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    Government isnt God

    Sunday, August 30, 2015, 3:54 PM [General]

    For those of us who have come to realize, Government is not our Church. Why are we still looking to it, as the director of our salvation, and the supplier of our needs?

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    Who Holds the Depth of Your Love?

    Sunday, August 30, 2015, 7:44 AM [Character of the Christ]

    There is only one thing that will give you the depth of your love.
    It's having a true relationship with Jesus Christ.
    If you dont know him, you will lead a life of mediocrity. Attempts at happiness, with always a inner search, that tells you there is more to life, then what you are living.
    When you know Him , you will know, that pain may still be something you still need to learn from. But you will also know that you are not alone as you suffer through it. What you also will ...lean is that when He is with you, what you have to face gets replaced with whatever it is you need to go through it.
    When you have the awareness of Him, you no longer need to be fed the idea that you are special. For with Him, how can you even think, its you who needs to shine? You will give up the need to please others, whose love will never ever be enough.
    And as you give over more and more of yourself to Him, He in turn will give you more an more of Him to you.
    He will not give Himself over to anyone who cares little about themselves. Nor will He give Himself over to anyone who cares more about themselves, than others.
    He will not give Himself over to half heartedness. Or those who only use His name in label form. He also will never use us as a vehicle, if the vehicles we drive, take more importance then His Souls love.
    When you truly have a relationship with Christ, Virtues and Values are the gifts we recieve. To the degree we learn to love and cherish what He has to give us, is to the degree we recieve these gifts from Him.
    We will never feel whole without Him.
    His Values and Virtues will make you and Him, One.
    Sadness when it comes, will be momentary, as His Joy will replace your tears with the memory of His True Love. And that His love still holds all those you have ever loved, in the comfort of the Heart you now share with the Greatest Love that ever lived.

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    The Laws of Nature and Natures God or the Law of Human Nature

    Saturday, August 29, 2015, 11:03 AM [General]

    Those who claim the Laws of Nature and Natures God, to themselves, as a belief of their connection to the Universe, rarely I believe if ever, understand to what those laws apply.
    They apply to gravitation, motion, heat, electricity, supply and demand as in abundance, physics, etc......non of which applies to the Law of Human Nature.
    Within the Laws of the Universe what applies to man has nothing to do with his soul, but rather more his physical being. Survival being mans most... important need.
    Nature god, is judgment free. For within nature there is no such thing as good or bad, there just IS. There are many who followed that philosophy, based on the Pagan religion. Within that rule of law, there is no need for a good conscience, for all is accepted as it is what it is. Within this belief, there would be no need for a Savior, or the need for what would be seen as "right human relations". Without good or bad, everything gets accepted under the guise of unconditional. It is from this belief, unconditional love came into being.
    But with Christ there are conditions. There is such a thing as a good conscience, and the need for a Savior to teach us about the love of man. The inherent Law of Human Nature which elevated us beyond animal nature to that of one in which man has a SOUL.

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    All are Equal in God's Eyes

    Friday, August 28, 2015, 8:32 AM [General]

    I'm sorry that you're gay and feel the need to be treated special because of it.
    I'm sorry that you're a woman and feel the need to be treated special because of it.
    I'm sorry that you're black and feel the need to be treated special because of it.
    I'm grateful that I am a straight white woman who likes who she is, and feels no need to be treated special because I am white, straight or a woman. Guess there is some truth in white privilege? You don't need to be seen as better than anyone else. In fact you tend to see everyone as equal to yourself. Guess being a white straight woman, I never got the " needy gene" of wanting to be seen as UNEQUAL?

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    Sorry Mrs. Clinton

    Friday, August 28, 2015, 7:42 AM [The Body Politics]

    Dear Mrs. Clinton,
    I object to your hyperbolic suggestion, that those who vehemently object to the killing of unborn humans, are as extreme in their thinking as terrorists. If this is your rational, it helps me understand your lack of understanding on so many levels. It makes me see that it is YOU, who's extreme in your thinking. It is YOU, who recently found the need to apologize for your keeping a private email as a public servant. I'm certain the need came to you in a dream, of the recent polls. 

     It is YOU who believes, there is only ONE person involved in the creation of a child. That alone tells me why you see the act of pro-creation as only a woman's issue? Knowing your husbands history, I can understand why you want women to have sole control, of what would be a trinity in the eyes of most children of God.

    I also know your need to claim responsibility in words, in your own mind, is the same as if you had taken action! That may also explain why you believe, just using the word "responsibility" free's you of all accountability!
    I have to agree with Marco Rubio, who believes you are a representative of the past. That when I hear what you have to say, it has nothing I would want for my country in it. No new ideas, no innovation, just the same old same old voice of the past. Your beliefs are of yesterday, especailly when it comes to babys being torn apart to be put up for sale! Sorry Hill, but to me, your voice irritates far more then it enlightens. And your high pitched tone, suggests your constant struggle to lift yourself up and over so many dead bodys covered in your lies.

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    Who's Image is Who's?

    Friday, August 28, 2015, 6:45 AM [Character of the Christ]

    We tend to make Christ in our own image.
    We make Him Political, when we want to influence the world with a moral code. Or gain a vote for our own political puposes.
    We make Him Social when we want a charity, to help the poor. Or when disasters happen, and humanity is in need.
    What we rarely do, is make US in His own Image and Likeness.
    That's far more difficult than preaching morality to the world, or giving to a charity that helps the poor....
    Making US live in His Likeness requires us to change, more than most are willing to do. It requires the self to submit to God. It requires our hearts participation and commitment, it requires our minds obedience, that listens to the quite voice of our soul. What it doesnt truly require, is the empty verbiage of our mouth.

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    Love When Science Kind of Confirms Religion

    Thursday, August 27, 2015, 2:16 PM [General]

    I never saw a separation between Science and Religion. In fact there were many times in my life, Science only confirmed what Relgion had already known.

    In the past, Stephen Hawking's theorethical vision of black holes, left us to believe, once entered, like death itself, nothing would survive.

    Recently Hawkings  fantastic vision of black holes may solve the 40-year paradox. Black holes were believed to be the openings of death, to anything that entered it. Even light would not be able to live in its grip.
    I just love when Science makes a new breakthrough that confirms Religion. Seems Prof. Hawkins has found an out in the black hole paradox. Some sort of horizon transforms rather than obliterates what enters the void. Therefore making light absorded once seen as unsurvivable, not so after all. I'm certain my Lord Jesus Christ will be pleased.

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    The Truth about Excuses!

    Thursday, August 27, 2015, 12:43 PM [Character of the Christ]

    How is it we all know there is something that lives within us, that sees the TRUTH. We know it, because we believe we need to make excuses, for when we don't live in that truth. Why would we need excuses, if we didn't already know we are somewhere in the wrong? Why is it so much more easy to tell a lie, than to speak the truth?


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    Eternal Truths Can Live in the Children of God

    Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 11:30 AM [General]

    I have known for some time, that we were given two eyes, one that looks outward at the problems presented to us. And the other eye that withdraws those problems inward for their cure. I believed that the cure for all man suffers has a place within him, that God resides. For I firmly believed, Christ's word, that the Kingdom of God lives within man.
    It is only within, can we learn who we are, and how we conquer the troubles the world lays before us.

    It is only when we give up the belief that our problems will be solved if we can change others. Or that the responsibility of our happiness belongs to anyone other than ourselves. This two different eye theory remained that for sometime, untill today. It is the reason why it is so difficult for us to go inward when both our eyes seem to be directed outward. It is why the words of Christ stated, "If thy eye be single, thy body will be filled with light".

    Today I was reading "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a' Kempis (1380-1471) and two understandings were confirmed. The understanding of the two eyes as well as ...the existence of the ETERNAL TRUTHS.

    Kempis wrote :"...the children of God who stand above present things to contemplate those which are eternal: who look upon passing affaires with the left eye and upon those of heaven with the right: whom temporal things do not so attract that they cling to them, but who rather put theses things to such proper service as is ordained and instituted by God , the Great Workmaster, Who leaves nothing unordered in His Creation( meaning, within us  He is the cure)

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    Monday, August 24, 2015, 2:27 PM [The Body Politics]

    If you are not with God , who then do you believe will help us as a Country? Will you place all your confidence and trust in another man?
    We need to all unite under the word GOD again. Leaving the political powers to draw upon Him as individuals. Not making us pawns of their need for power and privilege .
    If we place all our Hope and Trust in God and let Him direct the Country by the instrument of His Will, we will again recognize who we are!. If we place all power for the good of this country in our God, and not by party or pundits, we may again choose to Glorify His need in us, rather than the divisiveness that has ruled this country for far too long.
    Country and Family.... Our Only Hope

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