Jesus and the American Dream

    Friday, November 21, 2014, 7:14 AM [General]

    I just read an article here on B-net that states Jesus would disapprove of the American Dream. And although much of what is stated can be seen as a truth, I want to make the case for the Dream.
    I can only say, those who are making that case, must have forgotten what the American Dream was all about?
    The American Dream was a promise given to the individual, a land that would allow all people the opportunity to pursue what they believe fulfills their own idea of happiness. This dream isn't against anything Jesus would want for us. What seems to have happened is , many in that pursuit, left behind the... very element that CREATES HAPPINESS...our immortal SOUL.
    It's that disconnect, that belief that "things" are what gives us the feeling of happiness, has never suffered the absence of their Soul.
    Sadly we recently witnessed the death of Robin Williams, whose depression can give us a clue as to what one feels, when they lose sight of their source. When ones joy gives way to emptiness, and the realization that nothing one has materially can fill the pain of ones separation from God. Many have felt this, some have called it the Dark Night of the Soul. Some are brought through it, not on their own, but by the Hand of God...the God they no longer believe exists...for that is the reason for the darkness. For darkness is separation from God.
    In Robins case he took his own life. In mine, God saw more purpose in lifting me out of that state. So that I know it was not due to anything I could have done, and so that I would also know, all Glory belongs to God.
    It's not the American Dream that Jesus would be's more the pursuit that forgets its purpose. All that is good is of God...its when we assume we are the source of that good, that we lose both our souls purpose and that of the American Dream.

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    I Wonder?

    Monday, November 17, 2014, 7:22 AM [General]

    So many people are waiting for Christ's return to earth, that it made me wonder, how would they know if He did?

     Are they expecting that golden chariot in the sky? Are they expecting instant Peace to cover the earth with the White of snow?

       What exactly do those who await His return believe they will see? And why do they believe He ever left them in the first place? Didn't He promise to be with us till the end of time? Or was that till the ends of time? And how will these who await Him, know when the Bridegroom cometh?

     I believe those who are still waiting , will wait forever. I believe they know not what it is they need to see? Didnt Christ leave them with those same words? That they know not what they do?

    I truly believe, those who are awaiting His return, need not wait. What I would ask them is, what has changed within them to make Christ enter into their world? Do they even know what is expected of them? And if they did, how willing would they be, to give up family and all the good they cling to the earth for. How many if any , will be saying ..."take me I'm yours!"

    Few, if any will. The hold of the earth is strong. And their lack of awareness to what Christ asks of them, will keep them waiting till their end. How many would be more willing to change their moral character, when they prefer to look outside to others as their models of a Christian. They would prefer to cheer a young girl on Dancing with the Stars, than secure their own readiness to leave with One.

    More are impressed with watching a movie about God, as if just watching it, proves where they are in Christ. How many of them would willingly accept the harshness of rejection, by being honest with those who need to hear the truth? I may sound like a non believer or a pessimist regarding my observation of the human race. But I have found few who want to really change who they are, as much as they would want others to believe they will. More are content with themselves mouthing the words, than making any attempt to grow more in His wisdom and understanding. For that, one needs passion. A passion that calls for more they they have to give.

    If someone would say, Christ is on Beliefnet speaking to all who would listen and wish to change to conform more  to Him. How many would sign on for the possibility? How many would even check it out to see if it were true?

    I can only wonder? Because its harder to leave the intrenchment of ones mind, that believes its as good as it gets. It's easier to believe they are just what they are supposed to be, than to even make an attempt to become who they were truly meant to be. 

    For most it is impossible to surrender to the beauty of His truth, when they have yet to know what form His Beauty takes. They may wait forever, believing more in their time on earth as the goal, than in how they would live with Him in the Glory of Heaven.  


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    The Universal Mind and Christ as Truth

    Saturday, October 11, 2014, 8:46 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Living, and believing, is a journey we all are taking. Some are taking the journey consciously, while others are unconsciously traveling by instinct or past history. Christ's statement of "though you be dead", supports the unconscious following of him, just by belief in who He is, alone.
    And at every part of this journey, we use whatever means, unconscious or conscious that brings us a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to God..
    One part of my journey was ...a belief in Universal Consciousness. The nature of the Universal Mind is Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipotence (all powerful), Omnificence (all creative) and Omnipresence (always present). You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible; you have access to the limitless creativity of the One Creator. All these attributes are present within you at all times in their potential form.
    This belief claims you are a piece of God, who has these same qualities. It equalizes all the names man has given God, and makes them all the same. Allah and Christ in this belief are equalized, while at another time, according to the UN triangles group, calls Christ the Planetary God. This belief is also based on the science of energy. And as with everything in life, some truth exists in all of mans beliefs. Energy is of course part of who we are, but it offers us nothing tangible to follow. This belief is neutral in that energy has no conscience. And therefore it promotes the same in those who believe. Its the part of the Bible that says, the Sun shines on the good and the evil. So this belief, would not truly be the same, as to whom they also claim as the Planetary Christ.
    And if we really see the qualities it says we gain with this answers what was sought in Eve's apple eating.
    As the journey progresses, so too (if we are consciously seek Christ) will our understandings broaden. And what we believed at one point on the journey, may be left behind to learn more of what is true to us.
    For me, Love didn't bring me happiness as much as it brought pain. And because of this understanding, I learned TRUTH to me, was the LOVE I needed. Truth allows for forgiveness and understanding. Without it, all that exists is the lie.
    Christ indeed had the energy , and spiritual powers spoken in the Universal Mind. However, His way gave us values, principles, and a command for personal responsibility , something the latter belief did not. His way doesn't equalize evil as the same as GOOD. His truth requires our awareness, not to gain the powers that are God's, but the LOVING TRUTH that opens the door for evil to be forgiven.

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    Only One Word Unites Us

    Saturday, September 6, 2014, 6:10 PM [General]

    Been thinking a lot lately, about how divided we have become in this country. Mostly, politically. And the conclusion I have come to is, that we have become more concerned with our "rights", while forgetting and giving away our "values".
    We have become a country of "rights", "demands" and "false offenses".
    More concerned with Entertainment, selfies, and opinions we believe are facts.
     I believe few today, know the difference, between what is a "right", and what are our values?
    We have been indoctrinated with political correctness. Which in itself, is a forced idea hoping to... change how people feel. Change doesn't come to people by force, but through understanding, and acceptance. Hence PC correctness is already based on a false premise.
    We have individuals complaining about the Cross being offensive, rather than helping our Country carry its own cross. We can no longer claim we are a Country established on principles gotten from a God of Love. For saying we were founded on Judeo Christian values, for some reason causes a stir? What pray tell, is the offense? What pray tell is the replacement for those two religions, which gave the world civil order and a principle of Love?
    Division happens when we separate from GOD. It happens in our daily lives, when we feel lonely or empty...It happened in the Garden of Eden, when we chose knowledge of the earth over the Oneness of God. It even happened when Christ Himself was crucified, for that moment of separation on the Cross, when He lost sight of who He was.
    When we lose sight of God, we also lose sight of the wholeness of our being. We lose the Oneness in " One Nation Under God". For there is only one WORD that unites all people...and that Word is the Word God.
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    Politics and Christianity

    Sunday, July 13, 2014, 11:09 AM [General]

    I hear much about can a Christian be a Democrat? Based upon what the Dems claim to believe "compassion towards the underdog", I would have believed the question would have been about being a Republican. You know those people who by their opposition , defines them as uncaring big business lovers.

      And there in a nutshell live the untruths. Neither party should define your Christian character, they never will. Politics began as a matter of commerical trade, and government the source of our peoples territorial protection. Nothing to do with our Soul.

    Through the years, government has taken on philosophies that has changed its purpose towards political powers sake, more than for the good of its people.

    Power corrupts, it did to Judas, when He wanted Christ to establish a government on earth, rather than a place Judas himself, found beyond his belief.

    I believe we need to rethink our governments duties, and limit it, to what it once was. I also believe, we have to choose to be either GOOD CHRISTIANS, or always wanting to be right, political dogs.

    We have to realize, government was not founded to be a Charity. That was what churches and houses of worship were for. Churches were over taken by governments power. Believing the church had too much control over men!

     People used to give a tithing to their churches, that would help those in their community in times of need. Yesterday the Admin. asked for their help with the influx of the South American children (illegals or the new word being used refugees) Even that should tell us that government can change a word to suit its needs. Even when it knew in Feb, what was going to be.

    I believe, Christ can forgive each of us, for our individual misdeeds and choices. But He doesnt forgive a Government as a whole. His forgiveness looks into the heart of each individual. There is not one heart beating in government business, nor in its choices for what they believe is  best. Each individual heart has its own purpose. Some for power , ego, philosophies, even some that would be completely against the character of God, like with "the ends justify the means". That is man's personal agenda, the philosophy that his power seeks.

    Goverment will always do some good, but does more harm in how it has to go about it. Just look at all the hate partisianship instigates!

    GOD will always unite us. When something terrible happens in our country or abroad, "we the people" move based on the charity of our hearts. However, when government determines who we are suppose to feel charitable about, there will always live a terrible divide. Why? because government is not the source of our hearts, its the power of our purses. And many times, we are at odds as to what we see is of value.

    And lastly, the subject of abortion should make us think not about others, but what do we value as Christians? God allows for all laws we make, but not every law we make, is for His good. And abortion for our God who said He IS LIFE, ought to be a principle we must take seriously. You cant be for Him as Life, and then be willing to kill what He has allowed to concieve. This is the deciding factor of who we are as Chrisitans. This if nothing else, should be our guide. As Christians we should give  far more support to the young women who choose to keep their babies or give them up for adoption. Our healthcare should be in complete support of them.

    Politics should never be how you define youself as a Christian. Governments purpose  will never express the principles we are supposed to follow. Abortion and war and two very serious values we must consider. Government tells us no one is above the law, but we will always find someone in government who doesnt live what they say. It's because government contains all of mans sins and goodness, because government is a matter of man. 

    And thats the point. Christianity says we are to follow Christ, His purpose lives far beyond the politics of mans power. If you want to seem powerful, do all that the world asks.

    If you want to be of Christ, do all He asks of YOU the individual to do, and be.

    Never let politics be your definer or replacement.  

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    A Gift For All Seasons

    Sunday, April 27, 2014, 2:48 PM [General]

    Made a list of some gifts you can give, that are good for all seasons.
    For your friends....thoughtfulness.
    For your enemies....forgiveness through understanding.
    For your boss.... your best work.
    For your child.....honesty always.
    For your parents...gratefulness.
    For your mate.....faithfulness and truth.
    For all men and women...generosity of spirit.
    For God...all of the above!
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    I Learn , When I Return to My Quiet Place

    Sunday, April 27, 2014, 6:58 AM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    I believe what we all need, is more of Christ in our lives. Daily, I examine both my purpose and my motives. I live my life in a self examined world. Almost on a daily basis , I see my purpose not questioned, but greater understood. Fequently I say " Today I realized my purpose". Because although I know my purpose is to write about how much I love my Christ/God. I also am aware that those who read my words, also have a purpose in reading them.

      Its not for me to judge who will listen to the words I share. Or what they will do about them. And this I believe is my newest revelation. That the words I speak dont truly belong to me, they are inspired by my love of Him.

    The words I write, are for Christ to use in those who may read them. It should have nothing to do with me. What I realized in coming home to my quiet place, was that I had a fear. The fear was, that my words would elevate me more, with those who know me. Rather than see Him! It was that, that made me want to leave those I love.

     I feared the idea of making a false God before Him. That the words I shared would place the light more on me, than on He who sent me.  Who am I to believe I could lead people to God, when its each heart that is given its purpose in Him? All I can do is express how I feel. All I can do is express how much He has touched my heart. How much He has been my strength, when I thought all I loved was lost. I still need this quiet place to express my love, but with no expectations or thought of anything more.

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    What I Believe

    Monday, April 14, 2014, 2:15 PM [Character of the Christ]

    1.  If as a Christian, Christ's Name is withheld when another defines their God,  as the same God as yours, ask yourself why they withhold His Name?
    2. For I believe in God. My God is Jesus Christ. There are no other gods before Him. Some believe Christ's life, is just a story. Others point to His being a part of history, a teacher, a prophet, and little more.
      Some group Him among good men, the same as Ghandi, or Buddha or ...MLK.
      I do not.
      I believe my God is the Savior of all humankind. I believe my God died was Resurrected and came back to Life in the heart of all men who love Him, as it happened with the disciples of His time.
      I believe my God can create miracles in my life, something none of those good men mentioned, can do.
      I believe my God is what He said He Is...The Way, The Truth and the Life. I believe He made a place for me in His Heart which is my Eternity.
      I believe He died so that I can truly live a life, I never thought possible. With the CHARACTER that BEST EXPRESSES the LIFE of CHRIST.
      I believe HIS LOVE in me, isn't just a given. And that I need to begin to live the PRINCIPLES He challenges me to choose every day.
      I believe wanting to live a Christ-like Life is a conscious commitment. And know, that there will be those, who are saved by believing in Him alone.
      I believe we choose to grow more in His love, and with that, what we learn best, is how to forgive. I believe my love is not limited to remain the love of only a human; but instead has a purpose to grow in the HEART and SOUL OF MY FATHER, GOD.
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    Saturday, April 5, 2014, 7:38 AM [Character of the Christ]

    Having always believed the true expression of Christ , comes to us through modeling His Good Character. I have thought more on the values and Virtues His Life has impressed on our Immortal Soul.

    Virtues develop as we become more and more aware of what we value. They become a part of our character, the more we align ourselves to the GOOD that is the Character of Christ. They can only be understood and developed by self awareness.

    They are products of ones understanding of truth. They are gifts from God given us through the Soul.

    Today, I awoke with the thought of Sincerity. Sincerity is a virtue, one would think of the heart. Instead, it is a value and virtue of the MIND.

     Sincerity requires self awareness. It suggests an awareness of deception, or even a simple lack of truth, within the heart. 

    Sincerity requires thougthfulness. The term "whatever" could never exist, where sincerity lives.

    Sincerity holds no guile.

    with sincerity I am happy to be back writing on beliefnet.. feels most like home.

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    My New Year Prayer

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 8:23 PM [Character of the Christ]

    May this New Year bring more people to Christ.
    May His Love influence our thoughts and actions.
    May we allow our character to reflect more of His.
    May we look to be more like Him, than want others to look at us.
    May Christ heal all wounds, touch all hearts, and speak His truth to those who are listening.
    May our culture be more concerned with His presence within us, than what show on TV best represents our values.
    May one virtue emerge in your heart, that transforms your being into His best reflection. May all who expect Him to return to earth, realize its our imitation of His Being, that will be that return!
    God Bless Us All, and may all we need to grow more in Christ, be there for us to embrace.

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