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    A Memo from the Desk of God

    Monday, May 3, 2010, 12:38 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Dearest Children,

    I decided to write to you my dear children, for I believe you have been seeking my advice. I'm writing to tell you how much I love you, and how much I need your love in return. That's what I call, a personal relationship with me. It means that you are willing to befriend that part of me, that lives within you. It is because I have given you what is best within me, that you can feel your Soul.  

    I have never made myself a mystery, it really was your own disbelief, that keeps us separate. I never wanted you to feel alone, or unloved. You feel that way, when you forget about me. When you become so busy with the world, that you lose sight of yourself. But know full well, that I am only one acknowment away. When you feel left out, or disconnected, or alone, all you have to do.. is phone Home! All you have to do , is take a moment to remember Me. I made silence just for that purpose. Today however, your worlds technology, seems to be attempting to take that silence away. But is is there always.  I made that connection with you, through the sacrifice of my loving Son.  And if you believe in His Love , you should also believe in your ability to love your Self. For you each have a part of your Creator living within you. 

    I really dont know what more I can say, when it comes to showing you my love? After all , you all have felt it. You feel it mostly  when you do something good for another. You also need to remember to be good to yourself, and never allow another to make you believe, your belief in me, makes you less. That kind of thinking comes from a lack of joy, within themselves. For joy isnt the opposite of sorrow, it comes from a persons disbelief.

     I also have given you many things of beauty, so that you might get a feeling of me. The feeling that comes from "Beauty",  is one of my best expressions.  I also like the feeling of "awe". Awe can accompany beauty, when its felt deeply, in your Soul. So many men, have been inspired by me, to bring that kind of beauty to life. Although lately I have to admit, too many are calling something very ugly, by the same name. My solice is, that all who know the Souls beauty, will know its truth.  

    When it comes to love, you have felt it as romance, rapture, and awe. You have recognized it, as a " Eureka moment" or as your own self transformation. You may see, my awesome Love, in both word or deed. But it is best expressed in you, when you live your life, with Honor, Truth, and Sincereity. You come closest to me, when Honesty is your guide and Truth your sword.

    Few of you, have felt the full feeling my Love. Not becuase it hasn't been available, but becuase you have not attempted to love me as deeply, as I love you.  You all have on occasion, seen and felt, the depth of your Soul. But few of you have ever applied those feelings to Me. You usually place it outside yourselves, to something other than Me. You place it in art, and leave the beauty on the canvas, and not on where that inspired artist got his idea. Or you get all wrapped up in  music, while never once reflecting on musics goal.  I have to admit,  you do give me some acknowledgement when it comes to natures beauty. But you instantly take it away, when she distroys what you have built, with your own hands. Maybe that should be a reminder, of how I feel, when you dont love who you are? When you think less of yourself, or when you dont love all that you have been given? But I can never fault you, for you are my best Hope.

    All I can ask , is that you try to love Me, for all I ever wanted was what is best for you. No parent, would ever want their child to feel forced, to love them. That wouldnt be the Truth. Hence, it wouldnt belong to me. So I gave you the option. To be true to yourself, and in turn, to be truthful in your love, for Me.

    I can be a little unyielding at times, in my desire for your love. I can make myself known in you, where you even might question loving me for fear, it might be too much of a serious matter. I have heard some of you complain, that my presence in your life, would take away too much of your fun. That loving Me, will take away your joy. That loving me, is too serious, a matter. I would ask you then, where exactly do you think your JOY comes from? I would ask you, havent you ever Loved? And then I would tell you, that to Love me, is what True Love is all about! That with my Love, comes Joy! The only difference with Me is, that unlike man, my love is everlasting! Its always faithful, its never disappointing. It never lies, or deceives. Its comepletely Honest, in its Divine expression. So although, you may need to be serious to Love Me...My Love comes with Joy, not pain.

    My Love... has no lust or envy or greed, or is wholely pure, trustworth, and Good..

    So my children, all I ask is that you remember I am here, with you always. And that it is you.. who can turn from me, at will.  For my connection with you, is everlasting. Its an open line, that my Son graciously paid the bill for, with that hopes, that you would be answering My Call.               

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    Who are We?? Who who, who who?

    Saturday, May 1, 2010, 1:39 PM [The Body Politics]

    As someone who has lost all faith in our political structure. And who now see's, that Washington really never wants to work for the betterment of the whole, but rather for up holding their power and postition. I had to ask myself, "Who are we?"  

    Are we a country who has lost its spine? Or are we a country whose empathy, has lead us to devalue our laws?  If the latter is so, than why fool ourselves by writing more of them? Do we want religion outlawed? And if we do, than why fake it? Are we so insecure, that we cant handle the truth, so that we have to be extreme in our sensitivities , that Political Correctness, has to rule the day? How is it that a country that was founded by rebels, has become a country in fear of offending, even those whose practice is to offend?

    Why is it that when it comes to any religious referernce, we shun from it, as if expression of ones religion, is a political sin? Yet we have no probelm accepting when non believers want to tear down our religious values under the guise of freedom. Under the very principles gotten from those who founded our country, and in whom religion was a sacred and promoted part of their being?

    So who are we? Do we allow illegals free reign in Arizona, for fear someone would have to ask them for their drivers license? For fear we might hurt their feelings? I dont know about you, but I have been stopped in NY almost nothing.. well maybe not nothing. I have been stopped for not wearing my seat belt, and I didnt believe my rights were violated? In fact, my mind is free of paranoia, if I am guilty of something, maybe then I sould fear being stopped. But if not? Why should I be treated any different because I look a little more brown, than the other guy?

    Are we a land of laws? Or do we wish to change our law-abiding status, which today, seems to be seen, as a cowboy mentality. Is sticking to the rules, no longer the favor of the month? Maybe we dont want to play by the rules any more? Maybe we have seen too many folks get away with not playing by the rules, and maybe now, we want to be just like them?  

    And what do we think about making too much money, as the Pres. has suggested? How much is too much? Should the highest salary be the same as the highest man in office, gets paid? Should Wall street make less, so that main street feels better about themselves? Or maybe we should not have bailed them out, when they were doing the dirty to their investors? Or maybe we should reduce the salaries of those in Government , who didnt do their job?  The sad part is, by the time we get to vote them out , half of us, have forgotten the issues!

    So who are we? And more importantly who do we want to be? Do we want to make more laws to guide our every move? And yet find out that even that cant make a man do what is right, if he doesnt believe its his duty to do so.

    So whats it going to be America. Are we going to be happy to have windmills as our power source, and gas at 10.00 a gallon? Or are we going to continue down the politically correct path, of never allowing ourselves to offend? What is it that you want to see? What is it that you want us to be?  

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    Where is Your Worth?

    Saturday, April 24, 2010, 1:50 PM [Character of the Christ]

    As many hopefully  look towards a return to a closer adherence to our Constitution. What I truly believe is meant, is a closer likeness to the men of that time. To the men whose principles, created such an insightful document, that was based upon their inherent faith of thier creator. Many unprincipled men today, would have you think differently. They will focus on the question of how "God oriented" were these men. But the proof of their belief, is imbedded in the document itself, with these words..."endowed by his Creator"  

    These  intelligent men, had suffered under the the dictates of a King, who changed his religion and forced it upon his subjects. He broke away, from the Catholic Church, whose unyeilding stance, would not comply with his needs. He formed his new church, and made it a National one. One would think, had these men, not had a firm belief in a Creator, that kind of forced religion, would have turned them the other way? 

    This was the background upon which, our Country was founded. We were never to claim one religious belief as a Nation. We were to be free to worship, or not to worship, as we pleased. And with this freedom, came the right to state ones belief, freely, even if it didnt comply, with the beliefs of others. For our founders cast our Country's cornerstone, on our freedom of religious expression. They wished to institute a place on earth, where that would be protected. A place where all people could  pursue happiness, not neccessarily granting a guarantee, that all would reach thier goal. 

    In order to understand our founding, we also need to understand the values that were lived at that time. In those days, a mans worth was not always attributed to the amount of land he owned, nor to his financial wealth. Much of a mans worth,  had to do with his Character. Much of his value, was placed on keeping ones word. Thier character, emanated from their faith. They believed it was their duty, to hold true to their word, for their word, was held true, by their faith in God. They believed their "word" was bound in good faith. And that their good faith, came directly, from their bond to their Creator.

      They could never be seen as men of good will, without the will of God, being the divine source of their keeping His principles. In essence, a mans good conscience, was Gods expression, in him. It was that, that helped him keep his word. In those days, as now, intelligence without character or good conscience would be someone, no honest man could or would, trust. Trust, is hopes security. And the only things one can trust in, that secures a man, is his belief in his God. 

    We have experienced the effects of men, whose ethical bonds were tainted by a belief more in the material wealth of a man, than his spiritual value.. And I am sorry to say, if we dont change whats wrong in ourselves, that form of greed, will continue.

    Ignorant men, still believe, as long as they write more laws, that good character will come from more legislation. An truly honest man, can never be a matter of legislation. More importantly now, what we need to heal these times, is not legislation, but a serious focus on the crisis, in the character of man. 

    That is why I ask you, to consider....what is our worth? What do you value? How much to you value your word? How important is it to keep a promise? What does being a person of honor mean to you, is it even something you find important? And if you do, how do you act upon it? Do you value truth above expediency? Do you believe more, the ends justify the means? Do you believe, trust comes from truth? And that you can never truly trust, without completely being truthful? Do you do as you say? Or do you teach your children only what you believe they need to know, without living those same principles. Do you worship every Sunday, and leave the rest of the week, paying no heed to God? Is your spreading the word, merely gossip, or is their any corrective measure in your words, but for yourself, and your neighbor. 

    Do you believe more in your being a character, rather than having character. Are you aware, that one is the expression of your soul, and the other, the expression of your survival in the world. That having a great personality, isnt your intended goal.

     Do you stand firmly on a political point of view, even when you see the truth may have a sense of reason, on the other side of the aisle? 

    Is there anything you could call sacred, in your life today? Do you know that sacred induces a feeling? That awe, is a sacred connection to who we are?  

    These are questions that need answering in our time. Can we love the material, without it owning us? Can we render to Caesar without sacrificing what is Gods? And can the word of a man today, ever have the honorable meaning, it once had? Can we keep our word as our bond, as if it were given  to our Creator? 

    So many politicians say, "words are important", and that we should choose our words wisely. But are they saying that, as a cover of the truth, or as instruments to best express that truth?

      Can we ever trust each other enough, so that a handshake and our good word, would replace the need for a lawyer?  Can today's synical man, ever be able to be an agent of trust? Or does it take a man of purposeful good, to lead the way? 

    In the time of our founding, a mans value was inherrent in his good word. And that good word, was based on his good conscience. Lawyers then, weren't around to game the system. They were there to impart the meaning of the law. Now too many of them are used, to find ways around it. This is todays world, can we ever get beyond our own mistrust? Only when we begin to place our beliefs in something greater than ourselves. Only when we begin to put our faith and trust in God.

    So in this time of crisis. It is our collective good character, that we must choose. Where will you place your value? Will it be in your material wealth, in a government that wants to control ever aspect of your life, or in your spiritual worth?

    Will you be the one, who brings His truth to the world, or will you choose to place more faith, in your personality? Will you bring what your value to your own life, or rely on a government to do your work for you? I have already made my choice, but it is time we all rethink, where the word TRUST comes from, and what it takes for it to be restored.  We can never trust anything that doesnt speak the whole truth. We can never trust in something that says its work is soley spiritual, when in the end, they have personally a greater material gain. If all dont benefit, than it only is feeding the world, and not the spirit or essence of God.     

    I just saw a commerical  that said " ideas dont count, unless you do them".. I would add.."Ideals dont count , unless you live them!"     

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    Whats Wrong with Supporting Life?

    Thursday, April 22, 2010, 10:25 AM [General]

    Is the support of life, not being supported because its seen as a Christian thing? Is it because very many  Jews wear its Hebrew symbol around their necks? 

     How is it, that so many women, who wish to devote themselves to the precious Life of Mother Earth; not feel the same when it comes to being in support of a child of Mother Earth? Have we found more love in hugging a tree, than in holding the little fingers of a new born? Are we so selfish and arrogant in our modern day beliefs, to suggest, there are too many children being born, too many carbon footprints being forced on the earth, that we can see the precious life of a unborn child, as less important?

    And would that kind of mind-set promise to never have a child of their own? Would everyone who felt this way, be willing to sign a vow, to make sure they never do one thing in their lives, that would emit more carbon, than is personally allowed?

    Why is it that we can love the Earth, call her Mother, and see her as a Goddess, while easily dismissing the child, without whom, the word Mother , would have no meaning. Why isnt all Life precious, including the one life, yet to be born?

    And why is it that we need to have a sonogram, to help people believe, whats growing inside them, is the miracle of life? Where have I gone wrong?

    I never needed to see a picture of the son I was going to give birth to. I knew I almost immediately, I was carrying life. I knew from the first moment I concieved. I suppose not every women is as sentient, but I am certain, there are many who are.

    And I also know , if we could remove some of the difficult issues of a unwanted pregnancy , more women and men would see life differently. Most times the reason a woman accepts the idea of doing away with a life, is because , either the man who impregnated her, doesnt want the product of their union. Or the woman fears the idea of raising a child on her own. If we could remove those senarios from the idea of Life, I wonder how many women would choose to bring forth the life they  carry.

    I just thought if we were going to love Mother and respect her existance, that a little devotion to the stage in life you once were, also deserved some respect.        

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    Our Character is Our Choice

    Sunday, April 18, 2010, 12:28 PM [Character of the Christ]

    Freedom of choice, is something built within our being. Most times, we believe the choices we make are outside of who we are. We see them as situaions, that we either have power over or that over power us. When we are fearful, we almost never make the correct choice, for the bodys survivial is almost always in charge or in control. When we make choices that support our body's belief in its own lack, or possible extinction ( even if that extinction comes in the form of rejection or being ashamed) if we look at it in the moment, we made those choices out of our physical or emotional survival.

    Were they wrong? Not at the time, for when we made them, they were a matter of our protection, rather than as a matter of our choice to express the Higher elements of our Character.

    Our Character is the Self of our Being. It expresses itself in many ways. It lives through and past the bodies fears, and at times can come into being, once we renounce fear, for the Braveheart of Courage.

    It can come into being, when we choose Truth, over the lies that keep us safe, and hidden. When we choose loyalty, over our egos need to be unfaithful. It can come into being at the moment of our choosing, but it will always take some form on our part , to be an consciously aware action of our will.

    It begins when we first accept responsibility for everything in our lives. When we no longer place blame on anyone, and accept the gift that true responsibility gives us. It is when we no longer can accept excuses ..first for ourselves, and then when we see there is no need for them, we can then address the excuses of others. For it is true, that nothing that comes into our lives, is given us, if we cant handle it. That if it was brought to our door, it means we can open that door and go through it.

    That everything in life, from a conscious individuals perspective is for our own spiritual growth. And with that knowledge comes the belief in something greater than ourselves. In something that has designed a plan for our lives, and in who each step we travel, is a step closer we get to understanding who we are.

    When we accept responsibility for all that IS. We begin to RESPECT all  who enter our lives, and all who without their knowing , bring those challenges to us.  And as we overcome our personal limitations, we begin to see the purpose of our lives are greater than what we had thought. That within each of us lives the Souls expression, that can come into existance through our Higher Self.

    We can begin to see Love as something more than just an emotion, for that is the love of the personal self, and not the Love that is Gods. That is why we could never love as Christ commanded us to, unless we have gone beyond the personal, into the love of the Self.  When we begin to love our self or personal "i". we send that message to the Soul. That feeling then triggers more love back through the Soul to the Self. Until we love ourselves unconditionally. However, there is a test that comes about, after we have filled ourselves with Self Love. That love can be our chance to develop our Character further into the likeness of Christ.  Or, if that power is developed in someone who has little conscience, it can be misused into feeding all the elements of mans lower nature. That being, the corruption of those in power, with deals being made for selfish gain. Where pleasure is feed by greed, because of the absense of character. And where Politics has lost all elements of standing on Principle, and foregoing our values.

     These choices were never more important, than they are for us today.. for we have already witnessed what a lack of character on the part of men, has done to the world. The greed of Wall Street and the Power and lack of principles on those who make our laws.

    If Christ is to return to earth, we must begin to live the Character that Best represents Him. 

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    The Self and the Other

    Sunday, April 18, 2010, 9:59 AM [General]

    I have read some blogs regarding what is called the Self (capital S)

    The Self is an Eternal Being, it lives, believe it or not, beyond duality as a whole Being, and because it no longer lives in the black and white or dual mind, it no longer has an "other". The "other" has been absored in light, into what would be called God, a Being who lives only in the Good  that IS, and who we call God. ( for lack of a better word)

    The Self is above our personal self, although it feels much like itself. It no longer thinks in dualism. It has no other purpose than just to BE.  It doesnt live in the self of our lower mind. Where questions are a part of the food it needs to live. For it is the source of all spiritual answers. It is the source of answers for the lower mind. But it has no spiritual questions for it is beyond the linear mind. 

    It has all of lifes answers, for it has lived them all, and completely understands and Loves its Self. It knows itself personally, but no longer is personally attached to the  bodys duality.  The Self is aware that there are two minds, the one that belongs to the bodys ego or personality, and the other, which lives as the Selfhood, or God.

    When spirit inpregnated matter, the wholeness of the monad, divided in its decent into matter, and hence the duality of man, was born.  The likeness of this birth helped to create the lower mind of man. Which is his survival mind in matter. It is that mind, that fears death and will do anything to perserve its existance. It is not the Self, nor the Soul, which lives without fear, and is complete within itself.   But it is indeed a part of the body of man. Hence, while Christ lived  and taught us the Eternal Truths of God, He still had to experience the death of His egoic nature..He had to crucify the body. The body that believes it is all that is. The body that contains all fears. It came with the turf.

    The Soul is the Highest Aspect of the Self. It is a bridge of sorts. The problem with attempting to explain the working of our Being, is that it is fluid. That is the reason why when we attempt to define these Higher aspects of Self, or the workings of God, we can never completely make clear, what can never be fully defined.  We can know it for ourselves, but yet when we get close enough to touch it, it moves, and changes into another aspect of itself. All we can do is give a likeness. The only way one can fully know it, is through the experience of it. That being our reason for BEING.   

    It is as if when we begin to define the Soul, as we speak about it, it becomes the Self, which also has a fluid purpose. So to define Self or the Soul, is to limit it. The Soul also cant be defined and yet it can be better understood, through our feeling nature. And even that statement isnt completely true. The Soul can best be defined through and in, our Character. For our Soul to be more alive in us, we need to see the difference of our personal self, and that of our Soul. Our Soul inspires our highest good, while it absorbs back into itself, all the good, we feel.

    It has been said that the mind, is the slayer of the real. And at some point of our development the mind has to be sacrificed for the real. The lower mind of man, loves its intellegence, loves to analyize, sometime at the detriment of our feeling nature. The mind cant feel, it is feed by the Self, whereas the Soul feeds our feeling nature. Of course they all work within us, to stir us towards being our Highest Good.

     We respond to life, not in concepts or higher thought alone. We also have to express and assess ourselves  through our feeling nature as well. I am not speaking of the reactionary element we know as emotions, I am speaking about the pure feeling we can feel, once we get above our emotions. One of the meanings of Christ walking on water. Water being the symbol of our emotions. Emotions belong to the personal self, a reaction or protection to the personality, or face we want the world to see as ourself. Whereas, feelings are pure, and have no attachments to the personal. Instead, they are just felt and understood by the Higher Mind.

    We are a complex being, yet we are simple, and we are above just Being.

    When we are light where is the darkness?

    When we are Soul, who would we Be?

    The closest we can come to Being.. is through the invisible ascpects of the Self.

    WHen we ask ourselves who's hand is this? Our answer is, its mine. The question is, who is the "me" who owes that hand? 

    Am I what I think, or what I believe? Am I what I feel? Am I more than who I believe I am? Can I become the Selfhood, of my Being? And how can get there? Can I be anything more than I believe I am? And if  I dont believe there is more of me to know, will I ever know it? If I dont believe I exist as something far greater than my personal "i", can I ever be the best expression of who I AM? 

    The anwser I have found, happens when we let go of our ego attachments. When we acknowedge that there we live a personal truth, and that Christ lived an Eternal Truth. That our personal self, is attached to the world, and our Higher Self, is attached to the Higher Aspects of our Self.

    When we let go of  what we dont know about God or Self, and instead begin to take on the WORD that best expresses our inner being. 

    I was reminded the other day by what was a very simple part of the movie City Slickers, yet it was the whole meaning of the movies purpose. Its when Jack Palance tells Billy Crystal, that there is only 1 thing you have to know, to have the secret of life. And that understanding can also be used when it comes to our Souls expression, in our becoming the likeness of God. There is a word, that has always been with us. It has always been something we would fight for, and expect others to live. This word is at the heart of our becoming the Character of who we are meant to be. It will express at least one, of the Eternal Truths.

    This word wont come out of your mouth, for it will be expressed, in the character of your BEING. Much like Christ came to teach us love, we have living within us, the Chracter we were meant to bring to life in the world. Everything in our life, will point in its direction, we only need to be able to read the signs. It will never be in the words we speak alone, it will always be within the Chracter that it will impart to the world...that is our Soul, expressing its Self.             

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    Where Have All the Peace-ers Gone?

    Saturday, April 17, 2010, 1:12 PM [The Body Politics]

    If you are awake, you will see the obvious quiet, on the part of all the Peace activists who wanted no part of Iraq nor Afghanistan. Where is code Pink, when you need them, or it seems no one is violating anyones rights today..All's quiet on the ACLU front.

    The only person who wanted to stir the pot, it seems, happened to be President Clinton, who cautioned us again , on the use of our words...I suppose he feels left out, not being able to use one of his more illustrious lines.. of what the definition of  is, is?

    He didnt have to caution anyone, why did he even have to bring it up? If not to bring a focus on, or create, something that isnt, isnt?

    Have you seen the people he believes may be walking in the shoes of Tim McVeigh? I'm not saying there arent nutcases on both sides of the fringe. But these folks, are lucky they still can still walk. Some are  finding it hard, to use their walkers, while carrying those hand made signs. Signs I might add , that werent printed ,and handed to them by a particular activist wing of one party.  In fact, I never saw that many grey haired old ladies in one place, since " bingo" at our local church. Wow they are scary!

    And as much as the left leaning media wants us to believe, they are the Uni-bomber in disguise. Somehow, I find it hard to picture anyone with a tea bag hanging from their hat, that threatening. Nor are they equal in their hate, to the leftist young people, we see distroying stores or throwing rocks , whenever the G8 meet.

    I'm starting to like the quiet. If I didnt believe we were all being lead down the socialist path, I would like the silence. I like not seeing placards with George Bushes head on a stick. I like not hearing inflamatroy words, and demeaning messages hurled at any President. It seems Dems have the mark-up on that kind of behavior. And we all know, that if you are capable of something nasty,  you tend to fear it, in the other guy. The left has no one to hate. And the tea baggers are really not equal to the hate on the left, for many of them believe in God. The haters on the left, have no-one to answer to, but themselves.

     They are trying very hard, to make the tea party folks, into the demon spawn, they are used too. But it really is a rather weak attempt, on their part. Anyone who has eyes , can see,  these folks are just  ordinary people, who can no longer stand  all the corruption, and the lies! They see more corruption and fear in Congress, than they do in  themselves. They know just because the media wants to define them, that doesnt mean that their view of them is accurate. They know that's the slant, and the spin, some in the media are paid to play.

    Those in the tea party, dont want to continue on the socialist path, that even Newsweek proclaimed ,we were walking. And they are tired of the special interest, and bailouts, both unions, and bankers are getting. While all they get, is the bill to keep those selfish unprincipled people alive.

    They loved the country they knew. They love freedom from government, more than freedom from religion. They love God, more than guns. And please dont tell the media, but they are more intelligent and informed about political issues, than the left would want you to believe.

    It seems the elites on the left, falsely believe if you haven't gone to Harvard, that you haven't learned how to think. That one of the greatest healers and philosophers, is thought by many, to have been the Son of God.

    The left believes intelligence belongs only to them. Yet when they are asked certain questions, they tend to look back to blame, or divert to talking points, or even worst, look to blame whomever comes to mind. This mental illness of the left, seems to be, soley a left brain issue. 

     Never could they believe, those on the right, might be making use, of both sides of their brain. After all , those on the right ( according to the secularists on the left) place more importance on God, then on intellect. However, that belief alone gives the right more insight to what God has to offer!  Just look to the bumble bee.. a creature that defies physics. Who nectar is a substance that can never go bad. Isn't that a good enough example, to make curious the most left wing intellect? Doesn't that tell us, that not all of nature, including man, can be segmented or defined by mans intellect alone? Or that just knowing the laws of physics , doesnt make what you know always right! (pardon the pun)

     That God created something that even defies what science says would be unable to fly! Who knows, maybe these tea party folks, have more under those tea-bag hats, than the left is willing to give them?   

    I was hoping for a President who would be representative of us all. I never expected a President who was more concerned on being liked by the rest of the world, than by his own people. I never expected my President to protest a decision by the Supremes, with the whole world watching, as he incorrectly too them to task. Over stating the issue, as well as exagerating, and misrepresenting the facts. I never thought any President would have the need to stoop so low. I  also never thought once the vote was over, and he won, what would be his need to continue to personally campaign for his side. I dont ever remember a time in history, that a President openly took sides. Or stooped to belittling those with whom he doesnt agree. After all, Im sure there were many Republicans who voted for the man, who said, we weren't just blue or red states, that we were the United States!

    I truly dont believe the Dems liked George Bush, but they did enact laws, that were bi-partisan. I dont believe its all the fault of Republicans , becuase I still hear my President, openly putting people down, becuase they dont see a way to agree. How can you agree to something if it completely is against all you stand for? And I dont mean just a little, I mean alot!

    I suppose I expected too much from that silvery tongue. I suppose, I expected him to be more Presidential, than arrogantly partisan. I expected more civil discourse. I expected no backroom deals. No favorites, no special interests, and no blatant lies. I didnt get anything I expected. What I did get, was a lot of quiet from the left..  All the things they loudly and harshly accused Bush for doing, they  now seem reticent to accept.. It seems war is alright, as long as its your guys war. It seems protesting is American, as long as your guys are the ones protesting. And it seems they dont mind at all, if their President openly shows distain, towards people he was elected to represent. The last I knew, He is supposed to represent, "we the people?"

    I believe what we have been seeing is, indeed the transparency we were promised. And although I love this quiet time. This lets forego our anger about the wars, becuase it will make our guy look bad.  I kind of miss the hipocrosy. As well as the inactivity of the ACLU. What happened Gitmo's closing, isnt as important now, as it was when GB was in office?

      I firmly doubt that they will remain quiet for long. In fact, I can almost hear them begining to foam at the mouth the closer we get to November. Im sure they are racheting up their nastiness, polishing up their finger of blame and making believe that GB still got us into the mess, they seemed to have voted for , that now they seem so silent about!          

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    How Do You Know You Belong to Christ?

    Friday, April 16, 2010, 2:48 PM [My Heart My Soul My God]

    Do you believe you belong to Him, just because you believe? Do you believe you belong to Him, even if your life reflects nothing of His Character?

    Christ has taken on the wrath of God, for our sins. And if we fall, He already knows and forgives us enough, to allow for our correction.  That is because He loves His Father more than His own Life. And Love, enables Him to forgive  the world its deceptions. He can forgive us because He knows the lack man has, when he chooses to commit to His earthly needs, above those of His Father.

    If we truly loved Christ, why would we subject Him to continue one more moment, in suffering for our sins? Why if you loved someone, would you wish to continue to cause them pain? And how can we be sure that we belong to Him, when we still care more about our needs, than His?

     John 2:4 says:

    Someone may say "I am a Christian; I am on my way to Heaven:I belong to Christ". But if he doesn't to what Christs tells him to , he is a liar.  But those who do what Christ tells them to will learn to love God more and more. That is the way to know whether or not you are a Christian. Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did.

    John 2:7

    Dear brothers, I am not writing out a new rule for you to obey, for it is an old one you have alsways had, right from the start. You have heard it all  before. Yet it is always new, and works for you just as it did for Christ...

    John goes on to say, that those who were followers of Christ, and who were in His Chruch, yet never took on His mantel, will be the ones who create the Anti-Christ..those who were with Him, but never belonged to Him.

    John 2:27

    You that have recieved the Holy Spirit and he lives within you , in your hearts, so that you dont need anyone to teach you what is right. For he teaches you all things, and He is the Truth...and no liar

    So to be Christ like and to remain with Him, we need to know those who lie. We need to accept that there will always be people who are against Him, for that is the evil of the world. He shows them just by His existence in you, the lack that they have within themselves. And we need not do a thing, but love Christ more than we love ourselves. It is that love, that the sins of the world, can not face.

    We must be true in our Love for Him, and we must strive to be truthful to ourselves. We must avoid telling lies, which we all know are lies, to hide our fear of rejection or exposure. We have as a world, lost TRUST, in those who represent us. Why? Because the lie, had become their truth! Deception had kept them in power, and hence they continue to lie to us today.

    But Our Savior has already defeated the lie, and death itself. So we, the children of God, have nothing to fear from those who have choosen to live in continued darkness. Not even the anti-christs will defeat us. For Christs Love can fill you with His Courage, and with His Truth..not to share with others, through bragging or wagging tongues, or preaching where no preaching is needed, but by example, will you gain strength within yourself.

    Those who still choose to love Him not,  will claim their intelligence as they always have..yet they will be  filled with doubt, blame, arrogance, and fear. And they will have  followers who will clamor to wear the mark of what is dead, while calling it beauty..      

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    I Was Pleased

    Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:48 AM [General]

    I was pleased to hear that the President signed a memo that will allow gays and lesbians to have the civil rights they deserve... This statement says it all:

    “There are few moments in our lives that call for greater compassion and companionship than when a loved one is admitted to the hospital,” the president writes in his memo. “In these hours of need and moments of pain and anxiety, all of us would hope to have a hand to hold, a shoulder on which to lean -- a loved one to be there for us, as we would be there for them.

    I always believed civil rights had little to do with marriage and I still believe that to be true. Two people who love one another and who are commited for a lifetime, dont stay together becuase of a paper thats stamped by the state or the government. The paper is only needed when property or children are involved. Love needs nothing more than itself to be!

    Sadly, we have given Government power in areas they should never had power in. And sadly this idea has come more from secularists who seem to need more permission to live, than those who believe in God!  

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    Please be Aware of Wolves in Sheeps Language

    Thursday, April 15, 2010, 10:02 AM [The Body Politics]

    As a person who completely trusts everyone..its my nature to always reach out, with open arms. And because I am someone who loves and accepts all people without a prejudgement or prejudice, that leaves me open at times, to rethink my openness. Its my heart that will always seek to love others. However its because my heart is so open to love, sometimes the wrong people take advantage of my love, in varied ways.

    Because I have been living with me, for more than one lifetime, I now am able to see the wolves, much quicker than ever before. 

    Who are the wolves? They are children who arent innocent in what they do. Who know full well, that they are working against their God, rather than for Him. Who have been fooled into believing, God needs an opposite ... to live! 

    It is that foolish lie, that has made them choose their position. They will never openly admit who they are. However, when they are caught in their own lie, or their own insensitivity is seen. Or even worse, lying right to your face, they then  laugh, and act as if it was all a hoax or joke, that one should accept. They make their foolishness, insignificant, when it is not. They admit to nothing,  even when they are caught. And instead, they continue to play the innocent in their deception.. Lying  that their words, and deeds, were just a matter of fun.

    If fun is anyone's purpose, no one should ever feel hurt, or harmed by them? No one should feel taken, for a fool. When you do something just for fun, knowing full well, that the other person is innocent because they love greatly.. than you are nothing more than deceptions servant. And if that's your purpose, than where is YOUR COURAGE to state who you really are? You are the masters of point the other finger. Of spin, or blame to deflect the truth. Or look backward to the past, so that we forget to see what you are doing in the NOW!

    If what you are doing was just for fun, then shouldn't we all be laughing? Shouldn't we all be feeling good about what you have done? Shouldn't everyone see the humor. And wouldn't no one be emotionally or financially be harmed?

    But it is the wolf, who cant admit he is nothing more than a liar. That his fooling the innocent, suits no one but himself. It is what keeps him in the underworld forever. As long as he continues to sell the idea , that he is the underdog, the one without. And if we buy his lies, he can continue to sell mediocrity to all who will buy it! He can continue to make you look the other way!

    Christ has said...the fool, is the only one who will burn forever . The fool who likes the role he plays, even against those he says he loves, will burn . And why, you ask? Because he then can remain king.. king, in the underworld of lies. He has chosen to be lesser than the truth he believes he serves. However, his choice guarantees, that he will remain apart from his TRUTH.. who lives in the Kingdom of God, who is in Heaven.  The one who now has chosen to play the fooled, has been fooled himself..for Christ needs nothing for His Goodness to live and keep holy..for His Life lives long beyond all pairs of opposites. Beyond all earthly desires and beyond all of the earths lies.

    Christ needs nothing but Himself.. for He is Love that is TRUE, that is REAL, that is of our Immortal Soul..He and His Father are One. He is Holy and Completey  Good.   He has no other side than Himself. He is not a matter of duality, for He is the ONE.     

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