Innocence is Our Spirit

    Monday, July 27, 2015, 8:57 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Our Spirit can be understood, when we see the innocence of a new born babe. We see in a new born, purity, untouched by the earths soil. How is it we know we must be gentle, That we need to keep this pure being clean. We wrap it in softness, speak to it gently. Hold it with care. This is the spirit of our soul...this is its innocence...visible to us in the flesh.
    Is it any wonder, God asks us to be pure of heart? For He see's us in our innocence even though He knows the dirt upon our feet.

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    Sex Drugs Rock&Roll

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 6:58 AM [General]

    Now that I've got your attention. I would like for a moment to separate that which lives in our heart, and that which drives the bus towards sex, drugs and rock and roll.

      Have you ever noticed that when we feel the LACK OF LOVE, we tend to want money more? Its built into our society's structure. When we work for a living, and believe we have given much of ourself to the job, after a while, we begin to feel A LACK. That lack cant be filled with sex, so we now turn to the other element of our survival, money. We then believe we can fill that lack with the reward, of a raise. There is a natural reason for this. Sex and love are linked together, even though we all know we can love without sex, and we can have sex without being in love. We were built so that our heart and our gonads work together, even though they can exist on their own. 
     The sex center is the center of physical survival. Its where we reproduce and seek our needs ,in the physical realm. So its no mystery that the LACK OF LOVE we should fill with the only thing that truly filfills, we ignore , and instead believe sex and money is the cure.
    Can we see then, why America is so sexually focused. We have built Capitalism on this centers need. It's why sex ed is overly stressed in our schools, while good character is not? Its because the center of physical life, lives in our lower nature.
    If we take sex out of the equation and just focus on the product of our heart, we would get a very different focus, and far less entertaining :)

    A pure heart (without its lower link) would produce things relegated to our good character, our highest nature.
    It would produce compassion, truth, gentleness, charity, gratitude, humility, innocence, beauty, honesty, sincerity and virtues that are forever. Our heart can, and does live for LOVE..a love that when it is fulfilled with God... needs nothing. Our heart when it no longer seeks phsical fulfillment, becomes the place where all that is good lives, and has its being.

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    White on White Embroidery

    Sunday, July 19, 2015, 6:22 PM [General]

    Today I attended the yearly "Glad to be alive in July" party, at a friends. For the first time I felt I was there, but not "there". This was the first time I attended the party without my husband Lou or my best friend Charlie accompanying me. And although I never needed anyone to get me out of my shell, today I was more a witness than a participant.

    l love being with people, only this time I felt odd.  And as we shared the usual pleasantries, that not seeing each other for over a year brings, it wasn't the same.

     I listened and heard nothing being said. It was as if we all got together, every years with little in common, other then just being there. No indepth conversations, or thoughts about the world in which we live?
     It was much like the new embroidery I THOUGHT I wanted to learn. White on white, with all the stiches on the surface.  I suppose was what I was sensing...a severe lack of depth.
     And as I drove home I remember the laughter Lou & Charlie would create, as they needled each other left and right. This was the first time neither of them were there, and it was as if the life of the party had turned out the light. I thought I had that in me as well, but today there was nothing I had to share.
    I'm asked to go out and see plays, or take bus rides to occupy my time, now that my two best friends are no longer with me. But I find I have lived a very different life. With them I could share my deepest feelings of intimacy, and that had become the core of my relationships. No superficiality I suppose?
    I find its hard for me to live in a white on white world, where surface pleasantries, are all there is to share.
    Maybe that's why I prefer not leaving my home. Guess I find I like the company of my own thoughts. The focus on who I love, and the company I keep in Christ.
     Not everyone see's a party as the place to speak of Him. But what a party we could have had, had we made Him the focus of why we are alive in July!.

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    Humility...the Goal of a Sincere Christian

    Monday, July 13, 2015, 11:18 AM [Character of the Christ]

    What does it take to become humble?
    It takes our becoming completely dependent upon God.
    Something our ego finds extermely hard to do. How can we give up our belief, that we are the center of the Universe? That every success isn't our own? That the pride we feel in who we are, is the possible preventative that keeps us from becoming one with Christ!
    The humble Christian understands through trials, that without Christ, we can do nothing. The humble Christian loves all equally. They can love another's child as if it were their own, because they have no pride of possession. The humble Christian owns nothing, not even his thoughts of God. For all that is good is of God. 

    The humble Christian recieves peace because he has given all he is to God.
    This can only happen, when we shift from a human centered faith based on the self, to a God centered faith, based completely in God. One that gives up the self's need for attention, and reward, to the place where God is the center of all our being. Where nothing we have, is our own. Where all that we have, belongs to Him.

    Where all glory is His...and all we are lives because He allows it.

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    Questions to Ask ...Answers to Learn

    Sunday, July 12, 2015, 7:10 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Are you a new person in Christ? What has He changed in you?
    Do you still worry and fear? Or are your fears lessened, because you have learned lessons because of them?
    Are you more grateful then wanting? Do you believe in yourself? 
    Do you attempt to love move, those you say you love?
    Are you more concerned in the lives of others, and less interested in your own? Have you asked yourself why? 
    If Christ were in your presence, what would He change within you?

    Some people await God's voice in silence, thinking it is separate from their own.          His voice is always there within you. His voice is the one that asks you to not be anxious or fearful. To be kind to yourself and even kinder to others. His voice asks you to learn what you think is missing in your life, and than add Him in its place.
    He asks you to be better, and forgive even those you say you hate, because they hurt you. He tells you that true love is gratitude. That no one is loved more by Him then you.
    He asks that you live in joy, and happiness. He asks that you know, all that is good within and without you, is of Him. He asks you to look beyond the beauty of the earth to find Him. He lives IN the invisible. In the depth of BEAUTY that makes you feel so profound in it's glory, it makes you cry.

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    Political Correctness A Sin Against TRUTH

    Saturday, July 11, 2015, 8:19 AM [General]

    What is Political Correctness, and from where did it evolve? PC is "agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people."

    It can be traced to Marxism in Europe, and then to our own schools in the 60's. It WARNS US that offending anyone who looks or thinks or believes differently than ourself is in effect is WHAT? It's that "what" that's never addressed. It doesnt need to be. Its the THREAT itself that can develop on its own.

    It's this pending threat of harming another is all that is needed to foster this suppression of personal truth. It's this that has created special groups, of which we need to be on guard to possibly offend.  Issues of "gender" "racism" "sexism" " legal" "Illegal" etc have blossomed, with new ones added daily. At the core of this indoctrination of our culture brings with it a fear strong enough and vague enough to suppress our freedom of speech! Placing us in a cloud of possibly being seen as THE OFFENDER!
    This PC attitude recently brought to an even more dramatic light, with the death of a young woman in San Francisco. Where politicians and people in charge of our safety fear to take obvious action when it came to how to treat an illegal, who ultimately killed an innocent woman.

    Political correctness was used as a Marxist tool and has indeed infiltrated our culture to its core. The results of this, has corrupted many into suppressing their own feelings for fear of offending another.
    I have been Anti-PC for years, and when Juan Williams was fired from NPR for expressing a fear he had flying because of his own prejudices, I saw as the surpression of his beliefs, like them or not, they were his truth! And who among men can claim they are pure in prejudices or fear?
    Political Correctness wishes to enforce beliefs on us, falsely.
    People cant be forced into changing themselves by adding to their insecurities! PC is designed to look out of the eyes of love, instead it adds fear to the insecure, and guilt in our freedom of speech, for fear we may offend, the I can only suppose, the easily offended? 
    If we want a better world, FREEDOM OF THOUGHT THROUGH THE EXPRESSION OF OUR FEELINGS is how we make change!
    Politics has created and has adopted these separations of people. They grow rich and powerful on them the more we accept this falsehood
    The more we are divided into SPECIAL GROUPS, the more we are divided as a people. FLASH...we all are human and the human experience in the realm of FEELING is all the same. Rejection is rejection no matter the color of ones skin. Hate is hate no matter on who directs to at whom.

    The once beautiful belief of being American, the place where cultural diversity blended into a cohesive gone. And who can we thank for that? Certainly not the American people, who still see themselves as just people living the experience of life. We can thank all who profit on our remaining SPECIAL, SEPARATE, NOT UNIFIED...for that's what gives them power and fame. We can thank Politicians and Political Science Educators and the Media for diviving us as fodder for their bottom line.

    What we need to remember is GOD INCORPORATES and UNIFIES ALL...

    Political Correctness is the falsehood, whose tool is to divide


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    The Characteristics of the Soul

    Saturday, July 4, 2015, 10:31 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Where can you find dignity? Can you touch it , smell it, taste it? Do you know where integrity lives? Can any of those senses help find dignity or integrity? Can we see it, or hear it? That maybe the only way we can. Because these are qualities few possess. The reason being is Truth is at their core.

    Qualities like these as well as virtures seem to have been lost to us. Thier value has been lessened in a society that allows for anything and expects less of itself. A society that wants others to be better, then it expects of itself. A society that has lost the Absolute , their desire to be WHOLE, or HOLY..and instead settles for its lesser self.   

    So where then does one find these qualities? And how is it, we " know it" when we see it, even if we are ourselves, are living without them? What "sense" is needed for us "to know?" 
    These are the questions that elevate our thoughts to a higher level beyond the mundane.
    These are the questions that can be answered as well as experienced, when we take on the character and purpose of our soul.

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    A Renewal of the Meaning of Sacred

    Friday, June 26, 2015, 10:40 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Same sex marriage has been upheld. We must realize, our country is now a secular Nation. This may be a good thing, as long as no religious institution is forced to violate their own religious beliefs .

    For those who believe in marriage as a sacred union, it may be the best thing that has ever happened. Because now, getting married in a Church may awaken followers of Christ, to the difference between having the right to marry, (secular) and being married with a conscious un...derstanding of marriage as a union with God. This may bring back marriage as a sacrament. Re awakening the mind set of many, who may never had made the real distinction before?
    As Christians, we are supposed to marry with the understanding that this sacred union is for more then just two people, but is supposed to include Christ Himself as the guiding Principle of Love.
    This may enlighten our children, to the difference, between just having a right, and living what is right as a sacred choice in our commitment to each other, and to our God..

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    Absolute Truth vs Personal Truth

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 1:03 PM [Character of the Christ]

    When we as a people, gave up a belief in an Absolute Truth, we also gave up Truth itself. And in it's place, we gave way to truth as one's personal opinion.
    "Absolute" means (perfect, whole, complete, not mixed, positive, certain, undiluted).The Truth that lives as an eternal principle.
    Just as we would see Christ's Truth as being perfect, whole, unadulterated etc.
    When Truth no longer is WHOLE, it becomes dual in its expression. So that finding what is a whole truth, now i...s left to individual determination. Which is impossible, because people are dual in their own nature.
    So what once was a belief in a TRUTH undivided, now was lost, along with the perfect character of Truth itself. And with that, mans integrity, became one of situation. Meaning his good character no longer was held to absolute standards of truth.
    Lying is today accepted, people cheating, politicians not telling us the truth, no longer offends us. Unprincipled people now find "offenses" in things they don't like, rather than virtues or principles violated.
    Isn't it ironic, that the only time we are expected to tell the COMPLETE TRUTH, is in a court of law. When we are called to be a "witness!"
    If Christ is TRUTH, and we are supposed to be His "witnesses"
    Shouldn't truth itself, be the core principle of our good character?

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    Are We Living the Way of Christ? Or Is That A Tall Order?

    Monday, June 22, 2015, 3:20 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Recently I responded to a FB statement that was in support of the idea of being oneself. I thought , who else could we be?

    It's true, if you love someone so much, there are times we may try to be more like them. Usually we are seeing something we would like to improve upon within ourselves. Just  noticing a virtue in another, means its a part of your own soul.

    I also thought, so many people are just fighting to be themselves.
    As if someone was purposefully wanting to make them something else? That may happen when we are children, but maturity allows for us to define who we are, no matter what others think.
    So now we come to a place, where we accept who we are, no matter what others think, but are we still who we were meant to be?

    For me, I knew I needed to be more. From a very early age, I knew I wanted to love as Christ loved.
    So the response I gave to the person on that FB page was..."I don't want to copy anyone on earth, I love who I am and who I have become...But I do want to copy the love of my Life, Christ/God.
    The man replyed bt saying, "that's a tall order, my friend". My answer to him was, It may be seen that way by some...but isn't that the reason for our being?"

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