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    Loved Ones Lost

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    I would like to bring together people who have lost loved ones and are learning to cope with their loss, and people who have been through this before, perhaps past, perhaps recent,to add their experience, strength, and hope to the group.

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    Alway know that God loves you.I lost my Mom in 2007,and yet i am still longing for her.I dont thin that will ever end.But i do know that she is in a better place than some of us are right now.That gives me comfort.You are welcome to add me,and if i can do anything for you,even if it s just to talk,i am here.God Bless,peepi

    January 12, 2010
    8:46 AM
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    Today is a bad day. It seems that everything is reminding me of my sister. Her birthday was last month and next month is the third birthday of her death. From songs that I hear on the radio to ads on the TV, all of it reminds me that she is gone and I am still here. I know I can't crawl into the grave with her. I've finally decided not to do that. But I don't know how to live without her by my side, encouraging me, urging me forward, upward, onward. I miss her so much. I know I will see her one day but that is not much comfort right now. I still feel as if my heart is ripped out of my chest and the hole isn't healing at all. Shouldn't the hole have healed some by now? I go through the motions of living but I haven't really enjoyed life since she died. I feel so much guilt that she died and I couldn't stop her from taking her life. I know she had it planned and didn't want to be stopped but surely I could have done something, anything more than what I did? My heart still feels like it's bleeding for her.

    March 16, 2009
    6:09 PM
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