I Learn , When I Return to My Quiet Place

    Sunday, April 27, 2014, 6:58 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    I believe what we all need, is more of Christ in our lives. Daily, I examine both my purpose and my motives. I live my life in a self examined world. Almost on a daily basis , I see my purpose not questioned, but greater understood. Fequently I say " Today I realized my purpose". Because although I know my purpose is to write about how much I love my Christ/God. I also am aware that those who read my words, also have a purpose in reading them.

      Its not for me to judge who will listen to the words I share. Or what they will do about them. And this I believe is my newest revelation. That the words I speak dont truly belong to me, they are inspired by my love of Him.

    The words I write, are for Christ to use in those who may read them. It should have nothing to do with me. What I realized in coming home to my quiet place, was that I had a fear. The fear was, that my words would elevate me more, with those who know me. Rather than see Him! It was that, that made me want to leave those I love.

     I feared the idea of making a false God before Him. That the words I shared would place the light more on me, than on He who sent me.  Who am I to believe I could lead people to God, when its each heart that is given its purpose in Him? All I can do is express how I feel. All I can do is express how much He has touched my heart. How much He has been my strength, when I thought all I loved was lost. I still need this quiet place to express my love, but with no expectations or thought of anything more.

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    And the Angel Voices

    Monday, December 23, 2013, 9:55 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

     Merry Christmas to All

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    The Pagan Gods

    Sunday, September 29, 2013, 10:37 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Gods and Goddesses both Greek and Roman are infused into our culture. College campuses choose icons for their club flags or shields. We elevate regular people to "star" status in Hollywood. And it seems those symbols are never objected to, or taken to court to be removed, because of some atheists sensibilites.

    The bible states that Gods favorite angel fell , and with him also went a 1/3 of his followers. This too, can be interperted as part of what was to be the inheritance of the consciousness of man. It can be seen as all part of Gods plan.

    Christ existed before the earth was form. Pagan Gods were the best mankind could understand for their time. Just as Astrology, gave mankind a story of the heavens, in myths which ultimately would become the source of guidence in charting the stars for his worldly travels. But all this, still applied only to the resources on earth. 

    These Gods were suppose to be aspects or archtypes of humanitys nature. Humanities nature, divided by the duality of his being. Aspects, each represented as a god. Parts of humanities nature, seen and worshiped as separate living gods. This was early man's outward nature, placing those aspects of his nature upon others, more than understanding them as part of himself.

    Christ was not part of this expression. His existence could not exist there. For Christ/ God can never exist where there are elements of the darker side of mans nature. Christ/God can never live where separation is ones goal.

     Just think of Adam and Eve, God had trouble recognizing them, once they made their choice to separate from Him. God doesnt live in duality. Duality occupies the mind, and lives of mankind. Christ/God's nature is that of Oneness. "I and my Father are One". He is the wholeness of our being, that we see. God's and Goddesses of the past, were never based upon the Goodness and wholeness of Christ/God.  

    That's why it takes a completely different mind-set for Christs entry into our world. It's why those who believe Christ's existence is myth, whose roots are from Pagan gods, is not the truth.  

     These pagan understandings will never lead one to Christs fulfillment. They belong to those whose development lives in a world separate in its duality to that of God.

    They will always exist. Just as black and white will always exist. Just as some rituals believe colors will define the way to God. As pagan religions belong soley to the natural outward understanding of mankinds survival.

    We are told these separated angels of light, serve Gods purpose. And even that can be understood, once we place them where they the job of keeping us separate from Him.

    It is  OUR PURPOSE to go beyond the dual nature of man. Beyond the pagan religion and ritural of the past. Beyond mans nature (survival, and lust for the earth) To develop beyond the animal egos attempt, to make us "stars" among other men, and instead seek the One true Light of the world Christ, for our complete  fulfillment!

    His Light leads us to true understand. My question would be, what of those who still believe they are serving Gods purpose by serving the Pagan lord? Do they still need to choose Lucifers deception, once they have been awakened to the truth?

    Do they still need to be held as being better than God Himself? Would they, with better understanding have another choice? Could they be a part of what our need is now, to have Christ bring home both those who loved him, and those who didnt follow Him? With the understanding and knowledge of this TRUTH, could those who served Lucifer, today have a better choice?


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    Sickness Calls Us to God or Away from Him

    Sunday, March 17, 2013, 11:20 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    As someone who has lived far too long, with those whom I loved having illness always playing a role in my life, I believe I can say...that illness can either draw one closer to God, or call us away.

    Prayer for those we love, is of course a way of keeping the person whose ill, in our thoughts and good will for their hopeful recovery. But for those who are the care takers, a person who is in constant need of attention because of thier ills,can take us away from our God, in the constant need of the other.

    Today, I choose to keep my thoughts on Christ/God. Today as another crisis has been presented to me, I choose to focus more on Him, than on the illness which seems to constantly draw me to attend to it. Knowing full well, there is nothing I can do, to heal or help. Knowing full well , that all the care is being given the person who is in need of His healing. And that this time is better spent on keeping my thoughts on the only person who can truly give anyone their daily life!

    So today, I will give all my thoughts to Christ. I will seek His counsel, rather than rush to a place where all I will see, is a bed and my loved one in it. Instead, I will look to my God, as those around him are doing what they are trained to do. To help God heal his body. I will write these words, rather than focus on what I can not do, to help him regain his strength. And as those in whose charge it is to care for his well being while he again needs tests taken to determine what it is that is expressing itself, in his constant need for suffering..I will seek Christs mercy, for him. I will ask that whatever it is, that my loved one needs to learn during this time, he can learn with less pain and physical suffering. I will seek Christs help to understand that God doesnt give us suffering, it is our separation from him, that does. And with this understanding, I will pray today, that my loved one , lean on Christ for all he needs to understand. So that his illnesses will no longer be needed for him to grow greater in his understanding of Gods purpose in him.


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    Feels As If I Have Come Home

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 11:52 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    We are indeed creatures of habit. I am a nester at heart. Change is always happening around me, but my nest is secure in His Heart.

    So today when I was able to get back onto Belief-net, I felt as if I was indeed, again Home.

    I have been writing my thoughts and feelings regarding my relationship with my God/Christ, for more years now than I can even remember. All I know is , that when I write HERE, it does in a way, feel like home.

    The illness of a loved one, took me away from here , so that I could give him the needed attention required, to help him hold onto He in whose life, we all commend our spirit too.

    He still has a way to go, but he is closer to home, than he had been two months ago.

    So thank all who prayed us through the darkness of  the valley of death, for he indeed was at deaths door.

    All Glory to He who continues to give us life, for His purpose in that we in our marriage can grow closer in understanding Christ as the Beloved. For without Christ as the center of all our lives, we will never have the fulfillment our Souls need to experience, as the purpose of our being..

    Thank you who knew and prayed, and all who love to speak here about Christ, even if no one ever reads your words...    

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