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    Plum Island Animal Disease Center

    Monday, November 15, 2010, 11:53 PM [General]

    I know this sounds a little paranoid but I am concerned that Homeland Security is moving the Plum Island Animal Disease Center from Plum Island, New York to Manhattan, Kansas.  Of course, it will no longer be called the Plum Island Animal Disease Center but is being renamed the National Bio – and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) (Stein, 2010).  The National Research Council released a one-hundred and forty-six page report that estimated that there is a seventy percent chance of a mistaken release of foot and mouth disease from the NBAF within the fifty year proposed lifetime of the facility (Van Dyke, 2010).  So if there is a seventy percent chance that foot and mouth disease of being released then what is the chance that any other virus could be released?  After all, foot and mouth is not the only virus and disease that they experiment with. 


    There are many conspiracy theories surrounding Plum Island Animal Disease running wild lately.  It doesn’t help that the Dr. Erich Traub, a German scientist who worked for the Nazis, helped to create the facility.  He specialized in psuedorabies and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, two not very pleasant sounding viruses.  Dr. Erich Traub worked directly under the infamous Heinrich Himmler.  Yet, he still found employment with the United States after the war….


    One conspiracy theory is that Lyme disease was actually created at Plum Island.  Another conspiracy theory is that the corpses of the Montauk Monster, because I believe there are three separate instances, were animal experiments that originated from Plum Island. 


    Whenever there is secrecy there will always be conspiracy theories and theorists abounding.  The only way to prevent them is by shedding light on it and letting it out in the open for everyone to know what is going on there.  I understand the need for security and confidentiality but our money is funding it and they are our employees, so in essence anything that they cook up in their “secure” little labs, are our responsibility.  It is a mistake and in my opinion just stupid to think that humans are more intelligent than nature in believing we can design and control such things as viruses and diseases.



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    Christian Misogyny

    Thursday, November 11, 2010, 12:18 AM [General]

         This morning when I was searching for information about domestic violence for a paper I am writing, I came across a page that is very disturbing to me.  I thought at first that it was a nonprofit group that supports male victims of domestic violence, which I believe is an underserved group when it comes to this issue.  That is until I notice that it didn’t sound right and I finally looked at the title of the page.  The website is Misandry Review which is a site that displays “news and views by bloggers opposed to misandry – the teaching of contempt for males in popular culture” (Misandry Review, 2010). defines misandry as the “hatred of males” (, 2010).  Misandry Review states that it “is a forum for talented bloggers who write from a pro-male perspective. Our content spans a variety of viewpoints, including MRA, MGTOW, conservative and libertarian” (Misandry Review, 2010).

         What drew me to the Misandry Review website is an article about Google mapping safe houses for male victims of domestic violence.  I find it suspicious that anyone trying to help victims of domestic violence, whether they are male or female, would want to have a public map posted on the internet of the location of each safe house throughout the United States.  The exact locations of many shelters are often kept confidential in order to prevent the abuser from tracking the victims down.  I have a strong assumption that they are using this map in order to locate domestic violence victims.  I also do hope that if anyone locates their victim(s) through this map and threatens them or hurts them in any way that this website and its map can be held responsible for helping the perpetrator.  I do hope and pray that I am wrong about their purpose in mapping the safe house (not the shelters or organization offices) locations but just in case I am not wrong, I want people to know that this is what this group is doing.

         What shocked me the most about the Misandry Report was the comments that were listed on the side its homepage.  The poster, Vin DiCator commented: “men cannot and should not be charged with ‘raping’ their own wives.  Wives are the property of the man, as saith God Himself in the Ten Commandments.  We need to wake up to the ancient truth from the . . . “ (Misandry Review, 2010).  Another post that made me a little sick to my stomach was posted by a man with the user name Thatdogguy who commented: “I wouldn’t refer to the government as a “husband” that we have to compete with.  Government is not a husband, it is a Nasty Queen whom empowers her females with whatever it takes to get what they . . .” (Misandry Review, 2010).

         After visiting other sites (a depressingly large number) dedicated to ending misandry, I found that all of them were in fact dedicated not to the personal and spiritual empowerment of men but geared to a very misogynist platform.  The majority of the groups I viewed are Christian-based organizations or individuals that are able to quote Scripture left and right in order to support their misogyny rhetoric.  Margaret J. Rinck states in her book Christian Men who Hate Women:  Healing Hurting Relationships that ‘he uses God, the Bible, and church doctrine to support his “right to tell her what to do,” and demands that she “submit” unquestioningly to his desires, whims, decisions, or plans” (Rinck, 1990, p. 17).  The posts written by Vin DiCator follow Margaret J. Rinck’s description of misogyny in Christian men.

         These misogynist groups are for promoting a patriarchal society, something that has lost a good deal of power lately with the acceptance of divorce, equality in the workforce, women gaining prominent and powerful positions in politics, more and more women getting advanced degrees, delaying of marriage, birth control, and women in the clergy of many of the Christian denominations.  Michael Stone wrote in his article Study Shows Christian Fundamentalists More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence where he states that “a survey distributed to more than 600 undergraduate students shows that the more fundamentalist the Christian beliefs college students adopt, the more likely they are to approve of or become violent in their intimate relations” (King, 2010).

         Summarizing the point of this journal entry, misogyny is alive and well in this world and it is made even worse when men are using religion, usually a very important source of strength and support for women when they find themselves in difficult situations, as an excuse or justification for harming their spouse or significant other.  To be honest, the only time I had ever focused on religious misogyny is when it concerned Islam and the Mormon Church but had not ever really thought about it occurring in the Christian households in the United States.

         I have included the other comments that were made from the user called Vin DiCator, who also has a Facebook account with that same username.  I tried to keep the comments as unedited as possible, so I left the misspelled words and grammar errors alone.  The reason that I am including the comments made by this Vin DiCator is not only because I am shocked that someone would actually publish this vitriol out on the internet but because I was really amazed that no one called him out on his bigotry.  Then again, the comments are on a forum that promotes the bigoted hatred of women.  I also am displaying or making this username public so that if any of the more enlightened members on here come across this username in the future, you will have a better understanding of and know what to expect from the person using the Vin DiCator username.

         The comments can be found at this address DiCator can also be found on Facebook at

    Date:  November 10, 2010
    Topic:  Talking out of both sides of their mouths:  prosecuting false rape accusers has a chilling effect on real victims, and prosecuting women who falsely retract rape charges has a chilling effect on real victims
    Comment:  Men cannot and should not be charged with 'raping' their own wives. Wives are the property of the man, as saith God Himself in the Ten Commandments. We need to wake up to the ancient truth from the beginning of time! Those that would persecute the husband - the lord - for having sex with his own wife should be done away with themselves. Bastards.

    Date:  One Week Ago
    Topic:  GOP Candidate Sorry for Comparing Gay Marriage to Marrying a Table
    Comment:  Never apologize for TRUTH!! NEVAH!!

    Date:  Two Weeks Ago
    Topic:  Male Serf Gets Spat Upon But Will Only Serve 6 Months In Prison
    Comment:  Disgusting. But hey - only women are 'equal'. They are the pigs that are 'more equal' than men. The manginas that support this are traitors to their own gender. Or, as Mr. T says: DISGRACE TO THE MAN RACE!! :)

    Date:  Three Weeks Ago
    Topic:  Newlywed jailed for false rape claim
    Comment:  Fully agree with Drdjkii. False accusations/statements/witnesses are PAR FOR THE COURSE. Ever heard of the police TESTILYING? Oh yeah, that's where they lie - as a rule - under oath/affimation.
    GOD DAMN ALL LIARS! Can't wait for them to burn.

    Date:  Three Weeks Agao
    Topic:  Everything you need to know about Anita Hill
    Comment:  The demons in Anita Hill know no bounds. This is their tactic to make them look like victims: 'PHONE THE POLICE!!'  Clear-thinking (if there are any) souls should dismiss such wild claims and actually prosecute them for false reports/statements and wasting the time of agents. That would be a start.

    Date:  One Month Ago
    Topic:  ‘ Third wave of feminism urged by prominent Canadian women
    Comment:  Domestic DISCIPLINE is the way to go. Restoring patriarchy in the name of God is the foundation of this world and only Satan and his followers have destroyed it. Time to repent and give Satan a good kicking.

    Date:  One Month Ago
    Topic:  A Voice for Men asks "When is it OK to punch your wife?"
    Comment:  More Men & Husbands and wives ought to consider Domestic Discipline and participate willingly in it. Restoring God's Masculist Order as He designed it is the right thing to do.

    Date:  One Month Ago
    Topic:  Canada: Cop engaged in affair with suspect’s wife receives temporary demotion
    Comment:  For the administration of 'justice' to not be further put into disrepute, such filth-pigs ought to be FIRED and FINED with payments going from that pig's own pocket to the aggrieved parties.  However, such is the 'way' it is in Canada - most souls hate JUDGMENT. God damn them all.

    Date:  Five Months Ago
    Topic:  Canada:  A case for men’s studies
    Comment:  I have a better solution: STOP FUNDING THESE COMMUNIST FACTORIES aka 'Universities' WITH TAX DOLLARS!!




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