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    Need Help!

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 9:26 AM [General]

    I am recently going through a divorce and no one seems to understand the abuse I've been through.  I have lost touch with alot of people in my life and I feel bad about that.  I would like to reconnect and hope to do so through this site.

    I know that no one should have to go through mental, emotional and physical abuse its not what God intended.  I just have made many wrong choices in my life and need to get past that.  But it is very hard to do when you have never been this way before.

    I have been manipulated and used and feel ashamed and embarresed and for that I need help to get through this. 

    I never meant to hurt anyone who was close to me by pushing them away but I was manipulated by this person and now I have to forgive myself for what has happened.


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