Bait and Switch

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 8:56 AM [The Body Politics]

    As we all listen to those in media, wanting to tell us what they believe, others mean, based upon their own bias or understandings. I have to laugh. I also have to avoid getting wrapped up into their limited understanding. Talking points, that if the right bait is tossed, they switch off the point of any argument, to lose the real meaning of, where they were heading.

    As I listen to all the talking heads chiming in on what the President said, and then what he meant, I found the new line that switches the conversation from what could be a real debate, into just another dust up or fodder for those who need to pick sides. The new line, that switches the Mosquedebate, to nothing more than biased talking points is: "Well how far away from ground zero would be appropriate?" It's this phrase that suggests not only a lack of sensitivity, but the bait to switch the conversation away from where it should really be going. 

    Its not the distance we are talking about, the issue is the insensitivity of those building it. To those who dont wish it to be built there. It seems that a piece of one of the planes, actually hit that building. Which for some, would also suggest a wound reopened. We dont hear much about that, but it might be just another thought to consider?

     Two blocks away, is not the real issue, and we all know that. The real issue is, where is the Muslim sensitivity , or their Compassion, to the needs of others? Or is that only a Judeo-Christian thing? Have they not seen, how long it has taken for anything to be built, on ground zero? Not becuase we dont want to build, but becuase of the deep sensitivity, of those who see that place as hallowed ground. Is that not enough to at least give pause to what you intend to do? Or does that have little meaning to your mind or heart?

    After the President told us, what we as Americans all know, that those who wish to build the Mosque  near ground zero, should remember who we are, and the principles upon which we abide. Maybe our President should have gone just a wee bit further, when he said he wouldn't comment on the wisdom of those who choose its placement. What I believe we might all have to ask ourselves is this? What are the principles that Muslims base their religion on? Most of us, have little understanding  about the Muslim religion? And all we know now is, what we see. And what we see when it comes to this Mosque being built, is intolerance. Tolerance expected by us, by allowing indifference from others.  

    Many people dont want to be reminded, that our Country was indeed founded on Judeo-Christian principles and values. These faiths were based upon religious tolerance, and many of our laws came from these beliefs.

    Now we are being introduced to a religion that is guided by another law? Its called Shira.  Something we Americans, know little about. And what we do see, we dont like.  And although Muslims have the right to worship as they please, does that also  include a belief system, that demeans women, and is intolerant of the beliefs of others? I dont know what Muslims are asked to believe? Nor do many Americans. 

    As a Christian, I know that Christ stopped the stoning of a women, said to be a prostitute. He asked those who were without sin, to cast the first stone. Does Shira Law, ask that same question? And though we are all told, that the Muslim religion , is one of peace, is it also one of Love? Are all Muslims bound to the practice of Shira? We who gave up stoning 2000 years ago, dont wish to cast stones, but need to know the answers to questions like that?

    The practice of religion, up until this point in our country, was based on the people who had basically the same roots, and the same principles. So I believe the questions we should be asking those building this Mosque is, if your purpose is to show religious tolerance, then why not show some tolerance to those who oppose it? At least open up a dialog that says, you care about the feeling of others? Show us your tolerance, your humanity, your compassion. For we know little about the Muslim faith, other than what your most extreme members gave us a taste of, on 9/11.       

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    Is America Living Islams Dire Prophecy?

    Monday, July 12, 2010, 8:33 AM [The Body Politics]

    It wasn't so long ago, that those in the Far East predicted doom for America. They said, much like Russia had in the past, stated, that our demise will come from within. And as the Towers were brought down, by 19 men against the symbols of the Worlds Economy, we are beginning to see the effects.

    Has that prediction been a part of our own psyche? Did we believe we were too rich, too self-indulgent to continue on that same path? Did we in a way, self inflict our own demise? Did we as a people believe we were too ungrateful? Too materialistic? Too arrogant in believing we were the best? Was our self hatred so bad, as to want to bring ourselves down?

    How many on earth, were seeking the signs of the end times? And has much of the whole world, succumbed to this horrible self fullfing prophecy? Is Iran's belief of an ancient Em om returning to earth, the same as the Christians belief of the Second Coming of Christ? And if so, are we in for Armageddon?   

    What I believe we are seeing , with financial doom, world riots , division so deep in our own peoples politics, is an expected change in consciousness. Sorry to say, that this change has already happened. If it is part of a biblical prediction, so too has its outcome been predicted.

    So whose going to win, and what exactly is the "win"? What exactly has this belief in doomsday going to give us, once the smoke clears? We certainly cant make it to heaven, for heaven cant help us when it comes to finance? Is it saying we will be a better world? How can the world be equalized, when one side of ourselves thinks an atrocity was putting underwear on a Muslims head in  AbbuGrab. While the very people whose sensibilities are so great that just a mere drawing of Allah, can call for a beheading?  

    What I believe we had better do, is get back to believing in who we are. I believe its time for us to stop giving fear, negativity, hate, ignorance and self loathing, the reigns. I believe its time to stop wanting to make the world like us, and focus on us liking ourselves. When NASA's focus is on making the Arab world like themselves, something is really wrong. I doubt those who are busy collaborating our demise, would be jumping for joy, at our suggestion of seeking friendship in space?

    The world will not like us any better, while we seek to reach out in understanding on one hand, and send troops into their lands at the same time. Somehow, I dont believe thats the right tack?

    I believe its time to seek our best hope. I believe Christ never left us, if anything we left Him. I believe we have lost our way, and in order to regain our balance, we need to reinvent who we are. Not by seeking to change others, but instead, by seeking to change ourselves for the better. We can never develop a Peaceful World, by force. No one can be forced to love. And no one can be loved, without sincere understanding.

    Its time to stop accepting the fears given us on a daily basis, by media and government. And instead seek the security that only Christ can give us. He has told us "not to fear". He would never ask us to take political sides against one another, becuase of positional power. Its time we need to focus more on saving our Souls, than in saving our economy. For without the Soul, nothing has any value. Without our Soul, nothing knows its own worth! Without our Soul, and our connection to it, we have no real understanding of Self! Fear isnt something to believe in, its something to use to rise above it. Its something to dispell with knowledge. Its not of the Christ, its our way to the Christ.

    He said He would be with us always. For those who believe He left, He never did. It was you who forgot Him, not the other way around. If you needed horror , for you to need to see Him again, than thats your belief..not His. For He is always with us, in all times, and the only one who forgets that is man.

    I used to ask myself, why does it always take a tragedy for man to seek God? Why cant man see, that that is always mans purpose? We lose the best of who we are, when we forget who gives us life. We lose who we are , when we forget who to Thank for all that we have. And the more we forget what we have, the less we have!

    Its time to leave all our fears behind. Its time to seek the Christ in yourself. Dont seek Him with the medias need to know. Seek Him in the best of who you are. Dont seek Him, in how we treat the world. For He never promised us the World. He promised us, His Kingdom, and He told us where it was. He spoke to us, openly and in truth. He never predicted, He taught. He never gave us fear, or even death. He rose above both, and said that if we truly believed in Him, so would we.

    As a lover of Christ, I suggest you leave the prophecys to those who believe in nightmares. Those who need to awake from the horrors they tend to so easily believe in. And instead ask them if Christ can ever return to earth, if not through the character of men? Ask them, is their need to be right, so important, that they would seek the end of the world, to inforce that belief? And then ask them, if they think Christ would, with intent, cause such harm on those whom He loves?  And with this understanding, would you ask them, was the belief in such a prediction more for mans belief,  or was it that of His Loving God? God never seeks horror for men, they seek it for themselves.

    I believe its time to seek the God that is of Christ, and not the God that is of man.

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    Sorry Mr President

    Thursday, June 3, 2010, 8:46 AM [The Body Politics]

    Sorry Mr. President, but you already won the position you still seem to be campaigning for. Sorry Mr President, we are tired of you continuing to want to distract us from your lack of leadership, by pointing fingers at the past!

    Sorry Mr. President, but sometimes being "cool" doesn't work, when you need to put some heat, on a situation.

    Sorry Mr President, but while you were playing the violin, with BP, you left Louisiana to burn. Too slow to respond to the clean up is not a problem of getting out YOUR message.

    Sorry Mr President, but I'm tired of you not being the President of us all. Every speech you make that criticise the opposition you create a deeper wedge between  both sides of the aisle.

    Sorry Mr President, I dont like that you take issue with the loyal opposition, more than you do with Iran's killing its people in the streets. Those people knew the votes were rigged, and it was our opportunity to tell them we were on their side. 

    Sorry Mr President, we know you didnt cause the spill in the Gulf, but I dont believe you did everything to help the clean-up . Its over a month , and Thad Allen said your just getting that part together.

    Sorry Mr President, I dont like that you had no qualms with allow Mexico's President, to call out one of our States, because they wanted to follow the rule of Law. It would have been a perfect time, to call out Mexico, for not keeping the laws in its own Country. Isn't it "do unto others as you would want done unto you?". Meaning if your country doesn't live by its own rules, where do you come off , criticizing those who want to ?

    Sorry Mr President, I dont like people who say they are Legal Eagles, that condemn a law, before they have read it! 

    Sorry Mr President, your not the man I thought you were going to be. You still find yourself blaming the past, while you have done far worse in the present!

    I'm truly sorry Mr President, that you misrepresented who you were. That you still say you want to change Washington, when you seem to be using the very tactics that has always been the Washington way. If you really wanted a change, why then did you choose to use the most deeply entrenched Washington heavy weights? Whose strong arm tactics is more than well known?

    Sad to say, that I am sorry Mr President, I cant see the hope and change you had promised. That your constant campaigning , and blame placing, is your idea of fixing a problem. Sorry Mr President.. Your not the man we all thought we were going to get, from now on..I'm not going on the words hope and change alone.

    From now on... Trust but Verify, is going to have far more meaning to me.. so that I wont be sorry the next time I choose a President.

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    Speak Softly but Do Something?

    Sunday, May 23, 2010, 5:48 PM [The Body Politics]

    As I watched the leaders of Turkey and Brazil hold the hands of Irans President, smiling gleefully from ear to ear, I wondered what is Americas postition in the world?  

    When we seek not to convince China and Russia in applying sanctions to halt Irans neclear production, I continued to wondered what Americas policy really is?

    As I watched the President of Mexico take to task one of our United States, while he does little to teach his people to obey our laws. He sees no probelm with having even stricter penalties, for those who break Mexicos laws, I continue to wonder? What exactly is Americas role in the world today? And why is it that our President finds America more in need of punishment, than those all around the world who are in constant violation to international law?

    Why can Iran, continue to ignore the rules the World has laid out, when it comes to inriching uraninum, with little condemnation on our part, but we allow Mexico to chastize Arizona, for trying to maintain the law, in their state? Why did our  President find it more important to chastize Wall Street , while never saying a thing to Iran about killing some protestors in their own Streets?

    I dont wish to be the world cop. I dont wish to be the worlds enforcer. However, I also dont wish to make light, of the danger that is becoming obvious, by certain alliances. I dont want to be distracted by the need my President has to implementing his socialistic agenda, while he ignores the hands held up  together in solidarity, by two leaders who we believed were partners in our belief of democracy. 

    SOmehow, Im begining to feel like Nero is at the helm, as we watch Rome burn!

    Please Mr President, get your priorities in order. Please pay attention to what you soft words against the rest of the world, is doing. We are seeing alliances that were never there, maybe because they believe we have no wind, to fill our sails?

    Maybe we should be more interested in protecting our States, than making a temporary Mexican President feel empowered enough, that he can spank one of our states, for not allow his people to stay in our House, illegally.

    Please Mr President, maybe its time to have a press conference, so that we the American People, can see where we stand, in your eyes, and in that of the World?

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    Who are We?? Who who, who who?

    Saturday, May 1, 2010, 1:39 PM [The Body Politics]

    As someone who has lost all faith in our political structure. And who now see's, that Washington really never wants to work for the betterment of the whole, but rather for up holding their power and postition. I had to ask myself, "Who are we?"  

    Are we a country who has lost its spine? Or are we a country whose empathy, has lead us to devalue our laws?  If the latter is so, than why fool ourselves by writing more of them? Do we want religion outlawed? And if we do, than why fake it? Are we so insecure, that we cant handle the truth, so that we have to be extreme in our sensitivities , that Political Correctness, has to rule the day? How is it that a country that was founded by rebels, has become a country in fear of offending, even those whose practice is to offend?

    Why is it that when it comes to any religious referernce, we shun from it, as if expression of ones religion, is a political sin? Yet we have no probelm accepting when non believers want to tear down our religious values under the guise of freedom. Under the very principles gotten from those who founded our country, and in whom religion was a sacred and promoted part of their being?

    So who are we? Do we allow illegals free reign in Arizona, for fear someone would have to ask them for their drivers license? For fear we might hurt their feelings? I dont know about you, but I have been stopped in NY almost nothing.. well maybe not nothing. I have been stopped for not wearing my seat belt, and I didnt believe my rights were violated? In fact, my mind is free of paranoia, if I am guilty of something, maybe then I sould fear being stopped. But if not? Why should I be treated any different because I look a little more brown, than the other guy?

    Are we a land of laws? Or do we wish to change our law-abiding status, which today, seems to be seen, as a cowboy mentality. Is sticking to the rules, no longer the favor of the month? Maybe we dont want to play by the rules any more? Maybe we have seen too many folks get away with not playing by the rules, and maybe now, we want to be just like them?  

    And what do we think about making too much money, as the Pres. has suggested? How much is too much? Should the highest salary be the same as the highest man in office, gets paid? Should Wall street make less, so that main street feels better about themselves? Or maybe we should not have bailed them out, when they were doing the dirty to their investors? Or maybe we should reduce the salaries of those in Government , who didnt do their job?  The sad part is, by the time we get to vote them out , half of us, have forgotten the issues!

    So who are we? And more importantly who do we want to be? Do we want to make more laws to guide our every move? And yet find out that even that cant make a man do what is right, if he doesnt believe its his duty to do so.

    So whats it going to be America. Are we going to be happy to have windmills as our power source, and gas at 10.00 a gallon? Or are we going to continue down the politically correct path, of never allowing ourselves to offend? What is it that you want to see? What is it that you want us to be?  

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