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    A Renewal of the Meaning of Sacred

    Friday, June 26, 2015, 10:40 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Same sex marriage has been upheld. We must realize, our country is now a secular Nation. This may be a good thing, as long as no religious institution is forced to violate their own religious beliefs .

    For those who believe in marriage as a sacred union, it may be the best thing that has ever happened. Because now, getting married in a Church may awaken followers of Christ, to the difference between having the right to marry, (secular) and being married with a conscious un...derstanding of marriage as a union with God. This may bring back marriage as a sacrament. Re awakening the mind set of many, who may never had made the real distinction before?
    As Christians, we are supposed to marry with the understanding that this sacred union is for more then just two people, but is supposed to include Christ Himself as the guiding Principle of Love.
    This may enlighten our children, to the difference, between just having a right, and living what is right as a sacred choice in our commitment to each other, and to our God..

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    Absolute Truth vs Personal Truth

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 1:03 PM [Character of the Christ]

    When we as a people, gave up a belief in an Absolute Truth, we also gave up Truth itself. And in it's place, we gave way to truth as one's personal opinion.
    "Absolute" means (perfect, whole, complete, not mixed, positive, certain, undiluted).The Truth that lives as an eternal principle.
    Just as we would see Christ's Truth as being perfect, whole, unadulterated etc.
    When Truth no longer is WHOLE, it becomes dual in its expression. So that finding what is a whole truth, now i...s left to individual determination. Which is impossible, because people are dual in their own nature.
    So what once was a belief in a TRUTH undivided, now was lost, along with the perfect character of Truth itself. And with that, mans integrity, became one of situation. Meaning his good character no longer was held to absolute standards of truth.
    Lying is today accepted, people cheating, politicians not telling us the truth, no longer offends us. Unprincipled people now find "offenses" in things they don't like, rather than virtues or principles violated.
    Isn't it ironic, that the only time we are expected to tell the COMPLETE TRUTH, is in a court of law. When we are called to be a "witness!"
    If Christ is TRUTH, and we are supposed to be His "witnesses"
    Shouldn't truth itself, be the core principle of our good character?

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    Are We Living the Way of Christ? Or Is That A Tall Order?

    Monday, June 22, 2015, 3:20 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Recently I responded to a FB statement that was in support of the idea of being oneself. I thought , who else could we be?

    It's true, if you love someone so much, there are times we may try to be more like them. Usually we are seeing something we would like to improve upon within ourselves. Just  noticing a virtue in another, means its a part of your own soul.

    I also thought, so many people are just fighting to be themselves.
    As if someone was purposefully wanting to make them something else? That may happen when we are children, but maturity allows for us to define who we are, no matter what others think.
    So now we come to a place, where we accept who we are, no matter what others think, but are we still who we were meant to be?

    For me, I knew I needed to be more. From a very early age, I knew I wanted to love as Christ loved.
    So the response I gave to the person on that FB page was..."I don't want to copy anyone on earth, I love who I am and who I have become...But I do want to copy the love of my Life, Christ/God.
    The man replyed bt saying, "that's a tall order, my friend". My answer to him was, It may be seen that way by some...but isn't that the reason for our being?"

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    Thoughts on the Children of God

    Thursday, June 4, 2015, 1:24 PM [General]

    Some of us will seek to know ourselves, through knowing the Creator who made us.
    While others will be content to leave God somewhere in a tree, a stream, or in the sky.
    Some will attribute the good in their lives, to their own hands.
    While others will see everything they have as a gift from God.
    Some will speak words that will make you think they know Him, as their actions will show that they don't....While some whose lives one would question, silently praise Him in the actions they take.
    Some will seek the missing part of themselves, with the power of the purse. Filling their void with temporary things
    Not all will express their God, in this life. Some believe He can only come to them in lifes death.
     God has made us all in His image and likeness, and although many will be called, few will choose to know Him as intimately as they could have. After all , He wanted no one to come to Him through force. Its why we all have been given a choice.

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    Christ's Character is Absolute Truth

    Sunday, May 31, 2015, 9:39 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Guilt, was once the reason humanity lived by the rules.
    We called it a "conscience", and it served men well for a time.
    Then, when the message of love of self came to the consciousness of society, guilt was replaced by self love.
    Positive thinking and love of self, made us healthier, and aligned us with the words of" love our neighbor as ourselves, for God's love"
    This love of self, overcame guilt, but with it, for far too many, ones good conscience.
    Love of self allowed the mind to be free of all restrictions. And a guilt free society, replaced the previous " Authoritarian One", with self.
    Along with this, colleges were teaching that there was no such thing as Absolute Truth. And along with this new belief, God was no longer needed for man to be good. God was declared dead.

    The "self" became unencumbered. No longer in need of an absolute. With this, values and eternal principles became obsolete, along with that the guides of good behavior. 

    This new understanding dismissed the God/ Christ as keeper of that Absolute Truth. Mans individual truth, replaced the higher principle of TRUTH. The very truth, Christ claimed His Life exemplified.

    Along with the elmination of the Absolute,  so too was the principle of wholeness. Which was the core principle needed, for the integrity of man. And as with any truth compromised, it becomes open to corruption. Personal truths now became opinions. And opinions became facts. 
     Ethics once based upon the eternal principles of truth , now had no absolute, as ethics devolved into individual situations. Leaving today's man the god of his own understandings, which could wavier based upon his idea of the truth.

    In effect this was the disconnect of the highest standards, based upon Godly principles. And now, men deciding what was right, based on an ethic that could change in individual situations. No longer was man held to the higher standard of an Absolute Truth, leaving them lost to the constantcy of the TRUTH alive in the Character of Christ.

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    My Journey from the Stars.. to the God of Love

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 8:34 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Astrology relies on the belief in a Universe whose planetary alignments effect our lives. In a way, the belief itself makes us see ourselves as the stars. 
    This belief will of course be a reality, because as we know, our beliefs form our perception, and hence our reality.
    The belief of God as the controller of the Universe has merit, but it leaves one with a God outside self. It calls upon ones wants, to be given to the Universal law of attraction suggestion box. And when our desires are met we attest to the Universe answering our positive ...attraction.
    I once believed in this understanding, and like many other understandings, we may grow beyond it, because our life proves it wrong.
    Of course there are laws of attraction, but how many use this law , as the reason for someone really hurtful entering their life?
    My use of Astrology was to learn more about who I was. And it's purpose for the most part is to tell us how great we are, which includes all the signs and planets that were aligned so we could become who we were meant to be.
    I now relegate Astrology to that of the flowers of the earth. Each flower having its birth at a certain time. Each flower having its colorful hues, and form. But these flowers have no chance at eternity. They live on the earth only for a time. It was then, that my need for a God more like the one who I loved all my life, took a stronger hold. It was this understanding that made me seek , not a cold lifeless Universe as the model of my life. But someone who knew how much all humanity needed LOVE. It was then, that my outer god, proved less than what I needed...and my Love turned inward, to where the true Kingdom of God resides.

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    How do you see Christ ?

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 10:13 AM [General]

    How do you picture Christ?
    As a God somewhere over a rainbow, like a child when considering Oz?
    Do you see Him as leading you to the stars in a Universe you have little in common with, other then it being part of a philosophy of old?
    Is He only a thought , you hold, so that your lips can mutter a name that binds you with others?
    Or have you seen Him as your mate? Someone real enough to share your feelings with? Someone when you feel a lack of being loved, you call upon first ..., before all others? Do you see Him as a living entity who, knows you better then you know yourself?
    It's how you view Christ, that will either make Him the mate of your whole being, or a distant god, whose life has little to do with who you are.

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    When We Take Following Christ, Seriously

    Monday, May 11, 2015, 7:10 AM [Character of the Christ]

    The problem with many Christians is , they fear following Christ will change them too much. That they no longer will have their same personality. And even worse that they will become so holy, they no longer will be able to have fun.
    After all, we all have seen pictures of the ancient Saints, and hardly a smile on any of them.
    Well that's because being too serious about anything, in todays world is a threat. We already believe, we are over worked, and over burdened.
    But how joyful would we be, if our burdens were lifted, and our work became a joy? How free would we be, if we no longer cared about what others thought of us, and only had to answer to He who gives us our strength?
    Could we give up our cursing, for feeling more loved?
    Could we give up our pretenses to become more of who we are?
    How wonderful would it be not to have to hold on to the protective shield of being exposed?
    And lastly how free could you be, if you never ever have to cover your shame, by telling a lie?
    If that is asking too much of you, then following Christ is indeed to serious a journey for you to take. If what He offers sounds like a path you would love to take...than He will SERIOUSLY help you walk it.

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    Happy Mothers Day

    Saturday, May 9, 2015, 8:04 PM [General]

    Motherhood is mystical.
    It transforms a single cell impregnated with the spark of life, that holds within it, all the possibilities available to that life.
    She helps nurture this life, until it chooses to be born into the world.
    Motherhood shares her own life force, her heart, and a piece of her Soul.  She asks nothing, for all she gives to this unborn babe. All she wants is its life to be filled with all that is good. All that brings it joy, and hopes it will find a love of its own.                    She seeks nothing for herself, yet hopes for everything to be given to her child. She prays its life will be fulfilled. That it will find its purpose in the world. She asks for nothing, other than her child find happiness in its Soul.
    Happy Mothers Day to all, who feel children are our greatest gift!

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    The Difference Between Self Awareness and Divine Vigilance

    Friday, May 8, 2015, 10:14 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Growing in Christ/God begins with a choice.

    As long as we are still blaming others for your hurts, and life's injustices, we have yet to become self aware.
    As long as we believe self awareness makes us enlighted, and therefore its our duty to enlighten others, we have yet to learn Divine Vigilance.
    The difference between Divine Vigilance, and Self Awareness is; with Divine Vigilance we allow God to reveal our faults, as He gently suggests their correction.

    With Self Awareness, our love of self, denies we have any faults, therefore leaving us no need for correction. No need for Christ to make us in His image.

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