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    Monday, April 14, 2014, 2:15 PM [Character of the Christ]

    1.  If as a Christian, Christ's Name is withheld when another defines their God,  as the same God as what you yourself believe?
      Ask yourself why they withhold His Name?
    2. For I believe in God. My God is Jesus Christ. There are no other gods before Him. For some believe Christ's life, is just a story. Others point to His being a part of history, a teacher, a prophet, and little more.
      Some group Him among good men, the same as Ghandi, or Buddha or ...MLK.
      I do not.
      I believe my God is the Savior of all humankind. I believe my God died was Resurrected and came back to Life in the heart of all men who love Him, as it happened with the disciples of His time.
      I believe my God can create miracles in my life, something none of those good men mentioned, can do.
      I believe my God is what He said He was...The Way, The Truth and the Life. I believe He made a place for me in His Heart which is my Eternity.
      I believe He died so that I can truly live a life, I never thought possible. With the character that expresses best, the life of Christ.
      I believe HIS LOVE in me, isn't just a given. And that I need to begin to live the principles He challenges me to choose every day.
      I believe wanting to live a Christ-like Life is a conscious commitment. And know, that there will be those, who are saved by believing in Him alone.
      I believe we choose to grow in His love, and with that we learn how to forgive. I believe my love is not limited to remain the love of only a human; but instead has a purpose to grow in the HEART and SOUL OF MY FATHER, GOD.
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    Saturday, April 5, 2014, 7:38 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Having always believed the true expression of Christ , comes to us through modeling His Good Character. I have thought more on the values and Virtues His Life has impressed on our Immortal Soul.

    Virtues develop as we become more and more aware of what we value. They become a part of our character, the more we align ourselves to the GOOD that is the Character of Christ. They can only be understood and developed by self awareness.

    They are products of ones understanding of truth. They are gifts from God given us through the Soul.

    Today, I awoke with the thought of Sincerity. Sincerity is a virtue, one would think of the heart. Instead, it is a value and virtue of the MIND.

     Sincerity requires self awareness. It suggests an awareness of deception, or even a simple lack of truth, within the heart. 

    Sincerity requires thougthfulness. The term "whatever" could never exist, where sincerity lives.

    Sincerity holds no guile.

    with sincerity I am happy to be back writing on beliefnet.. feels most like home.

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    My New Year Prayer

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 8:23 PM [Character of the Christ]

    May this New Year bring more people to Christ.
    May His Love influence our thoughts and actions.
    May we allow our character to reflect more of His.
    May we look to be more like Him, than want others to look at us.
    May Christ heal all wounds, touch all hearts, and speak His truth to those who are listening.
    May our culture be more concerned with His presence within us, than what show on TV best represents our values.
    May one virtue emerge in your heart, that transforms your being into His best reflection. May all who expect Him to return to earth, realize its our imitation of His Being, that will be that return!
    God Bless Us All, and may all we need to grow more in Christ, be there for us to embrace.

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    And the Angel Voices

    Monday, December 23, 2013, 9:55 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

     Merry Christmas to All


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    And The Soul Felt It's Worth

    Sunday, December 15, 2013, 8:47 AM [Character of the Christ]

    As the birth of Christ is celebrated around the world; the words of my favorite hymn fills the air with angels voices.

    Christmas for me, is every day. He is in my mind with every grateful moment I experience. Be it from a moments release from pain. Or a gift of trust being fulfilled by someone you least expected it to come from. Gratitude, is the beauty of ones heart.

    So as these days we have determined to celebrate His birth, we must think about the words of the song "Oh Holy Night." Until Christ, the masses had not yet felt their worth. They had not yet experienced how much they could love.

    Moses gave socieity, the rules in which to live. Christ gave the world the example of what Love in Truth, really means. He is our example. His Love can convert mans selfish nature, into its highest being, a man whose character expresses his godly nature. So this year , let us follow Him in earnest. Let us allow our Soul, to be what fufills our worth. Let us allow the goodness that lives within, be the beacon we need to shine upon all in whom we met. Not so we shine brighter than He, but that His being becomes visible to those who seek to know Him.

        God Bless! And may all you dream come in blessings to you. And may your fulfilment in Him, serve for the betterment of all mankind!

            May God Bless you with His worth.... a truly grateful, soulfilled heart!

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    Gratitude, the Hearts Thanksgiving

    Monday, November 25, 2013, 10:32 AM [General]

    God Bless all my friends here on B-net. May everyday pave a new road of Thanksgiving, to lead us to the Heart of God.

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    The Pagan Gods

    Sunday, September 29, 2013, 10:37 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Our culture is filled with the influence of the Lord that has been in the consciousness and subconsciousness of humanity, ad infinatum.

    Gods and Goddesses both Greek and Roman are infused into our culture. College campuses choose icons for their club flags or shields. We elevate regular people to star status in Hollywood. And it seems those symbols are never objected to or taken to court to be removed, because of some atheists sensibilites.

    The bible states that Gods favorite angel fell , and with him also went a 1/3 of his followers. This too can be interperted as part of what was to be the inherence of the consciousness of man. It can be seen as all part of Gods plan.

    But much like everything that Christs Light enlightens us to, wouldnt there also be a time of enlightenment, where mankind is lead to make another choice? To see whose power he is more influenced by?

    Christ existed before the earth was form. Pagan Gods were the best mankind could understand for their time. Just as Astrology, gave mankind a story of the heavens, in myths which ultimately would become the source of guidence in charting the stars for his worldly travels. But all this still applied only to the sources on earth. 

    These Gods were suppose to be aspects or archtypes of humanitys nature. Humanities nature, divided by the duality of his being. Aspects each represented as a god. Parts of humanities nature, separate living as a individual god. This kept man looking outward, to placing his nature upon others, more than understanding it as part of himself.

    Christ was not part of this expression. His existence could not exist there. For God can never exist where there are elements of the darker side of mans nature. Christ/God can never live where separation is ones goal.

     Just think of Adam and Eve, God had trouble recognizing them, once they made their choice to separate from Him. God cant live in the duality that occupies the mind, and lives of mankind. Christ/God's nature is that of Oneness. "I and my Father are One". They are the wholeness of our being. And live within a completely different set of rule of law. Their being lives as the Goodness and wholeness of God.  

    That's why it takes a completely different mind-set for Christs entry into our world.

     These pagan understandings will never lead one to Christs fulfillment. They belong to those whose development lives in a world separate in its duality to that of God.

    They will always exist. Just as black and white will always exist. Just as the judgements we place on those colors will always exist. But they will never teach us of the Love of God, for they belong soley to the nature of mankind.

    We are also told these separated angels of light, serve Gods purpose. And even that can be understood once we place them where they belong..in the job of keeping us separate from Him.

    It is within OUR PURPOSE to go beyond our pagan nature (survival the part of lusting for the earth. To develop beyond our egos attempt, to make us "stars" among other men, and instead seek the One true Light of the world Christ, for our complete  fulfillment!

    His Light leads us to understand. My question would be, what of those who still believe they are serving Gods purpose by serving the Lord of the Pagans? Do they still need to choose Lucifers deception, once they have been awakened to the truth?

    Do they still need to be held as being better than God Himself? Would they, with better understanding have another choice? Could they be a part of what our need is now, to have Christ bring home both those who loved him, but didnt follow Him; and those whose purpose was by choice, to not need Him, but now may see thier egos need, is needed no more?


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    Who Determines Our Perfection?

    Saturday, August 24, 2013, 2:10 PM [Character of the Christ]

    In Christ's eyes, we are already perfected. If we believe He has alread died for our sins. Isnt that considered His purification of who we are?

    We should never seek perfection, for that alone belongs to God. Left up to us, some will always find a fault, something we didnt get right. The fear alone of our lack of perfection, only confirms to us, we are not yet there. 

    It is through our good Character that we develop not into perfection, but more to the likeness of Christ.

    When we can no longer give another an excuse, so as not to be rejected by them. Whose purpose it is to justify our own insecurities. When instead, we can face the other, as if we were looking at Christ, and speak the truth gently, will we begin to have the courage needed to become in His likeness.

    When we are honest in all we do and say. When we fear more the sin of ommision because it dishonors God, that speaking it so as to cover our own half truths.

    If Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life.. We must begin to let go of the attempt of being purfect. Because it is an illusion in the sense, no man can compare His perfection to Gods.

    But all man can walk the Path that changes our character. And its that we must focus more on. Why? Because He gave us the WAY and it is IN TRUTH, That we find His Life.! God Bless all who seek His love in truth.   

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    St Augustine's The Imitation of Christ

    Thursday, July 11, 2013, 10:31 AM [Character of the Christ]

    The reason why so few contemplative persons are found, is that so few know how to separate themselves ENTIRELY from what is transitory and what is  created.
     Grace induces the awareness that lifts the soul above itself. Unless a man be elevated in spirit, free from creatures and completely united to God, all his knowledge will be united to the temporary.
     Remember, all flesh had its true course corrupted for survival sake. With this focus, our interior affection has also been corrupted. We have changed the inward focus where our true strength, courage and virtue lie; and instead turned that focus to an outward strength.
     We ask: Is he strong, rich, handsome? A good singer, a good worker, a good writer?                                                                                  
       Nature makes us look outward at appearances: Grace (and the Word of Christ) turns us to our inner being.(To the Kingdom within.) The one often errs, the other trusts in God and is not deceived. (extrapolated from the book " The Imitation of Christ")
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    Is There A Belief in One God?

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 11:57 AM [General]

    Most people believe there is but One God. However, if that belief were true, there would be no different religions, based upon differences in philosophical thought.
     The term religion used to mean, ones personal relationship with a higher being, or power, or god. And although many would still like to hold on to the ideal that all religions propose the same concept of "love thy neighbor", many schools of thought don't stand on that principle or precept.
    The Greeks will tell us, that their gods were made in the image and likeness of men. That they reflected both the good traits and the not so good ones, that created their  myths and religious philosophies. They also believed in the duality of man, which never defines itself from a "whole" or "holy" perspective.
    There are also those who believe in Natures god, which much was made use of by our Founding Fathers. This belief  sees God in the beauty of all of nature. Nature however, can be very cruel, and have no compassion for the lives it takes for its survival. It also cant teach man about something that is above itself? We cant learn from a tree how to love one another, although we can admire its harmonious beauty. We can study it, and use it only as a source of knowledge. And although some trees live for hundreds of years, we cant gain ancient Wisdom from even the most mighty Oak.
    Therefore, where did most religions develop the concept of Love as its basis for a God? It certainly couldnt have gotten it from just the union of a man and a woman. For many of those relationships are in constant need to develop more understanding regarding the meaning of LOVE.
    So what was the source that gave mankind the command to Love ones neighbor as oneself? If we ask most people whose command that was, I'm certain the name Jesus Christ would be said.
     Christ came to earth not as a god of mans nature, for that would be only survival based. But as THE SON OF GOD. THE WORD MADE FLESH. The Alpha and the Omega, who was in the beginning and will be in the end. Christ's purpose was to elevate us above our animal nature. And although He loved all things, as St Francis Assisi proved He does. His purpose in bringing us the WORD made in Flesh was to show us the Way to His Fathers Kingdom. To teach us the WISDOM that lives above ones animal nature. To give us the true example of our Immortal Soul. His path is a reverse one, that doesn't follow the ways of man, or of Natures God. Its for this reason, it is the most difficult to follow, yet it is the easiest for us to relate to, once we know the key.
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