Monday, August 24, 2015, 2:27 PM [The Body Politics]

    If you are not with God , who then do you believe will help us as a Country? Will you place all your confidence and trust in another man?
    We need to all unite under the word GOD again. Leaving the political powers to draw upon Him as individuals. Not making us pawns of their need for power and privilege .
    If we place all our Hope and Trust in God and let Him direct the Country by the instrument of His Will, we will again recognize who we are!. If we place all power for the good of this country in our God, and not by party or pundits, we may again choose to Glorify His need in us, rather than the divisiveness that has ruled this country for far too long.
    Country and Family.... Our Only Hope

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    The Good Wife

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 8:37 AM [The Body Politics]

    Sometimes Art, in this case a TV program, gives us a look into our own good conscience.

    Thanks to last Sunday's episode of the "Good Wife", I heard my beliefs about politics confirmed. Not that I needed to have that confirmation, but in a way, its nice to see the arugument you have concluded as the premise of your truth, viewed outside your own mind.

    The episode oddly enough was a picture into Alicia's (the Good Wife) own mind.
    The conflict she was dealing with, was one of good character, and the ideal of the greater good.

    The conflict included Alicia's secular beliefs, and her daughters religious ones. And in essence, the fight posed the premise, can man be of good character, and ethical, without a belief in God?
    Alicia (the Good Wife) is running for a political office. Her conflict, telling the whole truth and lose the election, or withhold the truth and win! The premise given her is, if she lies she will win, and that would put her in the position of doing good. Or as the premise states, achieving a position to do the greater good!
    This belief is what our politics is based on. It includes the Machiavellian principle "The ends justify the means".

    Her opponent say's he would rather lose, then lie to win.
    We are left with Alicia leaning towards wanting the win!

    What does this have to do with the belief in God?

    I suppose it depends on who your God is? If your God is Jesus Christ, then your model is TRUTH as your God and your guide. Your's is a God who said He was the TRUTH!

    THat Truth His Truth is Absolute. And if you really wish to fight the battle of man's idea of truth, and that of Christ/God, no real Good that lives in God's Eternal Truths, can come from a TRUTH that's corrupted for mans need to serve himself, under the guise of a greater good. That was Judas's argument. That was the temptation of the snake, in Eden. 

    If you are a follower of Christ's truth, you know what you would choose.

    I know what I've chosen.....what would you do?

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    Guess What Makes You Feel Safe Is How you Vote?

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 5:03 PM [The Body Politics]

    Yesterday, I had a discussion with a good friend whose in the process of wanting to place her mother in a senior care facility. I refrain from calling it a "home", because its my belief, you cant make a place your home, when ones freedom is taken away.

    My friend believes her Mother will be safer there. And when she said that, I immediately thought of what has happened to our Country, since 9/11. Let's face it, we never would have believed we would be safe, for all these years. Yet we were hit in our collective conscienceness with the fact, that we can be vulnerable, to being hit.

    So slowly we have allowed, or looked the other way, in order for our feeling safe. We have allowed the TSA to do things to our children and our elderly, that would have put these folks in jail, in a less fear induced society. And although we claim to be a Country founded on religious principles...the right to pursue ones happiness or another term for that...FREEDOM TO BE! We have as of late, been choosing a less free, for a more safe, America.

    I digress. As my friend gave me all the reasons why she wanted to put her mother in a safer environment, all I could do is feel, she was making a choice for her mom, that her mom didnt want. Her mother wanted to be Free to be, in her own environment, risky as it may seem to her daughter. And I wondered more, that the person who wanted safety was more my friend.

    So what if it comes down to, those of us who trust in the will of God, and those who dont? Who would feel more safe? I know my Soul fears nothing. And that its only the body who fears its demise. Because I am aware of who Christ is within me, I have no fear. I trust that my day and my time, is already written in His book. With that , along with the belief I will live with Him forever, what should I fear?

    The only thing that would bother me, is if my choice was taken from me, because of anothers fear. And that seems to be what has become the norm in America. For our own good, the right to smoke was our first collective security issue. Now it will be our health care cost, so that they can restrict what we want to eat. How we travel, has become freedomless! We even need a permit to sell lemonaide. All so we may feel safe.

     I just makes me wonder, if all these folks who make our laws to keep us safe, will feel differently, when their children want to put them in a home, late in life, you know, too keep them safe? Wonder if they will perfer FREEDOM, over security then? Or will they be old enough then, to seek their security in something greater than themselves?

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    Response from Senator Schumer

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 6:58 AM [The Body Politics]

    I email those who represent me in Congress, regarding the new STOCK ACT Provisioin.

    I stated the fact, that Congress always claims that no one is above the law. I asked why the need for a bill  to be considered, if those in Congress are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard of ethical behavior, than those they represent ( Please understand, I dont believe anyone should be exempt from responding to their Highest Good) But all I was asking was why they needed this new act.(act, maybe having more meaning here, than one would think) 

    This is Senator Schumer's reply (in part) to me: 


    " Currently, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ( a little old to be what they base their jusisdiction on, with the hy-jinks of stock trading tricks today)   requires the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute insider trading cases based on general anti-fraud provisions that apply across the board to all Americans including members of Congress.  However, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act would reaffirm that ban by expressly prohibiting members of Congress from participating in insider trading."  

     If I have this right, the STOCK ACT is just a reaffirmation ..that EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS MEMBERS OF CONCRESS FROM PARTICIPATING IN INSIDER TRADING. HUH? I thought the SEC Act of 1934 gave the justice dept the right to investigate and prosecute... it says nothing to Congress as a "do not!"
    So where is the idea of a reaffirmmation come into play..when there never was a "do will be seen as a conflict of interest!"  
    Soooo, all along, only those who may have already done the deed fell under the jurisdition of the Justice Department .I can only suppose this new " affirmation" is to now tell  CONGRESS that they now have to play by the same standards as, Martha Stewart! I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that! I sure am! 
     Senator Schumers continued: "The STOCK Act was recently approved by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and has been referred to the Senate floor for consideration.  I will continue to monitor this bill as it makes its way through the Senate." Sadly he didnt say, he would be leading the charge with his vote!
    The good thing  is, I got a response, as well as a better understanding. I'm still amazed that a Congress, who rights OUR LAWS need special ACTS as MORAL REMINDERS? One would believe those who love the law, would be ethical enough not to need laws for them to live by? But that comes from my understanding of what a man of CHARACTER MEANS..not all men are equal to that standard.... even though I pray they one day find their way.   
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    Bureaucratic Despotism or The Consitution?

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 12:57 PM [The Body Politics]

                              Bureaucratic Despotism or the Constitution

    Was the headline for discussion, at a very prominate study group on the Constitution.

    When I saw this headline, I truly was surprised. Never has this group had such a troubling headline statement. But I can certainly agree with that premise, especially after what the Obama Administration has done regarding MY FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE!

    It seems the Catholic Church as been given a one year extention, to adjust to the idea that they will now be forced to pay for non Catholic employees and patients, abortions and whatever sex provention Government requires for OBAMA CARE.

    This after the Pres. swore to Bishop Dolan, and others, who ask him to re-evalute the a violation of Christian conscience. Obama said he would, and then shortly after giving his word, Health and Human Services issued the year extension.

    Not exemption, extention. This, no matter what faith you believe, or even if you dont believe, is a very serious action. Remember it has NOTHING TO DO WITH ABORTION! It has to do with mandating a private entity Catholic Hospitals, Universitys, violate their religious RIGHTS! What about FREEDOM OF RELIGION? Or is this MORE FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.

    Let me state I am against abortion, because I believe CHRIST IS THE WAY.. THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!  Abortion in my MY VALUES and PRINCIPLES  is against MY GOD. But I am in no way enforcing MY BELIEFS on others. At one time in my life, I drove a friend to a clinic for that proceedure. Freedom belongs to each individual and their conscience, and relationship with GOD. But now we are being denied our freedom of CONSCIENCE...not to mention that Im sure if this continues..Catholic Institutions who have help millions of people of all faiths, will now have to be forced to only treat their own. They will be forced to let go, employees who arent Catholics, so that they wont have to be forced to violate their PRINCIPLES.

    Between the mandate of forcing people to purchase Healthcare under the Commerce Clause..want it or not! Which can not be likened to State Drivers licenses which only are mandated because WE WANT TO DO SOMETHING..LIKE DRIVE! We are slowly having REALLY IMPORTANT RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY..and WE ARE HEARING VERY LITTLE ABOUT IT!


    I believe, this should make us all fearful of where this agenda wants to take US!       

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