I Choose Christ

    Monday, October 1, 2012, 11:49 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    And as the world spins its webs, and people choose sides, at times by denegrating " "the other", so as to feel they are right. I chose Christ.

    As pundits pick partisan political polls to prove how smart, they believe themselves to be.

    I choose the only direction that gives me life. I choose Christ.

    As debates become all thats talked about, as if our world depends on little more. I choose to talk about Christ. For I know full well, the world without Him, is truly a dismal place.

    When pills no longer help us with the bodys pain. I choose Christ.

     As the world continues to divide itself, in terms of who will win the earth. As fires rage in the Middle East, choose Christ.

    I choose Heaven.

     As people believe nothing is so important, that would make them feel the need to change. No urging of God. That would allow them to look and evaluate, if their words match their deeds. I choose Christ. For Christs is mans Ultimate Truth..For He was God made men could see.. that they too could make their words match their deeds. Its because of His truth in us...I choose Him as my own.

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    Only Through Christ Are We Fulfilled

    Sunday, September 23, 2012, 3:07 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    With Christ, there is never any confusion. For He is clarity of mind, and heart.
     He gives us answers , if we are looking in the right place, and for the right purpose.
     If we could remember, both fear, and lack, belong soley to the body...
    If we could remember that alone, it will help give us the clarity of thought we need, to end all confusion. 
    It is in those moments of emptiness, be it from a feeling that says we lack love, or a fear of not having enough. It is Christ alone , who hears those calls of emptiness.
    If we truly believe it is He, and He alone, who is our fulfillment. No matter how many others we have, who can give us love. For His purpose is the Love we seek.
    Our emptiness is our search for His Love. Only when we remember, we are alwasy looking for love, in all the wrong places. That those places are only temporary, They are  moments of satisfaction. And no matter how much love we crave from those around us. Or how much love we expect to receive from a spouses,a friends or even a child... They can never completely fill, what Christ fills, when that void we seek from our Soul , is filled with His Love.
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    What of a Child of Rape?

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 5:14 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Is a child less of a gift from God if its conception was one of rape?
    Could such  violence against a women, be consoled, or comforted, with any belief of a loving GOD, under those circumstances?
     Wouldnt this answer then belong to our Creator? 
     God creates only GOOD, for that's who He is, He can not create what He is not.
    Can the Creator of all that is good, grow in such horrible circumstances?
     If that were not possible, what purpose then, would the earth be?
     Some would view God as cruel, as if these horrible acts were part of His plan. His plan has nothing of harm or horror in it. Gods plan for us, is SOULY based on what lasts in forever.
     His good, is not in mans perspective of the moment, but in all that is Good and Eternal.
    His plan is all about how we CAN GROW IN HIS LOVE, and acceptance.. in every circumstance, that happens within ourselves, and with others.
    To the degree of violence that concieved this child of rape, so too was given it, in degree, and intensity, Christs' LOVE to Heal it.
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    This Mornings Prayer

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 9:32 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    I never tire of Christ..

    How can you, when He is the source of all that is loved, in your life? My soul acknowledges His presence, in every breath I take, and with every thought I cherish. I see Him beyond the earths beauty, in the very Heart of Who He IS.  I see Him most in those who honor His virtues. I see Him most, in the chastity of the feminine Soul. As she submits and accepts all that is His good. All that is sacred, all that His presence allows her to feel.

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    Thursday, August 9, 2012, 8:05 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    How does your faith instruct you to be honest? Do you ever relate the "WORD OF GOD" as being honest with yourself?
    When we speak, do we ever connect to how honest we are being to ourselves and others? Do we ever connect that there are words that will express our personality, and then a smaller voice that would speak to us, the WORDS OF GOD. Do we know the difference? Can we hear it?
    Can we see when our words dont match our heart? The other day something funny happened with my husband. He ate something and said, "my nose, isnt eating whats in my mouth" TRANSLATION: What he smelled , smelled better than what he was tasting. It was to him, not a match. We do that same thing every day. When we make our personalities strong than the word of God.
    Do we ever hear, what we're saying as we are saying it? Telling us, thats not what Christ would do, or say? Do we recognize, what we say to about a husband, or a mother or a friend, may not have the forgiveness of the WORDS OF GOD? And if we hear that, are we strong enough to stop, and correct what we are saying? Or does our personalities ego, charge foward, in order for us to  prove ourselves, right!
    Being "right" with GOD is being right in our CONSCIENCE. We never really need proof of that. What we need , is to stop and take a moment, so that we can make the "right" choice that reflect GODS WORD. Then, we'll  be right with HIM, and thats all that matters. 
    Have you ever told a lie, so that you'd be be seen as right? Was that desire your egos need. Was it because in that moment you felt less loved, less understood, less visible? Can any lie, ever be the WORD of God? 
    Being "right", is our need to be loved. It's mans way of being seen! Its our way of saying "here we are" and I need to be recognized. Its our personalities need to prove we are smart or acceptable, or right! In reality, only Gods truth is right..all else is our personalities need to be loved.
    Of course we all need to be loved. But our being right, has nothing to do with Gods love for us. One is our seeking love from outside ourselves, the other it calling upon Him to love us more.
     Maybe if we could listen more within, and think less of  maintain the position of "I'm right", without!
    Maybe if we knew, that when we feel that lack of self..we should go within and ask God to fill that gap! If we did that, He would immediately give us an answer that would fill our lack! We might even in that moment, drop our egos need, and instead choose to listen more, to the WORD OF GOD.   
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