would serve us all better, if we were more vigilant in what we spend and or borrow.

    As for Wall St. I believe those who took Tarp from us, should have their salaries regulated. And as for Wall St.... its about time they were read the rules of the road. Maybe it was my Christian up-bringing..but I never thought you were supposed to get paid for destroying a company, making many lose money..or gambling with peoples 401ks... as CEO's floated away with millions in golden parachute deals. As Board Members, allowed for this in silence and inaction. 

    Some  have asked themselves....where  were those Board Members?..and what did they gain, from their loss? I certainly would like our Government to ask that question? I find it hard to believe any Board of Directors, werent being compensated in some way, to look the other way, as their companys were going down?

    I also want to know ..why wasn't Government chastized as well? Wall St should not be alone, if punishment is being doled out. Especially when some of the problem came from Government itself.  Where was the Governments watchdog? Regulators? Folks who paid no mind, to whistle blowers, and insightful Gov. officials who saw it all coming down the road.  Who was responsible for Fannie and Freddie's debacle? And have you one but Madoff, has gone to jail? Just think of the view you'ld be having now, if you were in charge of the Gov's money, and you didnt do your job.

     And why is it the one lone wolf, the person who yells fire...never gets listened to? There were there, a few saw it coming, but in true Washingtons arrogance...those folks seem to be beneath the Governments need to listen to them at all? Small potatoes I suppose, how could THEY KNOW, when the too Big to fail, were ready too fail. 

    I have to say, I believe that the Universe or God..keeps balance in our world. For that lets all say... THANK GOD...And that Wall St. indeed had lost its way.. and that the Government helped to pave it!

     I believe now is the time for all of us to not so much reevaluate the system.. but understand what caused it to fall. I dont believe it had so much to do with regulations being lifted, as it did to our loss of values for doing what is right.  How easily men can lose thier souls... when the power of money, is part of the game. And how without placing importance on the character of our inner law will prevent it from happening again. 

    Maybe if we all worked a little more on keeping true to the values that live within us, we may have a fighting chance to get it right. Maybe if we learn that when we forego our principles..or even worse, dont know what they even mean? We all go down, as a result. The Nation, and much of  the World, as well.

    Maybe if we all made an attempt, not to raise kids like the Heene's whose focus was lie,  to achieve fortune and fame. And instead, made sure our kids are raised  to exemplify honesty, and good stewardship, we wont need to legislate what we all know is right? Maybe if we make our word have real meaning in the world, we can help to keep it balanced better.

    Maybe if our need for money....the one thing God didnt make, nor gives us as individuals at our birth...and instead, make importantl the gifts He did? Maybe our world might work better. Maybe it would appreciate each individuals contribution? And maybe in doing so, become we could become more grateful? Then maybe, we wont need so many lessons of fear to lead us to Loving Our Neighbor?.. Maybe then, we can appreciate all we have as a country, and all the great people in it? Maybe then, a Grateful Heart..will Rule the World, and be honored,  in money's stead. Wouldnt that be the Best Thanksgiving EVER?         

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    Anita Dunn..should be Done...Now!

    Monday, October 19, 2009, 6:07 PM [The Body Politics]

    President Obama's Communications director has it in for Fox News. The WH is has unleashed its full staff, against Fox News.. It seems they have declared war! Maybe they don't like having one cable network, whose not getting a thrill up their leg for Obama..and they just don't know how to handle it? Maybe they haven't yet made a decision on what to do about Afghanistan, and Fox seems to be an easier target to wage war with? I still cant figure out their strategy..or maybe we have yet to see the sum of all their parts? 

    I saw their first attempt at making foolish their opposition party, when they chose Rush Limbaugh as Executor of the leaderless right. Fun move on Obama's part, to make foolish the lack of leadership in the Republican Party. So once they did that, I guess they just couldn't stop?

    After all, who among the Media elite, was without a brown nose? Ah, Fox! And who amoung them didnt show media bias,  in his favor? Ah it was the Fox

    Maybe Ms Dunn's statement regarding how they controlled the Media, during the campaign wasn't clear enough. She said that they were in control of telling the media what they wanted them to know. Instead of giving interviews, they sent out press releases..telling the media what they wanted them to voice.....Gee, us old folks used to call that Propaganda.. Now its called a savvy far we have come.

    I can only suppose the WH is taking their cues from Mr. Hugo Chavez. I believe there is only one TV station, not under his control...But hey taking away freedom of speech takes time.. After all, you don't want to look like a dictator, right off the bat? When you can cloak it in something more those who arent with me, are against me....oh wait, wasnt that the previous admin's line? I guess its ok to use, as long as you are a Democrat and not a Bush.

    Rohm Emmanuel has now asked the "prettier" more in your favor news outlets, not to follow Fox's lead. Like when they broke the news on Acorn, or Van Jones being a Communist and the like...How dare they report something that can hurt our Beloved Leader? They are nothing more then researchers, and arms of the right, Ms Dunn suggests. Funny, in my time they were called investigative reporters. Those folks who questioned truth to power, something that seems to have died in its tracks, after Bush left the WH.

    Our President seems to not be as trusting as we once believed him to be. Just cant figure why? He has 99% of the Media on his side? So why is he now trying to lump Fox in with greedy Doctors who perform operations just to pad their bills? Why is he now saying Fox News Media, is only in it for the money? Good thinking Mr President...tie greed on Wall St, with greedy Doctors, and throw in the only Media Outlet who doesnt seem to recognize you as King.

    Gee ,  I thought your political platform was already covered  by ABC, CBS, CNN, the Ed Show, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Obenfurrer? Excuse me, Oberman...I guess being a freedom of speech pac-men is just the begining, in your taking over the world. 

    I digress... lets get back to our illustrious Communications Director Ms Dunn..who Imsure will be leaving office, as soon as the pressure mounts. Well then again maybe she wont? Maybe thats the reason the Admin, told the other Networks not to follow Fox's lead. Maybe this way fewer people will be informed, about those who were chosen to work in the WH. Maybe this way no pressure will be brought to bare? Well lets see?

      Ms Dunn gave a speech, to St Andrew HS students. There she told her audience,  the two people she calls upon, as her best examples of political philosophers, were Chairman Mao, and Mother Teresa. Her point was to inspire "individualism" to these young HS students. Chairman Mao, a champion of individualism? I  would ask her, you mean in all the world, you call upon Chairman Mao, as your example? Couldnt you have found a better political philosopher to pair with Mother T . than that?

     I have to say, if these are the two folks you call on, as examples, I have to question your sanity? One is a saint, the other a murdering dictator, who had a special liking for young children.... Gee, I know you are the Presidents choice for Communications Director, but he certainly wouldnt have been my first choice, nor my best example..but then again, Im not the Presidents Communications Director. Guess your political insight is far superior to mine?

    For a President who has been said is a "wordsmith", where every word he uses is considered....what the heck was he thinking? What exactly were Ms. Dunn's qualifications for the job? When she obviously hadnt thought through, what she was saying. She chose a dictator who killed millions as her best example of "freedom" of the individual to walk their own path? Holy Cow, if this is the non thinking behind this WH...we are all doomed! 

    I have to ask the question why? Why would our President want to have someone who thinks Mao, is the best thing since sliced bread as his best choice for Communications Director? And when she was called on, regarding these remarks, said she was only kidding? She said she was quoting someone on the right. Then, when that didn't fly, she said she was only kidding. Was she kidding  about Mother Teresa, as well? Was her speech to those young HS students completely staged and insincere? Or has she now been faced with  her own words, for the first time? Our new Communications Director???   

    The more I see behind the curtains of this Presidents Administration, the more it makes me worry for our America. The caliber of people he has chosen, in my mind has sunk to a new low. The more I see the people our President has chosen, as his representatives, the more immature he seems to be.

    If she was the only example of our Presidents bad choices, that could be forgiven, however, for those who are looking, she is not alone.  The Admin, is begining to look amaturish, too far left for most of America, and people who are making decisions as they go along.. not a very good example of what we thought would be a brilliant political philosophy...especially when you are seen, to have none.

    If these were Ms Dunn best examples, and she was my only concern, than it wouldn't be enough for me to be concerned.... But now couple that with Van Jones. her out and out lie, and the new assault on Fox,  now have to ask myself, why?  

    Slowly they are attempting to smear, those who are questioning their truth. Slowly they are choosing to praise those in the Media who are not. Slowly they are attempting to punish those, who arent inbedded on their side.

    Slowly those who are speaking out against what they that they dont like, are being demonized. Fox, is now being marginized as a non News Media. A network with a "perspective". What may I ask is the "perspective" of MSNBC? PLease dont get me wrong, we all know the 4th estate has their own bias... but since when, is it the WH's job, to try to limit a Networks business? By saying they arent really a place to go to for Americas News???? What happened to free enterprise, much less freedom of speech? Are they looking to tear down the only Network, not in the tank for them? 

    Couple this, with the attitude the Dems have been promoting  against the folks who show up at Tea Party's. As well as those rowdy mobs at Town Halls. Add that to them telling other broadcast networks not to follow in the footsteps of Fox. Does anyone see somehthing wrong here? Is this the WH of transparency, when they seek to stiffle those who dont see things their way? 

    I now have to question his promise of hope. I now have to accept, he was never the uniter, we sought. In fact, I  now see his Admin, promoting just the reverse. We were promised... no more blue or red states, but all one under the Red White and Blue....where did they put that flag?  Suddenly Fox, greedy Doctors and those  Wall St, are the bad guys, oh wait... they can be that, after he gets some money from Wall St at a fund raiser in NY today.

    I am very concerned.  Never before have I seen such a hungry need for control. I never before have seen a govenment that wants to change every aspect of our lives. And as they surplant what they see as the New America, we watch quietly as they put their hands into our banks, our auto makers, or air, soda, TV Media, and the Net...

    Sorry, Ms Dunn, but I dont like your idea of Communication.. I dont want to be forced to watch those people you have given the " OK " too in the News.

    I dont believe Chris (spits on himself) Matthews, is fair much less balanced, in what he says is true. Nor is Keith (Oberfurrer) Oberman! Nor Rachel Maddow... non of these folks are bringing anything to the folks, than a certain perspective...the only difference is that its YOUR PERSPECITVE! So I guess thats ok....

    I truly dont know why you choose  to make war those at Fox? All I can say about that is, what was once were the dying words of a great patriot.... Give me Brian, Gretchen and Steve.... or give me death!     

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    Lets Revisit Obama's Heart

    Friday, October 16, 2009, 11:13 AM [The Body Politics]

    As our President made a pit stop in New Orleans, passing Mississippi and Alabama.  He bypassed  New Orleans need, for an open heart. He either missed, or ignorned, an opportunity to remind the Nation, of what are still the needs, of those who have suffered gravely, from the floods of natural disasters. He chose to take a photo-op with those same folks, who are still living with open wounds, that no Obama smile, can heal.

    It seems our President placed more importance on getting to San Franciso, to raise money for some more self-serving politicians, than on seeking to heal hearts of those still bleeding in America. He had the best opportunity yesterday, to bring attention to New Orleans . To highlight what has been done, and what yet needs doing. To call for help to the Nations Heart, for those who truly suffered the annilhilation of its Citys.

    He did take time to answer some questions. I found however, he didnt take his trip there seriously. For when an audieance member asked what I thought was a  heartfelt question, our Pres quipped, rather than to take the mans question, to heart.

    The Pres response can be seen as nothing more, than disingenuous. And in that moment, he made me rethink his  heart?

    The questioner asked why, Fema short changed the amount needed to replace  New Orleans hospital? He wasnt asking anything for himself, he was asking a question, in support of his community. Something a one time community organizer, I believe, would have made this issue, an extreme priority!

    Our President instead responded first by reminding those present, that our former President didnt do enough. And after saying that, he continued to ignore what he could be doing for them, NOW! He quipped, "if only, he could just write a check".... when someone in the audience replied, "why cant you?" Our compassionate President than said.. well its Unconstitutional and Congress has to other words... He cloaked his answer in the truth. Only it's the same truth, that wasnt accepted by many in his party who were angered, when it was coming from the Bush Admin.

    It wasnt accepted then, and it really shouldnt be accepted now. Even though, the Federal Government isnt allowed to by- pass State Government. Bush got blamed for what Naggin and Gov. Blanco didnt do. Thats how it is, we always blame the guy at the top. So what exactly has changed here! What has changed was, the President. And what we expect from this President. The rules are still the same, but I expected more from his heart, than came out of his mouth. 

    We all know, that the Feds cant interfere with the States even in a crisis. However, the man who questioned our President regarding FEMA,  wasn't about crossing State lines.. But what has changed when it comes to FEMA's always underestimating  rebuikling costs? And what can the President do? The man wasnt asking for a check, as much as he was seeking our  Presidents sense of humanity. He was asking our President for his heart, and instead, he got a flippant political reply.

    What bothered me was, why didnt he take that mans question seriously? Why doesnt any politician take those who are truly seeking answers, seriously? 

    Why is it that they only take seriously, those whose money talks, while those in troubled times, are told to walk. Why do they all tell us, they feel our pain, when the only thing they feel, is their face being warmed in the lime-light? They speak the words of the little guy; as they fly away, collecting thousands, and making promises, to those who pay to keep them in power. 

    Where was our President's community organizer, heart? Why didnt he say, "I will make sure you will get what you need? " Why didnt he give that City, Hope?

    Why did he ignore not only that mans question, but his opportunity to call for help, to New Orleans? Could it be, his head was focused more on San Franciso's  fund raising, than on New Orleans needs? 

    I have been hoping this President was different, I have found, he is just more of the same. In fact, he is even worse, for he claimed he would be more!.

    Bring us together in an unbiased way. He offered us what we all longed for. Or maybe is wasnt everyones plan. Maybe it was just a smokescreen after all? Or maybe...  transparentcy is showing us, just how politics trumps all!

    I expected  a man of meaning, a man of substance. What I believe we got, was just more of the same. Someone who does a fly-by- photo-op, who believes just by his presence, he will make things better. I thought only those on the "right", were into photo-ops, and drive-bys? I thought only those on the "right" would be more concerned with fund raising, than raising a hospital, where there isnt one.  I would have expected that more from the political right.  I would never have expected such a disengenrous response, from a community man. I also never thought he would forget his roots, so easily?

    New Orleans has been forgotten. New Orleans is not alone. So many communitys are still suffering from Mother Natures wrath, as well as FEMA's lack of proper funding . 

    As our President spends trillions, with abandon.   FEMA, who always underestimates rebuilding costs, leaves many feeling abandoned. Folks who suffered from Natural disasters, still are suffering from FEMA's lack. Folks who didnt re-mortage thier homes, to buy more stuff. But who are still borrowing money from SBA, just to get their homes back in order. We, like all the other States who suffered from 100 year floods, didnt make millions in Wall St.  We didnt get a bail out. All we sought was to make us whole, before you gave others bonuses. We didnt ask for  free-bees, all we asked was for government to help us replace, what we had lost. And we were ready to pay for it, through  small business loans... We still seem not to be heared. We still seek to replace our homes, or rebuild our hospitals. As trillions are being thrown to places unknown.

    We were not folks who made 75.00 an hour, in union wages. with Caddilac benefit plans. Who got more from the Government, that many believed they deserved. We just asked our Government to  give us enough to restore what we had, without having to work three jobs, or bankrupt ourselves to do so. We still pay for our own heathcare, and many of us never had a 401K.  All we asked the President was...where do we go now. for help? What we didnt need, is to not be taken seriously.

    I certainly don't believe, life is fair. I know it is not. I certainly dont believe government is completely right minded, either. Lately, I believe more and more, they are not. More and more, I believe they are only interested in supporting those who further their own personal agendas. More and more, I see a fund raising is more important than a hospital that needs raising. As our President claims his admin's  transparency.... in some respects, it seems he is right.

    In a time where our Presidents heart was most needed, it was more than transparent, his heart is a political one.      


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    Transparency..Now We Can See Clearly,How We Get Screwed

    Thursday, September 24, 2009, 5:25 PM [The Body Politics]

    Today for the first time I understood, the Obama meaning of transparency, and I hate it!. As a senior, I have written about the cost cuts we were going to get because of this new Healthcare Plan. I knew we were going to get cut, even as our President denied it ,in every speech he has made so far. Now even the CBO, who has no skin in the game, says its so, as well as the costs will be astronomical. As the Pres, keeps deny both its cost and its cuts. I can bet he will pass whatever it is they put together.. He avoided the truth, in a very subtle way. You see he tells the Nation what he wants, and Congress then puts in a bill something he doesnt publicly want to express. He tells us we will be able to keep the Healthcare we want, while Congress now is taking out the very plan I want to keep! Who here is telling us the truth? I suppose we will have to wait and see, and by then what will we be able to do about it?

    Lets just take a look at what transparency now means, shall we? It means that we can see the sin of ommision, we are being told, right before our eyes!

    Now lets talk a little about our rights, which the last time I looked , included the First Ammendment. Congress sent out a letter to the Insurance Company Humana, telling them to stop sending its constituents any information regarding the new Healthcare Plan. What Humana did, was tell seniors how taking the Healthcare Advantage  Plan was going to be denied. That is a truth, that even the President has said he was going to do. So why is that information being denied to those who have that plan? And if they arent going to fund it, doesnt that mean those who already have it, cant keep what they have?

    But here is what really maked me fume, isnt telling a Company to stiffile itself....denying Freedom of Speech? Looks whats happening folks! Do you remember all the yelling about our losing our rights under President Bush, when he tapped phones and listened in on terrorist suspects. Do you remember all the Dems and the ACLU decrying the terrorists rights! While they spread fear that innocent Americans were going to be denied theirs! Well heres the kicker, I never once was effected by those wire taps! But now, I and many other older folks are being directly effected by their stifling our freedom of information. In this same age of information, and "fishy" emails. Who exactly is he supporting here?  And as it turns out, Humana has it right!

    Why was Humana singled out by our government, when AARP was not?  Because just like FOX they have the nerve to question God. They have yet to bow down to his policies without seeking the whole truth. I suppose we have learned from our new friend Hugo Chavez. His government, is slowly taking over all TV Networks except one, as he also stifles any information that doesnt agree with his socialist plans. See any similarity?

    Is this retribution against what this administration sees as big business? Is this  payback for voting on his left side? Well if it isn't, I really don't know what it is? What I see is, "we the older people" are again being screwed again. Who exactly has our back in this Healthcare debate? And what exactly was the deal that the Phramaceuricals struck with the Pres, that pays for 6 years of commericals, in support of Democrats plan? While we seniors again, will have to pay more for  drugs, so that the Government looks good on TV.    

    I thought we were going to get change? A change for the good?   I didn't know, only those who belonged to a union, would be able to reap the benefits of his change? I never thought he would cover the Cadillac Plans of a union memeber, while cutting the legs out from under our seniors plans.  I was never in a union nor did I work on for any big business on Wall.  I worked mostly for small businesses, whose benefits I always had to pay for. And now, what I worked for and contributed to, is being denied. To support who might I ask? Who exactly are these people without health care? The poor can get help, because they are poor. The rich needs no help from our government for their well being. So who is getting hit the hardest? The Low and Middle Class....AGAIN! 

    Are drug addicts, homless, or drunks part of these 36,000? Are  they illegals, or young people who think they aren't vulnerable to anything yet? Who exactly am I losing my Healthcare Advantage Plan for? Who exactly am I giving up my FREE SPEECH for? 

    Where is the ACLU, when my freedom of information is being denied? Oh I know, they are probably taking down that offensive Military Cross, put up by WWI soldiers in the Mojave.


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