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    The Mind of God and the Intellect

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 7:44 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    The shrewed mind can weave its way out of the weeds, by filling its listeners with tons of information, much of which, has little to do with explaining a truth.  It can stealthly dodge with cunning the facts which would reveal what questions asked are seeking. It can create diversions, so convincing, that to the willing believer, will convince them, it is a solid truth. This mind can keep itself, so far from what it fears will expose it, so that although it seems as if it is telling you all there is to know, it will never be responsible enough to admit or accept even a modicum of responsiblity.
     The shrewed mind, can get around any issue, and because it is quicker than many of its followers, it is accepted as being intensely smart.
    Those who know the difference between the Mind of Man, and that of Christ, could never equate, much less define the Mind of Christ, as smart, or shrewed. Those who dont worship the mind of the earth, know how the decievers mind works. It always avoids complete truths. In fact it perfers to dazzle you with half truths, deceptions, sins of ommision, than coming too close to that which will anhiliate it...His TRUTH. 
      Christ is Absolute Truth. The Mind of God emitted Christs light, as the  Truth. As Word of God. And the word of God is Truth. It is Absolute. And within it are the eternal truths. Truths that can be expressed in mans Souls as principles, and virtues. And in a mans character, as principles of value. Both held and stored. These virtues are inspirations of the Soul. Which, when drawn upon by man out of commitment and love for his GOD, become the Godly Character a virtuous man.
    Something no man would call cunning or smart. For the Mind of Christ has no real relationship to that of the Intellect. Its why all the questions in the world, asked by unbelievers will never fulfill them. For the Mind of Christ was not formed, nor does it have a need for defensiveness. Nor is its truths filled with knowledge needed for life on earth. It doesnt have a need to use certain tactics, or prove to itself or to others, it is right, or smart. It fears not!
    The Mind of Christ is LOVES TRUTH..the fulfillment of both Mind and as One, as our Immortal SOUL. 
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    What Greater Treasure than the Heart of Christ?

    Saturday, January 12, 2013, 12:41 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

    Why is it we waste so much time, in vain attempts at understanding Christs words?     We waste time in believing we will be judged, when it is we who are doing the judging. Is it not what a man says that tells you what he believes?

     Remember Christ told us, it is not our place to judge another. And those who truly believe in Christs word, know full well, we place more judgement on others, than see if we do the very thing ourselves?

    Judgement on a man, will be no different than the judgement he placed on himself. And it is that judgement, which will be what separates ourselves from Him. Judgement of others, leaves when we choose to change what we see, to decernment. Awareness that man is seeking His perfection, with the time released understanding of his God.  

    All everyman needs to know , and focus on is, where he places his treasure?         

    Do you choose to seek fulfillment with that which is seen as material treasures of the earth? Or are you a man who seeks the virtue of God, as your goal? Are you a man who loves life so, that your heart is open to all who seeks entry? Isnt that too, a Godly goal?

    Or are you a man, who gets his heart tested, to insure its a healthy as it can be. Yet are you that same man, who never tested the health of your hearts capacity to love? Are you more concerned with the beating of that muscle, than working on its full capacity to LOVE!

     Without Christ, we are 100% less, than who we were meant to be. Without the Love of God, we will bring anger to the very people we say we love. Without the treasure of Christ in our heart, we have not yet learned what it is to LOVE. Without Christ, men seek to buy coins to fill their bank accounts with gold. But with Christs love in our heart...we have treasure beyond any price man can afford!!

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    How Inspired by Christs Kingdom, is the World?

    Monday, January 7, 2013, 12:36 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Our Government asks us every election, what kind of people do we want to be?

    And for the next few years, the values the earth believed is of importance, becomes the political agenda of the time.

    As individuals, we also ask a similar question? What is the purpose of my life?

    Governments choice of values, can never reflect the values of the whole. Therefore it becomes easy for us to see, they are the values chosen by men, and can be bias, and even at times, against the values given us by God. Yet they are done, with all good intentions, as they progress ,(not aways in the right direction, towards God) but towards what the world believes are the needs of men.

    What we have done, is to allow government to do our work for us. To love ones neighbor, now doesnt need to include our neighbor next door. Nor our parents, or our workers, or our fellow man. We can ignore them, not even know their names, but we are forgiven, because we can vote, in the way we wish to treat them!

     No longer does love thy neighbor, need to be applied from an inner perspective. Or as something that requires a change of character by the individual. And because we have lost that purpose, we can see its results on any politica partisan blog. The government in time of our choosing which values we want written into law. Uses the very tactics no man would, had he truly be a man of value! No man who claims to love his neighbor would stir up such hate, to than say, its all for our common good?

     Somehow we allow ourselves to show the worst part of ourselves, to then say we want the best for our people?  And as these same politicans write laws, to abandon HATE SPEACH, they use the very thing, they want us not to do! 

    What I have come to realizs is, that "winning" an election means is that the winning party in power can now enforce the values they want enforced, down the throat of the losing side!

    And this is done in the name of loving ones neighbor!

    Government does do some good. But because it has the right to enforcement, it can never do in TRUTH the work GOD asks. The difference between the good done on earth, and the good expected by GOD from men to reach Heaven, is never on His part an enforcement of power. The good that is GODS, is given to each man, as his good character. It asks each man to live in truth, the mind and heart of God. Not out of fear, for Christ said, "be not afraid", nor does God urge man by threat of rule of law, but He urges MAN by the good conscious he has given him, so that he may learn Gods LOVE!

    Christs GOOD, cant be a paritisan issue, for that is the duality of man. And that is indeed our biggest clue! God never seeks to separate us, because it is in HIM that we find ourselves whole..

     The all GOOD, is a state of mind, and when we can see from that state, than the TRUTH is indeed SELF EVIDENT! And can be seen as the same, by all!

    Christ never asked for His Kingdom to be built on the earth. If He wanted to be President, He could have established Himself, President of Israel. Israel, like Christ's Conscienceness, is a state of mind, as well as a place on earth.  He wanted His people to reach His state of Mind where there is Peace.. 

    And thats the difference between governments and GOD. No matter how much those on earth want it to express His Kingdom, the earth will always be a place where men  will have dual values, that will always be at odds, of one man or another.

    Christs Character, is alive in certain values and principles, that only men who commit to them, will reach His state of Mind. And they have little to do, with protection of the earth, but all to do with the Soul that unites us to His Heaven.

    When He told us we must love our neighbor, did He tell us to bring it before the Roman Government, so as to put it into law?

    When He spoke of love, did He see (love) as a VALUE? And that when we say we love our neighbor, could He have meant, value him, as we value ourselves?

     How do we today show we value another? Do we  make use of Christs WORD?  Do we know our words intentions? Do they respect others as we respect ourselves? Do we project thankfulness, for all we have in every word we speak? 

    Should we seek to bring His GOOD WORD to a pagan, who seems to be happy in what he believes? Or should we bring it to a pagan, by our good example, more than our words? Wouldnt the  best way to bring Christ into the world, is to live His values, and keep His principles...which validate Him in our every word.

     But in how we live them? How do we apply His word into our lives?

    We must use His words ..when He said He was TRUTH. Do we speak the truth or do we cover the truth, for fear of being rejected? Do we speak the truth to our family, our friends, our lovers? Or do we hide the truth, so that we look better in the eyes of men?

    Love is TRUTH, for without TRUTH, no TRUST can exist. And without TRUST..Love will never be the ROCK UPON WHICH A FOUNDATION BUILT BY GOD CAN EXIST.  

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    Suffering Can Lead to Joy

    Tuesday, December 25, 2012, 9:40 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Odd that today, of all days, I had the need to speak of suffering? Maybe its because so many things happened as of late, we had to bear. Maybe its because Newtowns pain, still needs more days of Christs healing. Maybe our suffering, is our time to assess JOY?  
    There is a joy that comes , when one realizes a connection to suffering. Through suffering, man has a chance to broaden his humanity. Its not misery loves company, where some people take pleasure in sharing their pain with others, its just the reverse. When a person bares his own cross, by not seeking sympathy from others, he then has the chance to gain a reward from that suffering. He can find in... that, his humanity. He may see others whose suffering is even greater than his. Its when man can get out of his own selfish obsession of self, that a true change can happen. The joy of gratitude, for all he finally realizes he has, can enter his being. He can become grateful, for that which the suffering has caused him to understand. For in our weakness, we find our greatest strength...the Christ who has suffered all things, will be our constant example. Through Christ/God we can learn all we need to know. We can suffer in His example..and today..we can BE JOYFUL that we can rise out of every hardship..for He overcame death itself!
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    His Light is Always Here

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 8:57 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    His Light is Always with US. We however seem to always see it better, when we have been impacted by something very dark.

    The past few years has proven our politics is ugly, and for the most part untruthful in how it gets presented to us. We have been falling over a financial cliff, and what really hurts is that so many of our people have suffered because of it.

    Yet the other day, something so dark, so devestating, so biblically horrifing, impacted our collective soul. Christs birth, was also surrounded by the darkness created by the lack of love, and jealous hatred of a man called Herod. Whose fear of someone greater in Heavens plan, would make him do the unthinkable, call for the slaughter of innocents!

    This week we witnessed it again, by the hand of a very ill young man. Darkness lays over the land, as the joy that usually surrounds this season , has weighed heavy on our hearts.

    He is always with us, in the GOODNESS that lives in each mans Soul. We as men whose lives are always looking down, seem to only see His Light, when acts of darkness make us look up! But His light shines on us daily. His love is in every tear we shed for our neighbor. He isnt in our politics, thats only a job choice of a man. He is more in the neighbor who from across the sea in Austrailia, sends us a tribute of compassion, for our loss.

    Today I remembered who we are. Today I remembered that most of the time, we are basking in His Light..just as a healthy body doesnt notice its stasis, until the day it doesnt feel good.

    Christ is most evident, by the goodness expressed when we choose to do good. Christ is with us when we choose to love others more than self. Christ is most with us, when we remember all that is GOOD is of GOD. That without Him, mans good character comes and goes..

    When we choose to BE WITH HIM, IN HIS WORD...That means we must "keep His Word" if we say we believe. That means we must change what is ill in our character, to what is His plan for our GOOD. The closer we are to GODS WILL IN OUR BEING, the faster the illusion of darkness melts into the Glory of HIS LIGHT. Its when all doubts , fears, and lack of understanding of who we were meant to be, gets corrected and absorbed, into His Light.

    We dont realize His Life is always with us. We are too busy with living what we see as our daily life. It's when the darkness of loss, the void of unhappiness or when we become sensitive enough to feel a lack, that we have the opportunity to turn to Him.

    He is always there, it is our separation from Him, it is our darkness, it is never His.He has already made the pathway through deaths darkness. It is His Path alone, that has provided us THE WAY out of all our sins, out of all our darknesses, into HIS LIGHT.  

    GOD blesses US  Always. With every breath we take.. MAY WE FIND JOY AGAIN.. IN THE GLORIOUS BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! And may we see Him in US, as our greatest gift!

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