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    Are You Satisfied with Just Being a Believer?

    Saturday, September 26, 2015, 6:00 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Many Christians hold to the belief, they are saved . That no amount of good works, would get us our salvation. That is the truth. But also many who hold to that belief, see no need to BE anything other then BELIEVERS.
    I never was satisfied with being that. I always wanted to "Know Him" not just believe in Him.
    I always wanted to become better because I loved Him, more then I loved myself. And although many remain happy with their salvation, I wanted to be more for Him. I want...ed to give back, anything I could, to He who gave His life for me.

    Your understanding is telling me, what our Lord did for us. My understanding called for me to become better FOR HIM.. And I believe its our understanding of Christ, that determines our purpose in Him. I see Saints as better models then those our children look to, in sports, or entertainment.
    I see Saints as models of people who devoted their lives to Christ, even at the pain of death. As regular people who can inspire us because of the lives they lead. Like St. Teresa, when she reminds us that " We can do small things with great love."
    All who love Christ, know He is all they need. And although my salvation was made right by Him, I always felt I needed to be more FOR HIM. I know I am saved because of nothing I do...But I also know, I can be made better in Him ,and by Him. I know only our love for Him, can take away ALL FEAR.
    I felt my purpose was to become as close to His likeness, in love and truth, as I could. I wanted to develop my character to have qualities that would please Him, because I love Him more then self.
    Just believing in Him, wasn't enough for me. I needed to become who I knew He would want me to be. I suppose if we all thought or believed in Him with the same purpose and belief, there would be no need for Methodist, or Baptists or the like. I am grateful for my Catholic roots, for they were the foundation of my love of Christ. To see only one expression as the right one, would limit all who love Christ , and as we all know ,His love and expressions of love, are limitless. ..

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    Are You Ready?

    Monday, September 14, 2015, 8:29 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    What if I told you to stop waiting for Christ to come back?
    What if the end of times is already here, and His Spirit is changing us as we speak?
    What if rather then waiting to be raised up in a cloud, we begin to set right our own beings for Him to enter?
    What would we have to change to make ourselves so pure, that Christ will see His reflection in our heart?
    Think for a moment? Make believe He is coming to your home for dinner? What would be your first thought? Would you run... to clean your house, or be more concerned about what to make for dinner?
    Or would your concerns be, is it true, can He really want to be a part of me? Would you think yourself unworthy or too good already with no need for Him to enter your being?
    Would you be more conscious of your words? Your thoughts about others you're still angry at? Would your concerns be you cant receive communion if He wants you to? What would you believe, needs to change?

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    Divine Vigilance like Self Awareness...but !

    Monday, August 24, 2015, 12:35 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    When we find ourselves in conflict with another. Do we place the blame always outside ourselves? If we do, we will never find the thing that is troubling us. For we will always be looking for the pain in us, to be cured by another?

    Divine insight asks God to reveal what's causing us distress? What is the outside showing us, that inside needs to correct?
    Divine vigilance is similar to self awareness, the difference is, it allows for God to make the correction in us, by showing us how much we want to our hold on being "right". And where God wants us instead, to be His forgiveness

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    A Sunday Devotional

    Sunday, August 16, 2015, 9:58 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Some Christians believe they are saved because they believe Christ is God and died for our sins.
    And they are right.
    They may believe with the same flat unmoving words, spoken as if it is just a prayer of repetition. Lacking heart. And yet they will be saved.
    Other Christians believe, they need to actively participate in a church, or another house of worship, where fellowship is their main reason to attend.
    Few Christians I would imagine, would choose to walk the Path of Christ.
    For that would mean, they would need to pick up their OWN cross, and commit to becoming more like Christ.
    That would mean self examination; finding out who they are , warts and all.
    It would mean, making nothing greater than God in their lives, not even their families, who most would find that the hardest nail on their cross.
    But when all is done, what exactly is the purpose of a devoted Christian, if not to become like the greatest model of love, given to us and the World?
    Some will choose to preach the word, in the attempt to glorify themselves.
    For others it will be a sincere journey in search of their own relationship with God.
    All I can do is speak for myself. It was the greatest the worst, the best, the hardest, the most painful , pleasure one can experience. And still I would pick up my cross again and again. Because there is no greater love one can have, then to have Christ as your Lover and your Friend.

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    Soul Body Connection

    Thursday, August 6, 2015, 6:51 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    We are a Soul that has a body, are the words C S Lewis has expressed.
    This is true. But how many live as the Soul they are?
    How many even know what their Soul is?
    Our Soul is the Eternal in us.
    It is the part of our being, that lives forever.
    It has a twofold purpose. It records all the good we feel, and feeds us with the Eternal Good, that is God.
    When we do something good or feel good because we did good, our Soul records that in our eternity. The more we respond to our Soul, the more Good gets both stored, and renewed again in us.
    Our body feels good, but it doesn't store it, its not the bodies job. The body stores the negative memories we have, because we needed to remember how to protect ourselves and our survival in the world.
    So the more we respond to the good of our Soul, the more good is stored within us.
    The more we listen to that which lives in the eternal, the healthier we become. Why? Because there is less need to store the negative in our body. There will be less need to be fearful, or protective, the more we live what's in our Soul.

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