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    I think I see what you are saying, and I agree. I have been a little too broad sweeping in the rich. I don’t really mean that it’s a sin to be rich. It’s not all that are rich in this world’s material things that I’m against. It’s that so many seem to associate righteousness with this world’s riches. It seems that many are acting like by being righteous, they got rich, so that would make many of the poor think that they are poor because they are not righteous enough. I have known people who had trouble getting to job because of transportation problems. They may be trying really hard to keep a job. I have known some who have lost their jobs because they had an old car that kept breaking down and making them late, or absent. I can understand that it is not the employer’s job to make transportation arrangement’s for employees. But many of these people (I’ve loaned my car a number of times to different people under different circumstances) know people who act like such fine Christians but treat others like they are just not good enough. I’ve known of people who had several cars who go to church, but wouldn’t give the time of day to a poor person. This is getting too long. I’m against these preachers who act like- see how rich my God made me. It’s equating their richness to their spirituality. How could people say that their material wealth is connected to how ‘spiritual’ they are, when the Bible teaches so much against this material world? And this does not help poor people at all, because if these are rich because of ‘spirituality’ then that sounds like the poor are poor because they don’t have enough spirituality. And if these rich preacher are so rich because of their God, then who do they account for all the wicked people’s richness?

    December 9, 2012
    12:39 PM
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    I apprecitate your interest in and sharing on my posts. Love ya', Steve

    September 14, 2012
    11:19 PM
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    Thank you for your comment on my post, and may God bless you also as you continue to spread His message and lift the name of Jesus. Love ya', Steve

    August 3, 2012
    9:02 PM
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